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Which Flower Essence Should You Take First?

Pear is by far our most popular flower essence.

Pear EssencePear Essence. In most cases, Pear (for peacefulness and emergency support) is the best essence to begin with, for it will increase your sensitivity to the others.

Pear will help you to feel that peace bathes you gently, cooling and refreshing you as if in a weightless waterfall.

Pear Flower Essence can help you feel like yourself again. Having peace of mind means that you can magnetize peaceful circumstances into your life and remain unshakeable through life’s countless ups and downs.

Pear is for those times when you feel "a little off," or not quite yourself. Anything from daily stresses to major emergencies can do their best to throw you off center. This flower essence will help you to regain your sense of balance, harmony, and proportion.

One Essence at a Time

Based on our research – including over 30 years of feedback from our customers – we recommend that you use one essence at a time rather than combination formulas. This method tends to yield quicker and more noticeable results.

Learn More About Which Essences to Take

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