Corn: “The Crossroads Essence”

As one does with one’s best friends, it’s common to give them nicknames. This is the relationship many people have with Spirit-in-Nature Essences. They continue to surprise, teach, and amaze after many decades. Hence, Corn has recently been dubbed “The Crossroads Essence.”

The Essential Flower Essence Handbook states:
Corn is the only cereal crop with an American origin and is widely found in tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world. Records indicate that a corn-like crop existed in Mexico over seven thousand years ago. In addition to being used as food by North American Indians, the Incas, Mayans and Aztecs have employed it as a form of currency, jewelry, building material and decorative art.

An annual crop of the grass family requiring three to five months to mature, its female flowers with protruding “silk” are carried lower on the stems. The male flowers form short, feathery tassels at the top. Corn is considered one of the most balanced of starches. Though easy to digest, it is high in roughage, rich in magnesium and phosphorus and strengthening to the brain and nervous system. Cornsilk, meal, kernels and cob-all parts of the corn are medicinally beneficial in lowering cholesterol, regulating the bowels, strengthening the kidneys and relieving skin rashes.

In a consultation today when Corn Essence popped up as the first in the typical program of 5 flower essences (used sequentially over time in separate bottles instead of blended together in a combination formula), it became clear that Alicia was at a turning point in her life. A greater burst of energy than usual is often needed at this juncture when we face major changes, to break free of the old and charge forward into the unknown future. Sometimes a new school year is beginning, a new job, a new home, or life with a new partner. Sometimes, as in today’s consultation, a simple change of purpose is all the client needed.


Here’s Alicia’s telling statement: “In some ways things have settled, time for me to make more deliberate choices of how I want to be in this world.”

Her career of teaching high school juniors and seniors for the last 20 years would be resuming in the fall. Alicia’s daughter had left home years ago, leaving her with empty-nest syndrome – that life-changing period when a mother has to basically reinvent herself. Meanwhile, her own mother lived nearby for some time in a facility that cared attentively for her advancing symptoms with Parkinson’s disease.

Yet something inward needed to shift. Old and familiar tasks, Alicia felt, needed to be carried out with a new approach and a fresh energy.

Finding yourself at an energetic crossroads, you might say, is a clear indication for the essence of Corn.

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