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Theme Essences – Just for Fun

We all know what our faults are, perhaps better than anyone. But how many of us know our strengths? The term theme essence is just that: a way to acknowledge the positive traits in our personalities. Are you cheerful and even-minded under all circumstances? Then you’re probably a Cherry theme. Do you love learning new things and challenging your mind? You could be an Avocado theme.

Try this easy quiz just for fun, to see which flower essence, or essences, you resemble. Simply check off the qualities that best describe your personality. Then refer to the answer key at the bottom of this page.

Three out of three indicates your theme essence; two out of three, or an additional three out of three, means a possible sub-theme, or slightly less predominant personality strength. If you find you have several of each, as many people do, try to prioritize which qualities are uppermost in your personality.

When should you take your theme essence? (See Dosage Directions) When you feel out of sorts or not quite yourself. Taking your theme essence provides a general balancing effect.

And please remember: all of us have within us all of the flower essence qualities no matter what our theme or sub-theme.

____ Self-controlled

____ Moderate

____ Tranquil

____ Health-minded

____ Balanced

____ Positive

____ Good memory

____ Love of learning

____ Focused

____ Humble

____ Quiet

____ Non-reactive

____ Pure

____ Truthful

____ Insightful

____ Cheerful

____ Even-minded

____ Bubbly

____ Uplifting

____ Solution-oriented

____ Persevering

____ Energized

____ Willing

____ Quick-thinking

____ Sweet

____ Nonjudgmental

____ Friendly

____ Flexible

____ Accepting

____ Fluid

____ Loving

____ Committed

____ Warm-hearted

____ Calm

____ Creative

____ Non-emotional

____ Joyful

____ Hopeful

____ Smiling

____ Selfless

____ Nurturing

____ Caring

____ Peaceful

____ Earthy

____ Unflappable

____ Self-assured

____ Charismatic

____ Expressive

____ Kindhearted

____ Compassionate

____ Forgiving

____ Simple

____ Childlike

____ Straightforward

____ Dignified

____ Beautiful

____ Responsible

____ Fearless

____ Strong

____ Life-affirming

Answer Key (in order of groupings of qualities):





















Congratulations! You have just discovered your theme, and possible sub-theme, essence. This questionnaire can be used as a tool for better understanding—for yourself, your family, friends and clients, and even your pets (see pets questionnaire).The terms theme and sub-theme essences can also be applied to other essence lines.

Knowing your individual theme essence can inspire, uplift, and give you a more clear understanding of your own highest potential. For a more in-depth explanation of these concepts, please refer to The Essential Flower Essence Handbook and Flower Essences for Animals.