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Raspberry Compassion with an Attitude—and a Good One!

I felt inspired to share more with you about a recent client’s Raspberry theme essence. We talk about this term often in the world of Spirit-in-Nature Essences. It’s the key element that people are delighted to learn about. It makes the essences real, accessible, and very close to home for them.

Raspberry Essence, you might say, is “compassion with an attitude,” and a very good one! This definition applies to: the essence itself; those strong in the positive Raspberry state; and those very strong in that state to where it in fact becomes their theme essence.

No two Raspberry themes are alike. There will be significant similarities between people with this essence as their theme, but the infinitely varied expressions of human (and animal) personalities are truly beyond comprehension. In a similar way, I wrote to a friend today about today’s rainstorm here in the Italian Umbrian hillsides, where no two storms are alike—adding how kind it was of God to wash my car.

A recent consult with a man who has a Raspberry theme revealed the particular multi-dimensional nature of this sort of energy. His compassion and kindheartedness have a deep significance. In his work as a healer, he seems to feel it is almost his mission to take people to a higher level in themselves, to not live as they were living with habits that may have been hurtful to them, and to “wake up.”

He contributed these additional insights about his Raspberry theme:

  1. He says he loves to serve; he tries to engage himself in useful activities for the good of all.
  2. He loves to experience harmony.
  3. He gives his clients a “gentle sermon” about any behaviors that need to be corrected for the good of their happiness.
  4. He encourages them to “forget their bad habits and to concentrate more on the goodness within them.”

This essence is rich in empathy and sympathy. Whenever someone approaches you and says, “I don’t know why I’m telling you this, but I feel safe around you,” you can know you are in the positive Raspberry state.