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Can Cherry Themes be Loving Too?

I met some wonderful new friends at a community dinner tonight. As we ate our vegetable soup, the conversation naturally turned to flower essences and what everyone’s different theme essences are—this being a flower essence term to describe our predominant positive quality.

Dimitri, a Russian nurse living in Germany for many years, is a Raspberry theme. Compassionate by nature, there’s a great kindness in his eyes. Bogdan, a massage therapist from Rumania (with very fine English, luckily!) is a Tomato  theme, who not only loves tomatoes with a great passion, but has a well-developed sense of will power and purpose to his spiritual search.

Then there’s Michelle (the English spelling because the Rumanian version is beyond my ability to pronounce!), a very cheery, Cherry Essence theme foot reflexologist with a thriving practice of clientele. Her bubbly energy lifted our spirits, and she agreed to being a complete optimist even when things didn’t go in her favor.

It’s thanks to her question that this blog is happening.

“But I wanted to be love. I feel lots of love,” she said, with a heavy but comprehensible accent.

“Oh don’t worry, you are still very loving. It’s just that your love has a Cherry Essence quality to it—very light, sincere, unpretentious, and joyful.” This seemed to make sense to her.

When we learn our theme essence, the first thought is that we don’t have the other 19 positive qualities, within the context of Spirit-in-Nature Essences. This is not true. It is simply that one flower essence quality steps forward more visibly in a person’s nature. I address this issue in The Essential Flower Essence Handbook’s Chapter 8 that you can read here free online.

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