A Child With Sleeping Problems

My daughter, an herbalist, thought flower essences would be good for my son, and I found you on the Internet.

Fran’s Letter

“My 12-year-old son is having trouble falling asleep and having a good night’s sleep. My daughter, an herbalist said that she thought flower essences would be good for him and I found you on the Internet. Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Fran.”

My Response

Hi Fran,

And thank you for writing to us. Let’s see what the essences can do for your son.

Typically, it’s our Lettuce Essence that’s good to help calm the thoughts that prevent sound sleep, but also it would help to have more details. If it’s some sort of fear preventing his sleep, that would be Tomato. If it’s problems with friends or family, it could be our Pear Essence.

Also, is he pretty much off sugar, not having disturbing TV or video games for the hour before bedtime? There are other issues to look at as well. But basically Lettuce could be excellent, and completely natural and safe for him.

Please keep in touch, and we’ll send a free literature packet out to you. Also, if you’d like a more in depth program and assessment, please check our website consultation page and we could focus on this at greater length.

And good work for your daughter, recommending flower essences!

Let me know how it goes.

Best to you both,
Lila Devi Stone
SiNE/MFE Founder

Fran’s Response

“I want to thank you for your help. The Lettuce Essence seems to be working quite well for my son. He’s never been a good sleeper, even as a baby. Lettuce seems to calm his thoughts and instead of taking 45 minutes to fall asleep, he’s asleep in 15 minutes.

“You asked before about his sugar intake. I would say we’ve cut his sugar intake by 75% in the last year and improved his diet 100%. He takes a multiple vitamin, cod liver oil and flaxseed. He’s certainly an active child.

“We also took the TV that was never supposed to be in his room out.

“As I said I’m very pleased with the Lettuce Essence. I actually took it myself. I tend to have a lot of stress in my life so the other day I tried it and I felt an immediate calm come over me.”

Thanks for your interest,

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