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How Flower Essences Changed My Life
"My Story" of the "Aha Moment" with Spirit-in-Nature Essences

ananas-fiore-03By the time this blog is posted, you’ll see a new video  on our home page. This video captures one of the most important moments of my life—the profound  life-changing, magical moment when I experienced my first flower essence. Perhaps you might take a few minutes to watch it.

I worked on the text for that 3-minute video for hours and still hours. I read it out loud to friends, to the bathroom mirror, and softly to no one but myself on a flight home from Holland for the annual therapist’s health fair in Apeldoorn.

pesco-fiore-03My delightful filming assistant –aptly named Ruby because she truly is a jewel – told me to not worry about speaking too quickly to chop a few seconds off the overall length. She helped me to return to that “aha moment” when I took, and immediately experienced the benefits of, my first flower essence. This video captures that moment.

Trying to summarize one of the most important turning points in your life – in my case, the beginnings of Spirit-in-Nature – gives one pause.

Perhaps it’s for that reason that hearing testimonials over the last 40 years about people’s own “aha moments” is so special. “Aha” is a shared human experience. When we are catapulted out of a trying situation into a deeper connection with who we truly are, it is indeed life-changing.

outside-my-san-presto-window-2015Anyway, back to the video. We filmed just before a rainfall and just before sunset. We experimented with 2 background settings – the autumn trees and mountains with a vibrant olive tree in the foreground, and the one you will see that Ruby and I both agreed on, of climbing vines against a white wall with a flower or two off to the side. The vines themselves seemed to capture the essence of the video in their upward movement as though seeking solutions and aspiring toward their own perfection. We wanted to capture the magic of a line from a song by J. Donald Walters (mentioned in the video): “All Nature sings praises aloud.”

I hope you’ll watch the video and enjoy the story. If so, feel free to share it, and to share your flower essence stories with me, by email or Facebook. And check out our free online books – our gift to you. The last sentence of the video is indeed my wish for you: that you live all your days in perfect well-being.