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From Bagels to Curry

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From Bagels to Curry
Paperback, 352 pages (5½” x 8½”)
ISBN 978-1-56589-297-2
NEW from Lila Devi: a spiritual memoir (her fourth book, and the first not about flower essences). Here, the founder of Spirit-in-Nature Essences shares a more personal journey with universal undertones–from formal religion to spirituality.

From Bagels to Curry is a gem of a book that is destined to help this weird and wonderful world we live in. A story of love and acceptance of others’ faiths and cultures of which there is such a dearth in our society. In a week where we have planes being shot out of the sky and revolution and terrorism, we need simple stories like this of trust and love between all people worldwide.”
— JMichael Fields, author of Nature Feels and Nature Heals and CEO of Inspirations International

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Praise for From Bagels to Curry by the author’s brothers (in order of descending age)

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“In this totally insightful book, my sister uncovers the essence of our father’s zest for life and the unwavering strength with which he struggled through to the end of his life here on earth.” – Phillip Zaret, Physician

“Our sister writes with an unprecedented and infectiously inspiring viewpoint about our loving though sometimes chaotic upbringing. With a Jewish-flavored secularism, our father osmotically taught us to make others feel welcome; that life is beautiful; that time is not meant to be wasted; and above all that nothing is more important than family. He had a dancer’s passion for life! This book will take you on just such a dance.” – Jack Zaret, Consultant

“From Bagels to Curry captures the struggles for purpose and meaning in life as my father approached his passing. His challenge in maintaining his dignity when confronted with inevitable death became an amazing legacy handed to the children he loved so much.” – Moshe Dovid Zaret, Rabbi

“From Bagels to Curry is a truly inspirational story of our father’s handling of his impending death from the time of his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer through the end of his days. He lived with an unwavering positive attitude and zest for life. In his deep hazel eyes, the glass was ALWAYS half full. This special outlook on life never wavered from the time of his fatal diagnosis through his last breath. Thanks, Sis, for writing such a wonderful story!” — Thomas C. Zaret, Attorney at Law