Comprehensive Home Study Course

Comprehensive Home Study Course (all 3 levels)


This longstanding flower essence course will serve you well – in understanding and to help yourself and others – based on the comments we receive from our students on a regular basis: ” Magical. Profound. Fantastic.” I highly recommend enrollment in all 3 Levels to deepen and enhance your knowledge, experience, and intuition of flower essences.

– Lila Devi, founder (who reviews all papers)

Individuals worldwide are now receiving accreditation for Spirit-in-Nature Essences, internationally acclaimed as both a healing science and an art.

Study at your leisure, in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Written and reviewed by Spirit-in-Nature Flower Essences founder, Lila Devi, these lessons will benefit both the beginner and the experienced flower essence practitioner.

The Essential Flower Essence Handbook is the text for this course and may be purchased separately. Upon completion of each level – Beginning, Intermediate, and Practitioner – you will receive a beautiful, authorized, frameworthy certificate. (Note: these courses are cumulative, though you may stop after any level).

Level I: Beginning Certification

In 2 steps, each containing essay exams to be completed and submitted. Level I gives you a working knowledge of the 20 Spirit-in-Nature Essences and prepares you for Level II


Audio Companion CD:

  • Introduction to the Spirit-in-Nature Essences
  • The Spectrum chart explained
  • Feminine/Masculine halves
  • The 4 Quadrants (seasons/life stages)

Level II: Intermediate Certification

In 2 comprehensive steps, each containing essay exams, Level II is designed to give you an experiential understanding of how to apply the Spirit-in-Nature Essences to your, and others, various psycho-emotional needs. Presenting new flower essence terminology, this level will educate and intrigue both the novice and seasoned practitioner alike. (Note that the Level I course is a prerequisite for this course.)


Audio Companion CD:

  • Theme and plot essences
  • “Being” versus “doing” essences
  • The flower/food connection
  • Essence selection simplified

Level III: Practitioner Certification

In 2 inclusive steps, this level requires that you put into practice the information presented in Levels I and II (which are prerequisites, since the courses are cumulative) through conducting consultations, writing a research paper, and teaching a Spirit-in-Nature Essences class. It with prepare and qualify you to become a certified practitioner.


Audio Companion CD:

  • Building your intuitive skills
  • How to set up your consultation room
  • Creating a supportive atmosphere
  • Preparing yourself
  • Professionalism

The Essential Flower Essence Handbook is the text for the Home Study Course. It provides clarifying charts, illustrations, a cross-reference essence index, and much more. Ideally, you will want to allow 2 to 4 weeks to complete each step in Level I, and somewhat longer for Levels II and III. You are allowed a maximum of one year to complete each level (extensions granted upon request if necessary, with a reinstatement fee of $125—please contact us for re-enrollment information if you need to re-instate after the allotted year’s time). Your exam papers will be carefully reviewed within 2 to 3 weeks of receipt and the next step mailed to you.

What Students Are Saying About Our Home Study Courses

“I really found the entire exam to be beneficial. Each question encouraged me to dig deeper into the essences and their qualities, as well as probe my inner self. I loved the CD. It made me feel more connected with you and the course. I have been, and will continue, to recommend this course. Sharing and spreading the wealth of information and personal growth gained through this adventure is priceless. I find that I have personally gained more confidence and the essences are now a part of me.” – Roberta Ciskey, Bethel, CT

“I feel by taking this course, I really know Spirit-in-Nature Essences now. I feel that I could never have learned as much as I did. When people come to me, I immediately know what to give them. The course brings you to the apex of understanding quite in depth what Spirit-in-Nature Essences do. This course helped me to realize that I had to think on a deeper level because of the questions. I don‘t think I could have become a truly efficient Spirit-in-Nature practitioner without this course. It really showed me the depth of these essences. The course was invaluable.” – Nancy Dillon, Penn Valley, CA

“We are extremely impressed with the course. There is so much information packed into it. I‘m taking notes off the CD lecture. There is such a wealth of information, several people on my (retail) staff are wanting the course. The excerpted information has such a wealth of knowledge. If you have any sort of spiritual understanding, the impact of what you‘re doing is just so incredible.” – Virginia Dansforth, Bedford, VA

“Hello Lila, I received your letter and your comments. Thank you so much. I can feel the care you take in reading each word. I am grateful to have you as a teacher. I feel like I have finally found a home in these essences. So, it kind of feels like I’ve had them my whole life, too.” – Claire Morgan, Richmond CA

“I truly love this program; it and the essences are making an extremely powerful impact in my life! I love how you’ve structured the class. It really makes one think, experiment, learn and experience. Thank you so much for your kind words. I loved all your comments on my work and I really appreciate the feedback, it’s very encouraging!” – Teresa Culvertson, Arcata, CA