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Flower Essences in a Life or Death Situation for Animals

A compassionate flower essence practitioner for animals wrote to us with this poignant question:

Beth’s Letter

Hi Lila,lamb-sheep

There is something that I have been meaning to ask you. I have met and read information about many of the farmers in Oregon who are very oriented to taking the lives of their animals for food in a humane way. I have considered offering my sessions for them. Is there an essence to help these animals before they “give up their lives” for food?


My Response

Hi, Beth,

And thank you for asking. In many cases, the best flower essence would be Pear Essence, if there is fear or trauma for the animal,Strawberry which is completely understandable. For those animals who are accepting that it is their time to go, a fine choice would be Strawberry Essence, to “die with dignity.” How kind and humane of you to tune in to these animals in this situation which, quite literally, is all about “life or death.”

Please let me know the results.

Very sincerely,