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Stacking Wood with a Spinach Theme

An unusual topic, to say the least, but appropriate, “in the bleak midwinter,” to quote a Christmas song of yore, in the a pre-holiday December days. And for those of you who are new to the concept of theme essences, you can “have a quick look,” as my English neighbor would be inclined to say, here in The Essential Flower Essence Handbook.

Robert came to stack wood. The temperature hovered at freezing, give or take a degree, and I was sorry not to have any work gloves to loan him as he threw into a pile the chopped pieces of oak and round pieces of other small trees, with moisture still clinging to their cores.  He worked quickly, coming in for 2 well-deserved breaks of tea and biscuits. (No problem with choices, as I only had one kind of tea on hand!)

After the wood was stacked, I asked if he might want a flower essence consultation. Which he did. No surprise there, to find he has a Spinach theme. His character strengths: simplicity, guilelessness, straightforwardness. Always enjoys a good laugh but never at the expense of others. Never could tell a lie and can always tell when others are dishonest. Simple and childlike on the outside, yet profound and deep on the inside.

Although Robert majored in English at Stanford University, and long before coming to stack my firewood, he displayed no vestiges of pride or boasting of his credentials. He simply enjoyed his studies. Stacking firewood, to him, was as fine a way to spend the day as studying at one of the best universities in America.

If you look at our Flower Essence Spectrum Chart, you’ll notice Spinach Essence placed in Quadrant I, of springtime and youth. Oftentimes, we misjudge the depth of people whose themes fall in this Quadrant. Newness, freshness, and a sense of adventure are not at all synonymous with shallow or superficial behavior! Robert is a prime example of this flower essence theme, and he agreed completely with this assessment of his character.

Robert, by the way, did a magnificent job of stacking the firewood, taking it beyond science to an art form. In this one action, he exemplified his theme essence to perfection. He criss-crossed the cut wood at the end of the stack to create a false wall so the pile wouldn’t fall over. He gauged which wood was green or slightly waterlogged and placed it where it could dry the best in the wind and sun. And he showed me, without effort or pretense, how to check the weight of a piece of wood to know if it was just a denser wood, such as the rich oak hardwood, or if it yet needed seasoning.

In other words, he demonstrated his Spinach theme essence, which also shares a profound communion with Nature (both plants and animals), by giving an advanced discourse on firewood, in the simplest, unassuming terms. It came naturally to him to explain the subtleties of Nature.

I hope you have enjoyed this final blog post for 2012. It has been a joy connecting with all of you and sharing some of the more fun, quirky elements of flower essences in this past year, and of Spirit-in-Nature in particular.

Wishing you a happy, healthy holiday season and a Happy New Year,

Lila Devi and Staff

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