Corn and Orange Essences: What They Have in Common

by Gitanjali Gregorelli,
Graduate of Advanced Practitioner
Training Seminars/3 Levels

SiNE-Corn Veg1131245In their definitions, Corn Essence and Orange Essence have several points in common. Both use the words energy and enthusiasm, and both are indicated for increasing vitality and joy.

All the essences work on the level of energy and vibration, but each has its own special emphasis. Corn Essence works on a general energy level; one could say it helps open the door of the medulla oblongata to permit a greater flow of energy to the whole organism, and in particular to the mind. Orange, on the other hand, works more specifically with the flow of energy in the heart chakra, and also works directly on chitta.

Corn Essence stimulates energy, and thus enthusiasm, positivity, willingness, openness to change and new ideas, vigor, creativity, innovation, etc. These qualities are especially helpful in our outer activities and our relationships. It helps overcome unwillingness, mental exhaustion, blocked energy, laziness, lethargy—again, all qualities that can block our effectiveness in that which we wish to accomplish, because they block the flow of energy. You could say that Corn Essence helps us to attract more prana from the cosmic Source and to direct that prana in an upward-flowing direction. There is also an outward flow to the energy, in activity, but one can see that this flow comes through the higher chakras, because it expresses positive and uplifting qualities.

SiNE-OrangeSlcs 0002423Orange Essence, on the other hand, works mostly with our feeling nature (chitta). In terms of energy, it favors a flow of energy inward and upward from the heart chakra, transforming negative emotions such as anguish, despair, depression, negativity, and struggle (all expressions of the heart’s energy flowing downward and outward) into positive, divine feelings such as hope, joy, serenity, and transcendence. I believe that Orange Essence works directly with chitta, the feeling aspect of the mind, which is located in the heart. We know from the teachings that when chitta is agitated, it manifests as emotional reactivity and when it is calm, it manifests as pure, divine, uplifting feelings. In the final analysis, as Swami Kriyananda has written, calm chitta is pure consciousness. From what I’ve read and experienced, Orange Essence has the ability to help neutralize the waves of chitta. It therefore emerges as one of the most important and spiritual essences, as neutralizing chitta is the very definition of Yoga.

People - Japanese GirlI have used Orange Essence frequently when I found myself in very difficult situations and was struggling with emotions such as helplessness, hopelessness, despair, and depression. I have invariably had remarkable results; an almost instant sense of hope, relief, and an increased ability to see a way out of my difficulties. Swamiji once said to you that no substance can give us joy. In my experience, Orange Essence removes the veil of emotion that prevents us from experiencing our true nature, which is joy.

I have less experience with Corn Essence, but after re-studying its benefits, I definitely plan to use it when I return to my daily service, if I ever find myself to be low in energy, tired, or caught by the “unwillingness monster.”