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Children’s Picture Book and Audio Book-companion CD: Bradley Banana and The Jolly Good Pirate

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Bradley Banana and The Jolly Good Pirate
Book and Audio Book-companion CD Set
By Lila Devi
Book Illustrated by Chitra Sudhakaran: 36 pages, hardcover laminate, full color, 8-1/2×11”
Audio Book-companion CD, approximately 17 minutes (Captain Clumpalong’s voice by Vajra Johnson, theatre graduate of Stanford University, California)

See audio book-companion CD and hardcover book

This captivating children’s picture book is presented by “The Spirit-in-Nature Essences Storybook Collection for Little Blossoms of All Ages.”

Bradley Banana, dressed in his tropical banana shirt and britches the color of unripe bananas, personifies the quality of Spirit-in-Nature’s Banana Essence, for humility rooted in calmness. The pegleg pirate, Captain Chadwick Clumpalong, on the other hand, embodies the exact opposite: pompous self-importance.

Hear their story come to life on the audio CD and see the book’s brilliant water color renditions bring this enchanting tale, filled with touches of humor and poignancy, into your home and heart.

This Companion Set of the book and CD will bring endless moments of surprise and fascination to children 6 years and older.

An imaginative, delightfully captivating story that will inspire young children, and bring out their highest aspirations.
—Joseph Bharat Cornell, author of Sharing Nature with Children and founder of Sharing Nature® Worldwide

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