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The Gentle Advice of Flower Essences

DSCI0687Emil Dobre, a Spirit-in-Nature Essences and cranio-sacral therapist in Budapest, submitted this answer to the Basic Advanced Level I Certification Training. He discusses the deeper symbolism of flower essences, sharing: “The flower remedies are like a friend, a teacher, a master who gives you an advice, but who does not repeat it to you incessantly.”

I was trying to explain the effect of flower essences to a colleague who does not believe in them; the image that came to my mind was that of an artificial island, created by man in the sea, just like the island found in Dubai that looks like a palm tree – a rigid construction in the middle of fluidity. This construction that I compare to the personality, the ego created by the mind, as beautiful as it may be, at some point creates too many barriers that cause a stagnation to the movement from within and that no longer allow for a normal exchange with the outer world.

Flower Essences act on these unseen armors or walls, created to “protect” us from others, from an outside world which might hurt us, when in fact, these barriers are suffocating us and impeding us to receive a help from the universe. The Flower Essences help us to obtain a permeability of the emotional body, to attain a state of balance. They are similar to manual techniques which use touch (such as massage), in that the patient is in a position of imbalance (bent) and the therapist pushes him back to the vertical, straightens him. The (even if only temporarily) balanced patient whose soul and mind are a state of peace can become aware of the causes and solutions to his problems. Finally, he has the chance to make new, wiser choices.

In Qigong, there is the theory of signals: any part, as small as it may be, contains the information of the whole. By opening yourself to the signals of the plant, you open yourself to all of its qualities.

The flower remedies are like a friend, a teacher, a master who gives you an advice, but who does not repeat it to you incessantly. For instance, a person with a lot of projects going on at the same time and with very short deadlines benefitted from the help of the essences, but when the body reached a state of very great exhaustion, the essences no longer worked; they do not allow the continuation of an action which is not beneficial for the body.

Sometimes, it is enough and even more efficient to eliminate blocks from the body than to carry a supplementary energy. The essences help you see the shores of the river within which you can evolve in life, unblocking inner rigidities from either the physical body or from the consciousness; they help you bear the signals of the unfolding karma, maintaining you in a state of calm, without planting seeds of actions that are not good.