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The Rightness of Relinquishing a Beloved Pet: And Flower Essences for the Owner

Roxanne’s Letter

Hi Lila,

We know of a rottie who was adopted a few weeks ago who is trying to kill theDog running people’s cats. They are keeping her, and we are working towards training. It’s working for now as long as the cats are outdoors while the dog is indoors, and vice versa. The dog is now able to be in the room with the cats, but if the cats move, she goes over the top.

Your suggestions are appreciated for the rottie.

Thanks so much!

My Response

Hi Roxanne,

And thank you for sharing.

Even with the best of training supplemented with a highly effective flower essence program, some animals—the rottie in this case—are keen predators. Small animal who move and dart about, be they squirrels or cats, are fair game and are looked upon as prey. This is, quite simply, the way of survival in Nature.

Personally, I would not like to live one day in a home with this kind of tension, and can’t imagine that anyone would choose to do so. Plus the guilt for a “slip up” and the consequences would be an immense burden to bear.

I am reminded of a Great Dane who was a rescue dog. After 2 years in his new home, he attacked and killed the owner’s 13-year-old cat without any warning signs. The woman was understandably devastated. She considered having the dog put down for his behavior, and had in fact scheduled a euthanasia appointment with her vet for the following Monday.

With some urging to the contrary, she was able to find the Dane a perfect home on a farm with no cats on the land. It was indeed a “happily ever after” situation for the dog who, in his mind, did absolutely nothing wrong; he was merely following his instincts.

This is indeed a very sad situation, and one that calls upon us as caregivers to love without condition. Likewise, it’s not fair to ask an animal to live beyond his inborn instincts. Even with a great, successful flower essence program, there’s always the possibility of a “relapse,” and the results of that would indeed be disastrous for everyone involved. If there’s receptivity on the owner’s part, relocating the dog is a failsafe solution, ideally to a farm with outdoor access and appropriate outlets for hunting. OR, the owner might consider re-homing the cats themselves.Artsy Grape sm

Interestingly, a flower essence program here might be of great benefit to the owner: Grape Essence, to support her ability to love without condition and with the highest good of the animal uppermost in mind, as well as for the natural grieving process in relinquishing a beloved pet; sequentially followed by Tomato Essence,Artsy Tomato sm to act on the courage of her convictions and to find a sense of rightness and responsibility in loving heroically; and lastly, Coconut Essence, to “see the bigger picture” and realize, truly, that this solution is for everyone’s highest good and happiness.

Please let me know the outcome of this situation; it’s not an easy one.

Give my best to everyone,

“Thank you for what you do to support animals. I’m your fan!” – Amy, USA


Tibetan Tigers


“Had private phone session with Lila a few years ago and still use the essences on our cats. They really help. Thank you.” – Jill, USA




“Until last year, I had a fear to lose my cat, Bulon and just wanted him to be vigorous. I wished it so strongly. I have been living with Bulon for 19 years, so I feel sad to parting, but with no fixation at all. I feel easy and calm. This is because of your consultation and flower essence program. After doing your program, I was able to give up my attachment and decided to let his soul go to Heaven. So, I was able to have a wonderful experience with Spirit-in-Nature Essences that can be used for turning one’s life to betterment. I much appreciate your help and Spirit-in-Nature Essences. Thank you very much.” – Satoko, Japan




“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.” – Bernard Williams


“It is a very inconvenient habit of kittens (Alice had once made the remark) that whatever you say to them, they always purr.” ― Lewis Carroll

Praise for From Bagels to Curry by the author’s brothers (in order of descending age)

5 Kids low res 

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“Ms. Devi’s 20 essences are an orchestra. She is like a conductor with very good teamwork. Her love, deep understanding, and insight to animals—substantiated by the behaviorial studies and also energy from the essences—will give us much healing.”

– Keiko Sugimoto, DVM, Director of: Minami Koiwa Pet Clinic; Japan Veterinary for Small Animals Association; Japan Veterinary and Oriental Medicine Association

“These flower essences are very powerful. They blew me away. There is a very high level of positive energy. I’m impressed that so little can have such a powerful influence.”

– L. Bow, Retired School Teacher, Healer, Stockton, CA


from Sheryl Eaglewoman
from Sheryl Eaglewoman


“I tell ya, this is really powerful stuff. It is, when I first used it I was desperate, but with no expectations, and I changed so much. The more I’ve learned about energy and vibrations: what a beautiful unfolding! I would like to learn more.”

– Joni Steinburg, Cranial Therapist, Seattle, Washington


from Sheryl Eaglewoman
from Sheryl Eaglewoman


“Hi, just wanted to let you know the order arrived today and I could not be more happy! Wonderful books, chart, travel pouch and card deck, plus the beautiful, full set of Spirit-In-Nature Essences. I very much look forward to putting all this to good use, especially in helping our animal friends.”

– Marie Sikora, Essential Healing, Proprietor, Queensland, Australia

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Acupuncture was the strongest treatment I had found to date; the Spirit-in-Nature Essences rival it.”

—Robert Murdock, Acupuncturist,
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—G.K., Flower Essence Practitioner
Los Angeles, CA


“I have never professionally gone for help, but I felt drawn to you.
I felt peaceful. I felt loved.”

—D.M., Homeopathic Student,
London, England



“Through working with their (animals’) unique personalities, traits, and behaviors, we can then know how
to effectively administer flower essences for their well-being.”

—Lila Devi, Flower Essences
for Animals

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

—Mahatma Gandhi


“A dog comes when you call; a cat takes a message and gets back to you.”


“In Flower Essences for Animals, Lila Devi has presented a thorough, well researched guide to using flower essences as natural pet care tools. I encourage anyone looking for more natural means of healing to incorporate the wisdom expressed in these pages.”

—Rena Ferreira,
D.V.M., Sierra Animal
Wellness Center,
Colfax, CA



“Our job in caring for our animal friends may be great, but our rewards are many.”

Flower Essences
for Animals,

Lila Devi


Flower Essences for Pets - Lila Devi


“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.”

—Leonardo da Vinci



“Animals can take us places we can’t get to by ourselves.”

—documentary about Barbaro, an American thoroughbred


“People really need something for their pets that they can use to help them get through the crisis of the moment, whether it be behavioral problems or skin diseases. And I’ve seen flower essences work quickly, which makes them very useful.”

—Stephanie Chalmers, D.V.M,
Santa Rosa, CA


“Our cat Fluffy, on Grape Essence, is now letting my son carry her around the house. I have felt that interaction with animals is good for my son, who was born with a heart defect.”

—Sara Cryer, author,
Nevada City, CA


Flower essences for animals


“We still thoroughly enjoy using your essences and our shelter animals really appreciate them too. We use them daily for our kennel animals, putting a few drops in the main water and sometimes in buckets. A couple of the volunteers have sent in orders for their own pets.”

—Tanya Roberts, CPDT,
Animal Behaviorist,
Oregon Humane Society



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American novelist

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—Holly, Owner, Thymely Solutions,
Fairfield IA


“Your product speaks of class. This has gone all the way through from the inception, to the person wanting to have it. The Spirit-in-Nature Essences just invite people.”

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—Molly McKenzie,
Coyote Moon


“We have such outstanding results with your essences. They are just hands down, these are our favorites. The way you make them, they just work so well. They’re very special.”

—Victoria Dansforth,
The Uncommon Herb Store


“They’re lovely, the quality is wonderful. Working more closely with them, yes, your descriptions of them are very good. Also, there’s a quality that makes them work for children. I just want to say thank you very much for doing this work.”

—Susan Eckel, Retailer
Detroit, MI


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— J. Donald Walters, International author and lecturer,
Gurgaon, India

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