Almond Essence for Excessive Behaviors

Some flower essence cases are more challenging than others, though not impossible. Here’s one example . . .

Marion’s Letter

Dear Lila,

My son is a very special and loving boy but was born with many difficulties, leaving him disabled. He is 12 years old and becoming much more demanding. It’s not easy for our family.


I am selecting Almond Essence to help him because he has bouts of head banging which can be quite severe. He’s often very restless and, as he gets older, increasingly more frustrated. Although I believe he understands a great deal, his ability to communicate is very limited. He can make sounds and recognize some words.

We want to work on his loudness and constant need to repeat everything. He will endlessly go over the same thing for hours if it’s caught his attention. He’s becoming increasingly loud if he doesn’t get the response he desires each and every time. This is having a huge impact on our entire family, including his younger sister.

He suffers from epilepsy too, although this particular condition is controlled by medication.

Thank you,

My Response

Dear Marion,

I concur very much with your choice of Almond Essence, for the frustration experienced by your  son. In this situation, it’s also helpful to employ some Essence Enhancers along with the essences, since it’s clear that he cannot say the affirmations.

Why don’t you try this: when the unwanted behaviors begin, see if you can gently and positively help redirect his energy. Can he be engaged in some physical activity, ideally out in nature?

Also, it’s important to consider that he’s growing into an adolescent body with hormonal changes that can be very challenging for him; thus the suggestion of exercise to burn off some of his energy in positive outlets.

And of course here we’re dealing with physical conditions being treated by medications, so it’s a bit complex, though not impossible.

Clearly, this isn’t an easy situation. When special children are born into families, the family members are given a great opportunity to expand their hearts and be more loving, patient, kind, forgiving, and nonjudgmental. Everyone can grow together.

I do hope these ideas are helpful. You have a kind heart to want to treat your son with essences. Let’s see how it goes. Very best wishes,
Lila Devi

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