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Plot Flower Essences for Our “Journey to Perfection”

The last couple of posts have been inspired by my recent trip to 3 countries in 1 month: Italy and the Czech Republic, followed by the U.K. Students have been especially keen to learn about the concept of theme essences, and an exercise to help them learn their own in particular. Theme essences are a wonderful way to view ourselves, through our existing, positive, dominant spiritual strengths. This is somewhat similar to the homeopathic constitutional remedy. However the constitutional also describes us according to our predominant negative qualities, which the theme essence doesn’t do.

While it’s not considered spiritually advantageous to create more self-definitions for ourselves—those that bind us to the material world, based on our likes and dislikes, and our desires and our attachments—the theme essence is a way of connecting us to our soul nature. The soul, as yogic tradition defines it, is our individualized expression of Spirit. Hence, the theme essence concept links with our company name that I’ve described in great depth, and with no little joy, in each of the countries I’ve just visited, as a way of accessing the Spirit within our own nature.

Thanks to a U.K. student named Leon, it was pointed out that it’s also be extremely helpful to know what we need to work on, which is the concept of the plot essence. Plot does not mean bad, negative, or lacking. You might say the plot essence represents our “journey to perfection,” meaning the road we have to travel in meeting our challenges and growing through our tests. The test itself might even be a literal one: an imminent exam for which we could take Avocado Essence. This essence is not simply to support good memory; the oil of the avocado fruit can address that issue on a physiological level. It can mean tapping into our joy of learning. As Kahlil Gibran expresses in his masterpiece, The Prophet, he says we can only learn that which we already know. Avocado helps us remember even the highest truth that we already know: our perfection in Spirit.

One man in my last workshop on this trip happens to be a Corn theme. (Please notice that we are a theme essence, while we have plot essences.) His energy was quick, strong, and forward-moving, with an abundance of positive attitudes. Corn being the essences for new beginnings, you could feel from him that he saw every day as a new adventure. The “unwillingness monster” lives nowhere near this theme!

Yet this gentleman also wanted to know his plot essence, that we would call a pivotal plot essence, meaning the one that addresses a core or main issue that he’s working on energetically. We talked about Strawberry Essence. So often, people respond, “What do you mean I’m not dignified?” Or not humble, or not selfish. It helps to explain that a particular essence that arises as a plot essence can only do so because the positive quality already exists within the person’s nature. And in fact, it’s true that we each have all 20 essences within our psycho-spiritual makeup. Otherwise, a flower essence would find nothing to resonate with, within us!

Back to our Strawberry plot assessment. Even this flower essence turned up in positive terms for him: that there is a richness within him that he has yet to tap into, and that when he does so, he will touch a deeper part of himself that will be very fulfilling and rich—a place that he will find very much to his liking.

And so, for each of us, our journey to perfection continues.