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Discounted Holiday Designer Practitioner Kits – WITH a free consult (seriously?)

We are often complimented on the beauty of our product presentation with our designer labels in richly colored illustrations. Here’s an opportunity to see that artfulness extended in the packaging of our Practitioner Kits, thanks to Lila’s creative whimsy:

With the holidays nearly upon us (how did THAT happen so quickly!), your thoughts may already be turning to gifts. Mine certainly are.  I wanted to offer you some out-of-the-ordinary gift ideas, whether you use Spirit-in-Nature Essences just for your friends, your clients, or both.

Or even for your dog. He (or she) too has a sense of the beauty in Nature, a language he speaks fluently. Perhaps he’s touched by the turning of the fall colors as the energy of the leaves withdraws into the root system of the trees. Or the splashes of greenery with the first buds of springtime.

Our Designer Practitioner Kits are one-of-a-kind originals—and discounted to make your gift-giving less of a strain on your purse. And by the way, are you a practitioner already enrolled in the PDP/Practitioner Discount Program, or would you like to?

The discounted Kit is paired with a free ½-hour consultation by myself. What are you working on in your life right now? What would you like to change in yourself? Are you a happy person? Flower essences can help you to move forward more quickly toward the attainment of your goals.

Below is a description of 3 of the designer boxes. You’ll want to choose your preferred design quickly as they may go fast!

“Sunflower Surprise”

You’ll see I’ve crafted each Practitioner Kit box to be unique with the inspiration of the moment. Each one contains the full set of 20 flower essences. “Sunflower Surprise” is detailed with gold ribbons, button-like sunflowers, and a butterfly who’s already landed on a field of morning wildflowers, at last coming to rest on a flower-like doily. This decorative box carries the message of springtime and long sunny days—days well spent in making batches of mother essences that capture the blossoms in their peak of bloom.


“For the Love of Grape”

As Grape Flower Essence is all about love, I’ve honored this most special remedy with lifelike grapes and 2 kinds of delicate trims. The background white trim that’s cob-webby in texture happens to be a favorite at the craft shop where I purchased it. Resembling the work of spiders for their webs, it’s a natural favorite at Halloween time. It appears frosty, almost like the icy patterns on windows on colder mornings just before springtime when the grape vines break into buds, their tendrils wrapping around stairwells much like those individuals who are strong in the Grape-qualities, giving their embracing love to others.

“Four Little Princesses”

This Practitioner Kit is whimsical and delicate. It reminds me of cartoons with enchanted princesses whose bright dresses give them the appearance of flowers. Placed on a field of lace with our logo centered in the middle, this Kit is perfect for mothers or for those who work with children. It embodies the fairy-like quality of flower essences that retain an eternal magic. This kit is one of my personal favorites.

I hope one, or several, of these unique gifts will touch your heart, and there are many more not displayed here soon to be posted on our site. Please enjoy.

And here’s a question for you: can you guess the 3 flowers in the rectangle on our arched bottle labels with the parchment gold background?