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Tomato Flower Essence: “The Purposeful Warrior”

Chapter 16

Tomato Flower EssenceKeywords: Strength, Endurance

(excerpted from The Essential Flower Essence Handbook)

1 oz 1/2 oz

Qualities: Mental Strength, Endurance
Message of Self-Mastery: Knowing there is no failure, only another chance to succeed; courage; belief in oneself; invincibility; psychic protection; stability; remaining unaffected by the diverse energies of crowds and traveling; hope.

Almond: Self-control
Apple: Peaceful clarity
Avocado: Good memory
Banana: Humility
Blackberry: Purity of thought
Cherry: Cheerfulness
Coconut: Awareness
Corn: Mental vitality
Date: Sweetness,
Fig: Flexibility
Grape: Love, devotion
Lettuce: Calmness
Orange: Joy
Peach: Unselfishness
Pear: Peacefulness
Pineapple: Self-assurance
Raspberry: Kindness,
Spinach: Simplicity,
Strawberry: Dignity
Tomato: Strength,

Pattern of Disharmony: Fear; weakness; nightmares; withdrawal; defensiveness; addictions; shyness; minor hesitation to severe terror; defeatist attitude; instability; for the stress of city life.


With strength and courage, I face all my trials!


Strong Centered
Courageous Believing in oneself
Success-oriented Open
Steadfast Readiness-oriented
Empowered Celebratory
Dauntless Self-honest
Psychically protected Renewed while traveling
Hopeful Stable


Cowardly Hesitating
Weak Defeatist attitude
Nightmare-prone Fearful of failure
Frail Fearful of known causes
Anxious Fearful of unknown causes
Quitter’s attitude Unstable
Shy Lacking conviction


“My seven-year old nephew really likes taking Tomato. It has definitely helped him get rid of nightmares.” -RB, Hayward, CA

“I gained weight over the holidays. It really depressed me, so I took Tomato. It showed me that I am a fighter, and that I can face my problems.” -UR, Plano, TX

“I got very spacey and weak on a strict diet. Tomato worked instantaneously. I felt ‘back down to earth.'” -KK, Nevada City, CA

“Tomato acted like an anchor for me. It got me through a court experience about an inspection sticker for my car. I was able to deal with the facts, and not my anxiety. I was really steady.” -BS, Irving, TX

“I was bogged down emotionally for so long. When I started Tomato, I awoke within myself to a state of clarity ” -HE, Menlo Park, CA

“Everyone who comes to me for dental work says, ‘I hate dentists, I hate to be here.’ I use these drops for my patients, and they work great.”
– DS, Los Angeles, CA


“Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once.”


This native of South America’s lower Andes was introduced into Italy in the sixteenth century as the pomodoro, or “apple of gold.” Once believed poisonous, it is still considered undesirable in the macrobiotic diet as a nightshade food. The tomato is a weak-stemmed herbaceous plant cultivated as an annual. The flower has a five-lobed, green calyx and five tiny yellow petals. Considered vegetables by cultivation, tomatoes are botanically classified as fruit. Like berries, they are pulpy and contain one or more seeds that are not stones. Tomatoes are rich in nutritional value, especially vitamin A, and are useful as blood and liver cleansers. Their potassium content is helpful for kidney ailments and hypertension. As a poultice, they relieve sunburn pain, while the powdered seeds make an excellent protein supplement.


(see explanation of The Essence Spectrum Chart)

Aptly named “the warrior essence,” Tomato resides in Quadrant II’s second house. Having gathered the accessed energy of Corn, it charges into battle against our fears, blocks and weaknesses. In Tomato we see Corn’s raw energy focused on the qualities of strength and endurance. Tomato blends the masculine half of the Spectrum with Quadrant II’s get-up-and-go-for-it fire. Empowered and ready for battle, the warrior plans strategies, makes quick decisions and then acts on them. Energy plus courageous action equals Tomato.


Perhaps you have heard the Chinese quote: “Fear knocked at the door; faith opened it, and there was no one there.” This is a Tomato maxim indeed! We might call Tomato “bottled ammunition.” The positive Tomato condition can be summarized in one word-empowerment. Where tests drag on for some duration, Tomato helps us to develop steadfastness. Tomato speaks of hope, victory and the ensuing sense of celebration.

Tomato aligns us with the understanding that “quick is the succession of human events; the cares of today are seldom the cares of tomorrow, and when we lie down at night, we may safely say to most of our troubles, ‘Ye have done your worst, and we shall meet no more.” Thus wrote English poet Cowper, beautifully paraphrasing Tomato’s essence.

Tomato also vibrationally addresses future fears based upon past trauma, such as accidents, illness or surgery-all of which are invasive experiences to the human body and aura. “I took Tomato first to help with my courage in dealing with a near-crippling motorcycle accident,” recounted Todd. “It gave me added mental strength. I took it as the shock was wearing off and fear was trying to set in. But the fear never got a chance to develop.”

For many people, travel can generate fear. Addressing states ranging from a sense of vulnerability and disorientation in foreign environments to the raw terror of air flights, Tomato Essence makes a welcome traveling companion. Even if we are only trekking to the nearest town for a day of errands, Tomato affords psychic protection and shields us from foreign or negative energies. “My new executive job required that I travel frequently,” Virginia shared. “I am terrified of planes. In fact, you couldn’t pay me to fly without a Valium and two plane-sized bottles of scotch! Tomato has replaced the sedative and the scotch. I take it the day of the flight, and then I’m fine.”


Tomato helps us battle anything from mildly annoying bad habits to major addictions. Webster defines addiction from the Latin root, addicere, as in “to give oneself up habitually to.” Addictions may include substance abuse, smoking, overeating, wrong eating, harmful relationships and even the seemingly insignificant difficulty in getting out of bed in the morning.

Through the repetition of wrong habits, we empower them. These wrong actions wear a groove in the brain, as it were, making them more difficult to overcome. “I know Tomato has helped me immensely,” wrote a woman from Sacramento. “I ran out of it a few days ago, and can really tell the difference. It’s enabled me to end a very abusive relationship with my boyfriend, despite his repeated attempts at reconciliation.”

Could we safely assume that addictions are rooted in a basic, though misguided, desire for happiness? In some obscure way, the pursuit of addictive substances and actions is an attempt to achieve freedom from misery. Tomato empowers us with the positive vibrational experience of happiness from within, replacing a compulsive need that can eventually become physiological if continued.

Perhaps our battles are not always so grandiose. Maybe we’re only trying to lose a few pounds. Still, the discouragement of failure-especially when repeated-creates a snowball effect that weakens our hope of succeeding in the future. When we hear ourselves saying, “Oh, I shouldn’t,” or “I’ll start tomorrow”-somewhat similar to negative Corn’s procrastination-we are verbalizing the negative Tomato state. What we are really saying is, “I secretly don’t believe I have the strength to deal with this right now.” Tomato helps us remember that “our strength grows out of our weakness,” as the naturalist Emerson wrote over a century ago.

The negative Tomato state expresses itself as fears of both known and unknown causes: fear of weakness, of planes and cars, and the residual fear that follows accidents. It also addresses issues of repeated failure, of a lingering sense of inadequacy, and of faltering and uncertainty. Tomato also helps you to stand up for your own beliefs.

“I took Tomato for letting go of my firstborn when she left for college,” wrote Alena. “This was the first time that I was really clear that the essences do not negate your emotions, but rather help you to deal with them, and then let them go. This was my strength. I wasn’t taking Tomato to prevent me from crying; I took it so that I would be centered in my tears and then be able to let go of my daughter with joy.”

When fear plays through the subconscious mind during sleep, we experience the negative Tomato state of nightmares. These ”night demons” play over and over like a “broken record syndrome,” unable to be released from the subconscious mind. Tomato replaces these night fears with a sense of inner knowing that they have “done their worst” and can then vanish as night into the day.


(see explanation of Theme Flower Essences)

An unmistakable clue to the Tomato theme is a tone of voice that bespeaks purpose and conviction. In women’s voices, you’ll hear a slight gravelly tone. Tomato themes generally have excellent posture, with shoulders back to open the heart, and the chin parallel to the ground, as if poised to meet tests head on. Their bearing symbolically dares the enemy to “take his best shot.”

One senses that these themes are not only poised for battle but open to its outcome as well, whatever it may be. Their mental qualities include readiness and a sense of the celebration of victory. Tomato themes are strengthening to be around. They inspire fearlessness in others and support their ability to face monumental difficulties with courageous endurance.


  • Galileo
  • Jean-Luc Picard
  • Captain Kirk James
  • Bond
  • General Patton
  • The Ninja Turtles
  • Helen Keller
  • Rudolph Nureyev
  • Rachmaninoff
  • Andrew Jackson

Galilei Galileo (1564-1642), a Renaissance scientist and inventor, physicist and philosopher, epitomizes Tomato’s essence. As one of many trials, financial difficulties forced the young Galileo to leave his university training in mathematics. Strengthened in true Tomato form by a lifetime of repeated setbacks, Galileo’s discoveries through the simple telescope-a tool that he scientifically advanced-revolutionized the medieval concept of the universe.

Galileo was labeled as a heretic by standards of the times. In 1633, he faced the Inquisition for his argument that the sun, not the earth, was the center of the universe. He barely escaped being burned at the stake for his doctrines. Galileo’s life overflowed with Tomato-designed tests of superhuman strength and pioneering courage. Attacked for his world-transforming views, he held fast to his convictions, battling the opposition of an entire era. Ironically, this man of great vision spent the last years of his life in total blindness.


“I have a managerial position in a small company, so I’m kind of a lightning rod for a lot of issues. But there are also a lot of positive rewards to my work.

“I’m working on general strength and energy. It’s good but needs to be stronger. This is a major area of focus for me, definitely. I feel the need for more balance. I think there’s a lot of energy trying to come through. I need balance so that it can flow in the way it needs to.

“I’ve got a couple of relationship doozies out there to work on. One is that I’m feeling judged by someone. I need to de-personalize it. It makes me feel heavy, burdened, sad and hurt. I deal with this test through endurance. When I feel speech is effective, I communicate. But there are a lot of times when I feel there’s nothing to be done. I think the bottom line with all our tests is that we have to celebrate them- they are our liberation process.

“You know, it’s funny. I went on a backpacking trip with four of my best friends. They took me out for my birthday. We went up into the Desolation Wilderness. We were sittin’ around a fire in the middle of the night up in the high elevation and we started saying, ‘Why are we here, in this life?’ In other words, what did we come to learn? It seemed that each of us said exactly what the other people perceived as that person’s best strength and quality. We were each individually putting it out as the very thing we came here to learn! So it’s kind of interesting how that is.

“I always really miss the tomato fruits in the winter, and I’m sure that’s in part a vibrational thing. I’m always eating salsa.”


There’s an old Texan folk tale about a tomato plant: If it won’t produce fruit, hit it with a broom, shake it up and it will grow tomatoes. All humor aside, this pithy saying suggests that even the tomato plant is fearless. When we are afraid, our focus is on ourselves and we covet that fear. Our energy contracts. In the expansive Tomato state of courage, we can transmute this fear.

The message of Tomato lies in the realization that victory need not mean winning. Rather, it lies in our attitudes of strength and courage, which then magnetize success and the life-affirming quality of vigor.

TOMATO Contrasted With: Companioned With:
Almond for self-control in overcoming immoderate habits and behaviors for mental and emotional health and strength in battling excesses and addictions
Apple for health-related fears for confidence in the ability to overcome obstacles
Banana for a quiet strength for over-involvement and upset
Coconut for perseverance through challenges and trials for the long distance runner state of mind; particularly for tests of great length
Corn for the energy to fight battles for renewed energy when it lags
Lettuce for agitated emotional states, including stagefright for “calmness in the midst of batttle”


Read books-especially autobiographies-about heroes, heroines and saints who have overcome monumental challenges in their lives through acts of strength and courage.

Make a list of your “failures” in one column. In the other, write the lessons you have learned and the qualities you have developed through those failures.

Write down your fears. Mentally play out the “worst-case scenario” with each one and say, “That wasn’t so bad. I can handle it.”

Any time you have a nightmare, try to remember it in detail and then offer it into a mental fire, much like the following visualization.


Sit up straight, away from the back of your chair. Drop your shoulders back to expand your chest, your chin parallel to the ground. Place your hands comfortably at the juncture of the upper legs and torso. With eyelids closed, relax your eyes and let your gaze, like a lazy trail of smoke, drift upward. Allow your breathing to be deep and regular.

Imagine in your mind a crackling fire, blazing in its varied stages- first, the match catching the crumpled paper, followed by the burning of dry twigs and, as the fire spreads, the thin kindling. Then visualize the smaller logs igniting, pockets of sap making snapping sounds as a slight draft spreads the flames to larger wood stumps at the base of the fire.

Into this fire, mentally cast all fears. One by one, name them, tossing them into the flames. Feel that every cell in your body is purified of the poison of fear, and awakened as never before to the bright light of courage. Every crackle of the log is a new burst of that courage. Each shooting blaze is an affirmation of the fiery warrior within you, now and forever at your command.

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