Chakra Blend Flower Essences: Combinations After 42 Years!

In my 42 years of developing Spirit-in-Nature Essences, and in being their voice to communicate their messages to others, I’ve recommended – staunchly, some would say – the use of single, sequential dosage instructions. In The Essential Flower Essence Handbook’s Chapter Thirty, (my first book now in 6 languages and used by Doctors across Borders to train their physicians), I wrote:

“In researching Spirit-in-Nature Essences for over thirty years, I first worked with combined essences for several years and have since suggested only one at a time. Why one at a time? Each essence is a complete adventure in itself, reaching far beyond the one quality associated with it. Banana for humility also addresses issues of calmness, non-identification, non-attachment, gentleness and strength. When we take only one essence at a time, we are better able to: (1) isolate which essence is working for us; (2) observe results more quickly, and more dramatically; and (3) focus on that particular essence and its corresponding qualities. People still receive their five essences per month, but sequentially instead of simultaneously. (See Chapter Thirty-three.)”

This information still bears truth. And the metaphors to substantiate the single-formula method of flower essence usage can also be used to support the combination approach – such as solo instruments in a symphony or unique flowers arranged in a bouquet.

One UK contact and friend, in fact, wrote to me upon hearing of our first combination flower essences about to be launched. Herself an experienced and compassionate practitioner, she expressed curiosity about what caused my “conversion” to combination essences. Why change now?

Well, in a sense, there is no change. Our research that targets single-essence application remains supported and well substantiated. Yet we’re presenting a brand new combination line, for these 2 reasons. First, people want them and use them; we’re simply responding to their call.

Here, I want to call attention to my gracious Japanese distributor, Hiroshi-san, of Nature World in Tokyo, Japan. Hiroshi-san is also a dear friend. Our lunches, dinners, and meetings together on my teaching trips to his country are always very dear – and a little too short.

“Why,” he asked his staff several months ago, as he has over the years, “does not Lila-san offer combination flower essences? They are very popular.”His request, as the voice for his customers, rang true.

The second reason for this seeming change of heart is that the combinations we’re launching address the very popular topic of what you might call “metaphysical well-being,” in the chakras. Topics such as karma, yoga, and the chakras are becoming mainstream these days. People are growing more attentive to their well-being on all levels.

As newly written on our website, “The word chakra means, literally, circle. It originates from the ancient traditions of India and its science of yoga. These chakras, or vortices of energy, are located in the subtle, or metaphysical spine—in other words, a centrally-located, vertical column that runs through the center of the energy body. The spinal plexuses in the physical body’s central nervous system correspond with the locations of the chakras. They then supply energy to various organs and body parts. In addition, they also store our emotional habits, desires, and likes and dislikes as well as basic tendencies and attitudes.”

Our 7 Chakra Blend Flower Essences acknowledge the different roles each chakra plays, and our expressed need to keep them free-flowing and in good working order. These brand new combination formulas have been carefully selected to work together for the benefit of each chakra.

The description of the 6th Chakra Blend, for example, reads:

“The 6th, or Ajna chakra, unlike the other chakras, is polarized into a negative pole at the base of the skull (medulla oblongata) and a positive pole at the point between the eyebrows, also called the spiritual, or third eye. The negative pole is the metaphysical seat of the human ego; the positive pole represents liberation from that form. Its color is indigo, or blue with shades of purple. The flower essences that can empower this chakra are:

“Avocado Essence for good memory, in helping us to remember, ultimately, who we truly are, freed from the hypnosis of all weakness and self-doubt; and to remove the mental blocks people raise against unwanted experiences.

“Corn Essence for mental vitality; for reaching a crossroads in your life, for new beginnings, and for moving forward without looking back; to overcome sluggishness, laziness, and procrastination

“Pear Essence, our classic flower essence for inner peace once we accept rather than resist the many trials that life brings us; to release agitation and to see the silent gifts within our difficulties.

“Helps to Overcome:

  • loss of individuality
  • sense of separateness from the
    world around us
  • self-centeredness
  • vanity
  • pride
  • despair
  • ignorance”

As these new and timely combination flower essences extend out worldwide through our distribution channels, we welcome your feedback, comments, and testimonies. We hope they will touch you deeply and support your continued wholeness in a world where this quality is much needed.

Thank you, Hiroshi-san, for your wisdom, enthusiasm, and friendship – and for bringing Spirit-in-Nature Essences to those who can be touched by them.

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