Blackberry Flower Essence: “The All-Purpose Purifier”


Purity of Thought

Message of Self-Mastery: 

Kindness; mental clarity; optimism; seeing goodness within oneself and others; inspirational; incisive and direct, yet gentle in speech; offended by mistreatment of living things; environmental awareness; for purification; for “sloughing off the old.”

Pattern of Disharmony: 

Negativity; pessimism; sarcasm; cynicism; focus on dark and unkind thoughts with resultant downward flow of energy; fault-finding nature; bluntness; tactlessness.


Pure thoughts, like rays of sunlight, penetrate the dust-covered windows of my mind. They fill me with good will toward all.


Pure Honorable
Innocent Discriminating
Having a sense of humor Common-sensical
Clear Mature
Sincere Frugal
Direct Kind
Truthful Self-studying
Ability to focus Insightful
Sharp-thinking Introspective
Self-honest Clean
Articulate Straightforward
Moral in character


Cynical Prone to clouded thinking
Sarcastic Fault-finding
Negative Blunt
Pessimistic Feeling unclean
Mean Self-blaming
Cruel Evasive
Insulting to self or others Confrontational
Unkind with humor Deceptive
Gossipy Dishonest
Denial-prone Frustrated
Judgmental Outrageous
Closed-minded Prone to dark thoughts


“I am production and shipping manager in a small gift store. I have to admit I am extremely emotional and go through severe PMS depression, weepiness and fear. I’m also very hard on myself that I call the ‘woe-is-me’ syndrome. After three days on Blackberry, I experienced a new phenomena-a sense of humor! I’ve lightened up considerably- things aren’t as bad as I thought.” -MM, Springdale, AR

“Blackberry put me more in the moment and got me out of a state of denial. I felt this last week that I’ve gotten sane. Where have I been?” – CC, Plano, TX

“On Blackberry, I experienced clearer thinking, sharper senses, faster speech-and a quick wit.” -RM, Dallas, TX

“Blackberry was a blessed relief. I never felt so much power from an essence. I was so flat down before taking it!” -AH, Albuquerque, NM

“You know, if I don’t take Blackberry in the afternoon, I sort of get rattled. But if I do, I don’t get short-tempered with my four-year-old.” -VY, Nevada City, CA


“Even from the body’s purity, the mind receives a secret, sympathetic aid.” -Thomson


Blackberries, classified into two hundred species, are native to North America and Europe, and are now cultivated in every part of the United States. These hardy climbing plants produce fruit in large clusters at the ends of the older shoots. They survive two to three years. The delicate flowers of this prickly-stemmed bramble fruit are small and a pale lavender-pink in color. Blackberries are high in iron, calcium and phosphorus and are excellent blood builders and bowel regulators. Blackberry leaf tea purifies the blood, heart and skin.



(see explanation of The Essence Spectrum Chart)

Blackberry heralds entry into the fourth and final Quadrant, that of winter and senior years. In this house we also return to the feminine half of the Spectrum. Thus these last five essences all possess a certain softness, gentleness and kindness, with the transitional Blackberry revealing the masculine quality of discrimination. Although innocent in a childlike way, Blackberry bespeaks the depth and maturity of the fourth Quadrant. This Quadrant marks the beginning of a retreat into the self to store lessons learned, much like Nature withdrawing into the earth as winter approaches.

Blackberry thematically encapsulates the energy of its predecessor, Orange. Internalizing Orange’s deep happiness and purified in its fires of great trials, Blackberry captures the quality of purity through the presence of light and goodness. It claims a clarity based on honest self-assessment and self-understanding. In addition, it promotes the wisdom of maturity rather than the innocence of inexperience and thus the ability to emerge from life’s trials with a purity and clarity of logic and feeling alike.



The positive Blackberry state offers the vibrational experience of clarity, focus and the ability to see things as they really are-the antithesis of darkness, mental cloudiness and denial, respectively. Blackberry’s is an innocence, not born of ignorance, but rather of its opposite-knowledge through experience. A mind free from judgment, prejudice and negativity epitomizes Blackberry.

When we judge or blame ourselves, or have a sense of uncleanliness for things that we have said or done in the past and can no longer change, Blackberry is indicated. This essence helps us to see events as dreams that have ended, allowing us to move forward with a clean slate, as it were.

“When I use Blackberry with its affirmation, it helps me clear out emotions such as resentment,” Mario writes. “It has always worked in this regard.”

The positive Blackberry state is exemplified by those who are environmentally aware. You will never catch these people littering! They tend to be politically informed, well-read, well-educated and conscientious in their decisions. You will find them in animal rights groups; performing community service; or sorting and recycling their newspapers, glass bottles and plastic containers. In addition to cleaning up the environment, they like to purify themselves as well, through fasting and cleansing diet regimens.

The highest octave of Blackberry is a “deep and meaningful relationship” with truth. Self-honesty is a must; honesty from others is assumed. Blackberry is the cut-to the-chase essence-direct, yet kindly; tactful, but to the point.



The negative Blackberry state is seen in those whose emotional natures have not yet matured, and who may, even inadvertently, let slip unkind words. Those who behave with cynicism, sarcasm or negativity-in short, the carping spirit-are expressing the need for Blackberry.

Individuals in the negative Blackberry state have nothing nice to say about anyone or anything. They are prone to gossip and tend to tell offensive, racist or prejudicial jokes at the expense of others, especially those forced to listen to them. Often without realizing it, they create a foul, repellent energy around themselves, making them difficult company for very long.

“My husband of twenty-one years has a real ‘sour grapes’ attitude,” Lisbeth shared, somewhat reluctantly. “When we moved to the Midwest, nothing in our new home pleased him. The curtains were stale-looking, the neighbors were too noisy and the walls too thin, according to him. I took Blackberry because his negativity was so contagious. Within a few days, I began to see goodness all around me. I learned to deflect his comments with my optimism. My appreciation of life increased a hundredfold.”

A milder version of the negative Blackberry state is found in the individual who, quite without realizing it, is simply unpleasant to be around. There may be hints of a Cherry mood, or the strong, negative emotions of Lettuce, but the Blackberry state leaves one feeling somehow unclean, as though missing the boat of life’s loveliness.

Blackberry is also the essence for frustration, a state we all experience from time to time. When our thoughts are confused or conflicted, or when our energy feels blocked, Blackberry helps to clean the mud from our mental window.


(see explanation of Theme Flower Essences)

Blackberry themes will oftentimes have very sharp and striking facial features. Their eyes may be piercing and they will look straight into yours when speaking to you. They are direct in speech and do not “beat around the bush.” You will find them pausing between sentences, searching for just the right words to express their thoughts or they may correct themselves from time to time, similar to Fig themes, for truth is of paramount importance to them.

Blackberry themes keep track of their thoughts. Vigilant and conscious, they are aware of how these thoughts affect themselves and those around them. Because they magnetically invite self-scrutiny and honesty, they make excellent counselors or progress rapidly in their own therapies. You will find them to be sincere and lasting friends. Are you feeling confused? Unclear? Spend time with Blackberry themes. In the sunlight of their refreshing purity, you will find fresh insights sprouting in your own mental garden.



  • Paracelsus
  • Barbara Walters
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Counselor Diana Troi
  • Louis Pasteur
  • Francis Bacon
  • Socrates
  • Lucy from “Peanuts” Cartoon
  • George Washington

Most telling of all Paracelsus’ Blackberry theme traits is that the word, “bombast,” originates from his given name, Philippus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim. Born near Zurich, Switzerland, this Renaissance physician (mentioned in Chapter Four) played an influential role in turning medical treatment toward a more scientific approach. He may have been the first to apply the concept of homeopathy, declaring that “what makes a man ill also cures him.” His discoveries illustrates the Blackberry theme’s commitment to truth, no matter what the response of his contemporaries.

Paracelsus was actually extremely unpopular with academics and physicians alike-to such a degree that he never stayed in one place very long! His incisive way with words made him many enemies and yet, as a brilliant diagnostician, he was greatly revered by his patients for his success and his kindness. Through his Blackberry-like desire to bring clarity and optimum results to the healing field, Paracelsus is credited with initiating many ground-breaking therapies. He was the first to use chemotherapy; to pioneer the use of mercury as a curative for syphilis; and to claim that miners’ chest ailments were caused by inhalation of toxins rather than evil spirits. This opinionated and outspoken spokesman of medical science exemplifies a truly illuminating Blackberry theme.



“It was a good childhood, but it was also very guarded and protected. There was some emotional abuse. My parents did the best they could. I’ve done a lot of self-work. Of course, there are still issues that I’m working on. But as I’m being more clear, more aware of what the issues are, I can catch myself and see them when they come up, and then I have a choice of what to do from there.

“I’m a yoga instructor by profession. I have a fairly active mind. It tends to be a bit of a busybody. I seem to pay too much attention to details. I’m trying to be more and more open to my emotions. I grew up in a culture where it’s not okay to have emotions, especially if they’re not positive. I really had to look at this when I first started taking responsibility for myself.

“I’m not an extrovert or a very social person. Social chitchatting is very hard for me to do. I’m not comfortable in those situations where it feels very forced just to say something. I like to have some kind of meaningful interaction with good friends, or even with people I don’t know very well. I feel it’s a waste of time otherwise. That’s my nature.

“I really admire people who are open and that I know where they are at all times, who are honest and truthful with themselves and others. So you always know what’s going on. That’s really important to me.

“I think I picked a harder lifetime, maybe because by doing so I have a chance to grow more. If things came too easily for me, maybe I wouldn’t put the energy into it that I’ve had to do this way. I know that in my nature, too, the things I have to watch out for are being judgmental, critical, analytical. And I always work consciously on not going in a negative direction. For most of my life, I was too afraid to ask people for truth and clarification, so people thought I was confrontational. I’m better at it now.

“I like blackberries. I haven’t really been around them much since I’ve been in this country. But I used to, and still do, really like berries- more than other fruits.”



The quality of purity, Yogananda said, is inherent in all berries except raspberry and strawberry-these two excel in other elevating traits. I selected blackberries from which to make the Spirit-in-Nature Essence for this quality. Blackberry’s energy is clean, straightforward, trustworthy and above all, pure. Bordering the horizon of the Spectrum’s masculine and feminine halves, it integrates clear reason with pure feeling.

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness,” the saying goes. The desire for a clean environment and a pure, orderly mind are typical Blackberry traits. Remember that this remedy has a tendency to make things look worse, or larger, than they really are-anger in particular. The truth is, Blackberry only makes us more aware of our negative traits. Being ready and willing to look at our “stuff” is actually a very positive sign and is the first step in being able to clear it from our consciousness. You may find Blackberry’s silent slogan on your car’s side view mirror: “Objects are closer than they appear.”


BLACKBERRY Contrasted With: Companioned With:
Apple for worried or “hazy” for a pure and healthy attitude thoughts toward oneself and others
Cherry for moods rather than negative thoughts for pure happiness
Lettuce for strong negative such as anger and resentment for creative, focused mental clarity



At the end of the day, refer to the Blackberry list of Positive Expressions/Negative Conditions. Place a check mark next to the qualities you experienced. Assess accordingly whether you need to upgrade your “mental wardrobe.”

Read self-help books about subjects you are trying to excel in.

At bedtime, fill your mind with pleasant, uplifting thoughts to penetrate the subconscious mind.

Make it a point to focus on the inherent goodness in those around you.



Autumn has barged in so quickly, pushing summer in her pastel gossamer into a muted corner. Mother Nature tucks in all the green lace of warmer seasons, replacing it with crisp, crackly colors-colors that bite, colors that sing from a distance now.

The midday sun feels warm on the nape of your neck, and the country trail sprawling before you hasn’t known human footprints for many cycles of seasons. The vine-laden blackberry bushes extend their berry-filled branches to you, like gnarled hands with thorns for long, sharp fingernails. The berries seem to be smiling at you, all dark-hued and juicy. Their thorny protection makes the picking process one of caution and not to be undertaken absentmindedly.

The more berries you pick and tuck into your shirttails, the more wine-stained are your hands. The ripe ones fall almost eagerly into your palms, and just as readily into your mouth. Puckeringly tart and seedy, the juice purifies both your blood and your thoughts.

The more berries you eat, the more you reflect on the psychological nature of this wild fruit. The seeds are like seed thoughts-fresh ideas, pure insights and clear observations. The purifying pulp of the fruit both cleanses and builds you at the same time. And the thorns are incisive admonitions to live cleanly in body and mind.

Nourished and cleansed by this welcome snack, you continue on your walk.