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The Strengthening Effects of the Theme Essence

I don’t know about you, but when I am wearing my “practitioner hat,” I love to do followups and see how the epilogues play out for my clients.

Last month, the year 2012 ended with a posting about a delightful consult for Robert, a young man in his early 20s, who was helping out with my firewood-stacking situation. He took to his flower essence program like a duck to water.

“Thanks for your help,” Robert said. “When you asked if I felt more like myself on my Spinach theme flower essence, I reflected. YES! I’m more able to address people and stay calm. I told someone today, ‘No, I think something else,’ and I expressed a different opinion. I felt grounded and more comfortable in who I am. More confident.” Even today, someone said to me about a repair project, “Why don’t you do it this way?” And I was able to say, “The way I do it works better.” I stood up for myself, in a small way. I observed that, when I did this, it helped the other person that I could be strong in myself.”

Robert shared his insights with a big, confident, smile, as if to say, “Good for me!” but without any self-agrandizing undertones. The simplicity of his Spinach theme wouldn’t allow for a subtext.

People often feel more like themselves when taking their theme essence, in a very pleasant way, that I likened to a “coming home” feeling in The Essential Flower Essence Handbook. Your theme essence can give you a sense of meeting the highest expression of yourself. It doesn’t matter if your theme is Pear for peacefulness or Raspberry for compassion.

It is both refreshing and typical to feel a sense of cohesion and unity within yourself on a level beyond the predominant quality of your theme. In other words, whatever your theme essence quality, you’ll just feel more like—yourself.

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