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Avocado, Cherry, Corn, Raspberry and Spinach: 1-oz. Single-Essence Sprays for People and Pets

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Avocado to support your remembrance of things that are important to you – names of friends and, more deeply, your life direction; Cherry Essence for cheerfulness especially when things don’t go  your way; Corn Essence for a burst of mental vitality and for keeping your energy high;  Raspberry Essence for those little kindnesses you can express to others to help them feel valued and listened to and Spinach Essence for simplicity and guilelessness and to be able to enjoy simple pleasures like a sunset or a garden.

These same 7 flower essences can enrich the lives of your beloved pets, with explanations adapted to their special needs as special friends in your life:

Avocado Essence for training and responsiveness issues; Cherry Essence for those moods or “off days” that even our pets are prone to having; Corn Essence for moving to a new home or for a new pet being  introduced into the household; Raspberry Essence for pets who are especially good-natured and always “listening” to you, also for those who have been previously hurt in some way, usually emotionally and Spinach Essence to support the “inner puppy,” “inner kitty,” etc. and to help older animals feel and act younger, and to restore vitality to a pet after surgery or illness.