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Chapter 6: The Plot Essence for Problems and Correctives

Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.
William Wordsworth

In the previous chapter, we have clarified the use of flower essences to support existing strengths in pets and owners. A particular positive behavior based on an underlying, elevated quality such as kindness or love that is predominant and recurring within the personality is called a theme essence.

Here, we will focus on essence application for specific problems or weaknesses that we want to correct or eliminate, including disturbed behaviors, fears, or any actions troubling to the animal or the pet owner. Most commonly, flower essences are given to fill a need or correct a fault, which is usually expressed through the animal’s behavior. This defines the usage of plot essences.

Plot Essences for Animals

Just as an older dog who has consistently acted like a playful puppy all his life would be a Spinach theme, a dog who acts listless, discontented, or “old before his time” needs Spinach. This is the definition of the plot application of flower essences.

The word plot, borrowed from literary jargon, implies that one must travel from point A to point B to achieve a goal—in the case of Spinach, happiness or peace. Plot application indicates a particular need on the part of the animal; the flower essence acts as a catalyst to restore or awaken the positive quality absent from the pet’s personality. By way of example, a skittish animal can benefit from Tomato Essence for strength and courage. The pet who constantly craves attention may be helped with Pineapple Essence for self-assuredness.

Plot essences are divided into two categories: pivotal and peripheral. Pets—and their owners—will most likely require both kinds of plot essences throughout their lifetimes. Pivotal plot essences apply to lifelong and frequently recurring needs, lessons, or challenges, whereas peripheral plot essences are beneficial in specific situations, usually occurring infrequently. Accidents, for example, require peripheral plot essences such as Pear, while ongoing unpleasant or unruly behaviors 
warrant pivotal plot essences, such as Grape for deep issues of early abandonment.

To repeat: If you suspect anything physically amiss with your pet, a medi-
cal evaluation with a qualified veterinarian is advisable. It is important to rule out physical causes for substandard behavior in order to make the best possible essence assessment for your pet. For example, if your cat is suffering from an undiagnosed toothache, administering Corn Essence will not restore his lost energy; once the troublesome tooth is removed—and Pear is given for the extraction trauma—he will most likely experience a surge of energy simply from feeling better.

Another word of caution: Flower essences cannot be used to alter, manipulate, or control an animal’s behavior. One woman gave Strawberry to her young cat to correct his clumsiness. Crashing to the floor from high perches on furniture was a behavior disturbing to the pet owner; it remained, evidently, a natural part of the cat’s personality. Strawberry Essence, in this case, proved ineffectual because the cat’s lack of dexterity was not a problem for him. Perhaps the woman herself would have benefited from an essence—Fig—to help her accept that her cat was simply a bit on the ungraceful side!

Some pets are aloof by nature, especially within the cat family. So, if aloofness is the animal’s natural state, this trait will remain unchanged. But if reserve and remoteness are symptomatic of a particular need on the part of your pet, flower essences can initiate profound and visible behavioral improvements.

It is also helpful to understand, as explained in chapter 1, that animals are guided largely by instinct. Thus, telling a cat whose territory is threatened by another cat to “be nice” is missing the boat. This behavior is instinct-based and can be addressed through the gentle use of flower essences such as Grape or possibly Date, for overly expressed territorialism, or Peach, to modify or alleviate the instinctual drive to mark furniture by spraying.

At the same time, the following generalization will apply in most cases: For animals, especially dogs and other more aware species, if the behavior is instinct-based, it may be significantly improved or redirected in positive ways through a flower essence program supplemented with proper training. If the problem is emotion-based, flower essences can help correct the problem. In other words, flower essences will not override instinctive behavior in animals. Essences can, however, help them better adapt to a domesticated existence.

Plot Essences for Pet Owners

Many times, I find in the course of a consultation that the pet owner is as greatly in need of flower essences as the pet—and, to be honest, is often the cause of the problem in the first place. To see the same flower essence needs within a household of people and animals is quite common. Pets and their caregivers share joys and sufferings alike—and their remedies too. In fact, one cannot honestly assess an animal without also considering the owner as part of the picture. If, as it has been said, other people are our mirrors, then pets are our microscopes. Each household contains its own psychological climate, you might say, that is part and parcel of each and every inhabitant.

With explanations of theme essences in the previous chapter and plot essences here, we can begin to understand the subtle relationships between the two concepts. A wonderful match of energies occurs when an owner’s theme essence is the same as his pet’s plot essence. One will complement the other, energetically speaking. For example, a dog with a Corn theme will be very compatible with an owner whose pivotal plot essence is Corn. In the case of one older woman in need of Corn Essence, she remained very energetic and powerful as long as her dog, himself a vibrant Corn theme, lived with her. He seemed to be her engine to keep things going. After he died, she began to age very quickly. Visits to medical doctors grew frequent; various pains appeared in her joints, and she could no longer walk easily. This had never been a problem while the dog lived, as she had walked him regularly without complaining at all.

One woman, a Peach theme, owned a dog whose pivotal plot essence was also Peach. The dog accompanied the woman everywhere—from room to room, from sofa to chair. When left alone in the house, he would howl loudly and unceasingly until her return. Nothing would pacify him until she 
reappeared—not the radio, lights left on, or neighbors visiting. When company would stop by, he remained highly demonstrative toward the owner, standing between her and the newcomers until they left the house. We also see how an animal’s behavior can be traced back to the way he was previously treated—perhaps in a neglectful home. Thus, an understanding of plot essences and their applications will be of great use to the sensitive pet owner.

The plot-essence section for owners not only shows how they may be in need of essences but how the pet, through his innate sense of commitment and service to his owner, can help his human companions along in their healing process.

With this understanding of plot essences, then, let’s review the Spirit-in-Nature Essences for plot applications for both pets and their owners. The following definitions encompass pivotal as well as peripheral usage.

Almond Essence for Animals: Self-control

An animal who needs Almond Essence needs it very badly. Almond issues often indicate an animal who is not adjusted to domesticated life. These pets need to learn to balance living in an unnatural environment through moderation in their living habits. Overweight is one symptom; stress is another. Animals limited to small spaces, such as apartments, may be in need of this essence. Indoor cats in particular are accustomed to roaming free in nature; confinement can be a great challenge for them. And living indoors can be more difficult for some breeds than others.

When an animal acts nervous or “cagey”—the equivalent of a person biting his fingernails—Almond is an excellent choice. Also, Almond may assist pets who march repetitively. These pets are simply responding to feeling out of sync with their natural rhythms. This is the essence for pets with nervous habits such as pacing, over-grooming, chewing or gnawing themselves or objects of furniture or clothing, obsessively destroying property, or other frenetic behaviors.

Camile, a black-and-white kitten, exhibited many destructive behaviors that in turn disturbed her owner. She would eat nervously, pull items out of shopping bags, and gnaw on sponges and lamp cords. These excessive and inappropriate behaviors resulted from the loss of her mother while still an infant, requiring that she defend herself. Almond Essence was given, and the owner reported to me, “I almost called you right back. With the first dosage, her pupils widened. Before the essence, she wouldn’t look at me directly; she was almost catatonic. She doesn’t do that any more, now she confronts me. And she comes when I call her; she never did that before.”

Obsessive behaviors indicate one of two things: an issue with the pet or an owner-related problem. Living in an age where stress is oftentimes overwhelming for human beings and destructive to their health on all levels, it is not surprising in the least that they would transmit these imbalances to the pets with whom they intimately share their homes.

Almond Essence for Pet Owners: Self-control

The owner needing Almond Essence is one who is regularly nervous. He may be a chain-smoker or a compulsive eater, or he may exhibit other nervous habits. This essence helps the owner who tends to overwork or overdo his schedule such that he doesn’t budget enough quality time to be with his pet. Almond helps him to reprioritize and restore his sense of balance so that there truly are enough hours in the day to get everything done and to have time to spend with his animal friend. Almond gives one a renewed sense of scheduling so that there is always time to “stop and smell the roses.”

Animals, who are more in tune with the rhythms of nature, by their very presence can communicate a better sense of how we can use our time more wisely to allow enough time for all activities. This owner can be especially healed by taking regular time out with his pet so that they both can share exercise or other relaxing activities. This individual tends to be high-strung and sometimes scattered; pet companionship will be very nurturing and calming to his nervous system.

The more he tunes in to the quiet nature of his animal—assuming, of course, that the animal is quiet—the more he will find himself relaxing. It is only the owner’s state of tension that prevents him from feeling he has enough time to complete necessary tasks.

Almond Essence is superb for owners with problems of living too much through sense stimuli at the expense of their inner calmness. Sexual excess, either in thoughts or actions, is a symptom that calls for this remedy. Also, people who sleep too much, overwork too often, or overextend their energy in any number of ways need Almond Essence. After a while, this lifestyle becomes disturbing to animals, for balance is as essential to their being as it is to their owners. Long walks together in silence will be very calming to their nervous systems.

Apple Essence for Animals: Healthfulness

Apple Essence is strengthening for animals who seem about to become ill or who are recovering from illness. Flower essences, as we have said, do not directly treat physical symptoms, but they do help animals develop a consciousness of health. The false message of illness is that we are weak and vulnerable; Apple Essence, for animals who pick up some form of hypochondria from their owners, can allay these fears. Apple is also a good essence to help create a sense of robustness for the runt of the litter (as is Pineapple).

For pets who have chronic health problems—failing organs, loss of appetite, susceptibility to recurring illness—Apple Essence, along with other supportive measures, can help them adjust to their infirmities.

Sometimes, this essence is called for simply to address bad behavior, as in the case of Minnie. An older cat, mostly feral, Minnie basically kept to herself, hiding under a chair or sofa, except when hissing at other cats or visitors. Again, eliminating possible medical causes for this habit, Apple Essence can help with unhealthy behaviors on the part of the animal.

Apple Essence, especially, is for pets who belong to owners who tend to worry excessively about them, creating an atmosphere of health-related fear and doubt around their ailing companion. Especially when costly treatments or time-consuming procedures are involved, this remedy will be strengthening to an animal. Here we see the dynamic connection between pet and owner. Just as one can reinforce the other with his positive qualities, the opposite can also occur: the owner, usually well-intentioned, may pass on his own fears to his animal. For this reason, it is a good idea for both pet and owner to take Apple Essence at the same time.

Apple Essence for Pet Owners: Healthfulness

Apple essence helps the owner who worries about his pet’s health as well as his own. He anticipates problems, as his hypochondria—mild to monumental in severity—includes his animal’s well-being and those whom he holds dear. His misplaced care for them tends to backfire, for it draws to him and his pets the very states of illness that he fights so valiantly to avoid. Various health-related fears, doubts, and nagging thoughts of any nature tend to haunt him. He may be prone to over-vaccinating or over-supplementing his pet, silently communicating his own fear to his animal friend.

The owner’s fears are easily passed on to his pet, who in return feels vulnerable to illness and depleted by the constant irritation of a worrywart owner. A doubting owner fosters a doubting pet; through questioning his ability to be well, this owner weakens himself with his own thoughts. After a while, such attitudes can be debilitating, even to the healthiest pet. Apple is an important essence in this individual’s repertoire of healing therapies, for it cuts to the core of the “doubting Thomas” syndrome.

Apple Essence strengthens one’s energy from the level of the spirit through the emotions and mental processes and allows the body a sense of integrated wholeness. It is excellent for recovering from illness, accidents, or surgeries, and preceding them as well, for both pet and owner.

Avocado Essence for Animals: Good memory

Avocado Essence is called for with animals who are unresponsive and dreamy or who seem to be somewhere else in their focus. For any pet who does not respond when called or spoken to, this essence can be very beneficial. Especially since animals by nature live in the moment, it is important to rule out medical causes.

Fluffy’s story is a good example of Avocado’s application. A stray taken in by a family with a young son, Fluffy tended to remain a roamer. She now responds when her owner calls her for meals and before dark. (This owner also asked playfully if there was an essence for her husband, who has to spend many hours in transit to and from job sites, to encourage him to come home when she calls him!)

Caylin, a six-year-old orange tomcat, responded to Avocado Essence in positive ways noticed by his owner. Previously a bit on the dull side and also a pushover with the other cats, his unresponsive behavior was replaced by a greater alertness and a stronger sense of competition. He had learned, with the aid of this remedy, to stand up for himself.

Avocado Essence may be used for a wide range of behavioral issues, such as for older animals (although you will want to determine whether sight or hearing impairment is a part of the problem), for pets who lose interest in life, and for pets who have lost a human or animal companion and thus express a diminishing sense of their life’s purpose.

This is an excellent remedy for animals in training. Its special qualities are focused attention, alertness, and the ability to retain information. It is also used for animals who are being trained when distractions are present, such as other dogs barking, other horses nearby, or children interrupting the lesson. Animals, like people, learn new information at varying speeds with different rates of retention. With respect for individual differences, Avocado Essence can assist the slow learner as well as help to speed results for the more intelligent animals.

Avocado Essence for Pet Owners: Good memory

When owners forget the deeper purpose in having pets, they can become neglectful in their pet care, perhaps not spending as much time with their animals as needed. Avocado provides the gentle reminder that owning pets is a privilege. A powerful essence for the owner who forgets routines such as feeding times and their importance for his pet, this essence gets the owner back on track. We could call Avocado a “vibrational training session” for the owner.

On a deeper level, it helps this owner to be mindful of the true purpose of his relationship with his pet and why he befriended the animal in the first place. In this sense, Avocado helps one to remember his priorities and to see the colt in the grown horse, the kitten in the older cat.

It also helps the owner to live more in the moment; a spaced-out owner spaces out the pet. Remember, magnetism is contagious. And since we spread it around whether we are aware of it or not, Avocado encourages us to live more in the present moment, as animals innately do. This essence helps to put us more on their wavelength, enhancing our ability to communicate with them. Avocado Essence may be called “bottled wisdom,” for it keeps the owner focused on the special role of pet owner to pet. At its best, an owner strong in this quality is capable of having a profound lifelong connection with an animal and, through even one pet, with the entire animal kingdom.

The pet owner strong in Avocado qualities will encourage an animal’s natural curiosity and interest in life. Your cat may not be an avid reader, but he will be interested in “reading” you, your house guests, and your new landscaping. An owner who is constantly learning himself will reflect in his pet’s innate desire to explore and enjoy new experiences.

On the more mundane level, this essence keeps the owner mindful of the needs of his pet and how to best attend to them. He remembers that the indoor kitten needs regular attention and an energetic playtime, and he is good about changing the litter and bedding. But most of all, he remembers that the essence of any relationship with an animal is based on love, mindfully given.

Banana Essence for Animals: Humility

Banana Essence can work wonders for animals who are overly emotional in their behavior, often for no apparent reason. Emotions and feelings are natu-
ral for pets; excessive displays of negative behavior are not. Rocky, a three-year-old neutered male cat, was found by his owner at only a few weeks old. Abandoned and injured, she spent “all day every day” nurturing him back to health. Rocky grew into an unusual cat; he travels with her everywhere, including on camping trips to Yosemite National Park and to fancy hotels for high school reunions. Somehow and somewhere, she confided, he developed a mean streak and would strike out—first at strangers, and then at family and friends. “He simply was into being a brat whenever he wanted, with no warning—totally moody and temperamental.”

Although in Rocky’s case we could assume that his moods were due to early infancy abandonment issues warranting Grape Essence, in this situation it was Banana that unlocked his truer nature. Now his owner reports, “Wow! Instant sweet kitty!”

For animals who get excessively agitated or upset, Banana offers a calming presence. Animals who are easily spooked can benefit from Tomato Essence; those who seem to get inappropriately riled may find Banana helpful.

Banana Essence is also strengthening for pets who are gentle and sensitive by nature. One needn’t consider an essence only for severe behavioral issues; a remedy can be helpful to reinforce positive behaviors as well, as in the case of Leslie, a Gordon setter dog. Leslie was rescued from a shelter the day before he was scheduled to be put to sleep. “There’s not an aggressive bone in his body,” his owner comments. “He’s totally loving; my other dogs dominate him and he’s just fine with it.” Banana Essence supported his innate sensitivity, according to his owner, who says, “Now he’s not as clingy as before. He can sit in the room with the other dogs and doesn’t have to push his way past me. Before, he had to be with me all the time.”

Banana Essence for Pet Owners: Humility

Banana Essence, which supports humility and calmness, is a tool to help a pet owner see that he may be a part of his pet’s problems. “What do you mean I leave Spot alone too often? That dog gets lots of attention!” This is the typically quarrelsome response of a pet owner in need of Banana Essence. Recognizing that he may be in error is the first step in remedying the problem. With the help of Banana Essence, the owner may then be able to place the care for his pet above his own prideful need to be right and self-defensive. Banana reinforces the ability to listen, so the pet owner can admit to making mistakes and can learn from them. If he has treated his pet with less than optimal disciplinary measures or general sensitivity, this essence will help him learn to do so.

Although his role as caregiver to his pet may be great, he may learn to view himself as a means for his animal to have a higher quality of life. People who require this essence need to see the bigger picture—the 
forest for the trees, so to speak. This is an important essence for owners who are considering relinquishing their pets, basically because they have not been able to “listen to” the animals’ needs for clear discipline and regu-
lar, loving attention.

These people may be unwilling to admit how much they actually have contributed to their pet’s problems, and so, in this sense, it is difficult to acknowledge their need for Banana Essence. The person who can do so by overcoming his own self-protectiveness is on his way to becoming a splendid pet owner, one capable of giving years of quality care to the animals he brings into his household.

Blackberry Essence for Animals: Purity

It may seem that pets exhibiting negative behaviors would need Blackberry Essence in particular. And yet this is often not the case. Date Essence will help to sweeten their actions; Grape Essence assists the pet who behaves badly as a result of lingering abandonment or abuse issues; and Raspberry, diversely, is for the pet who lashes out from a sense of hurt.

Blackberry’s placement in an essence program is quite different. Whereas a person is capable of negativity and unkind thoughts, these behaviors are the result of his misuse of will, as described in chapter 1. The faculty of free choice, available to a human being, means that he can choose to move in either positive or negative directions. Animals, basically, do not have that choice. Their decisions are made for them, in a sense, by Nature and are based on survival instincts. Thus, Blackberry Essence does not apply to them as it does to people.

However, this remedy is warranted for the animal whose owner expresses the negative Blackberry state. This pet will tend to absorb his owner’s wrong behaviors—and his thoughts as well. Blackberry’s key quality is purity of thought—a quality that animals, as a rule, instinctively possess. Usually it is the trials of domesticated life, replete with unhealthy human role models, that cause them to need this remedy.

Lawrence, a four-year-old tomcat, matches this description. His present owner described him as “a bit snobby. If he were human, he would be a crotchety curmudgeon.” His previous owner was a woman who had treated him badly and also spoiled him; he had grown accustomed to spending time in the kitchen with the servants. Biting and scratching were Lawrence’s common responses if anyone tried to pick him up. His essence program consisted solely of Blackberry. Within a few days, his temperament had changed dramatically for the better.

Blackberry is also an important essence for animals who are no longer able to groom or properly care for themselves. If they seem to have a sense of their own uncleanliness, this essence will help them deal with their physical condition. Jimmy, an eight-year-old German shepherd rescued by his present owner, is incontinent, possibly from a past car accident or abusive treatment. The veterinarian determined that his kidneys had been damaged and recommended an herbal program. After several days of dosing, Blackberry Essence helped with his compulsive habit of self-grooming.

Also excellent for misting in the litter box or places where a pet has soiled or sprayed, Blackberry Essence will help to clean the area. For actual odors or simply “clearing out the energy” in a location, this remedy is useful. And if your pet has been exposed to harmful chemicals, Blackberry, along with medical treatment, is recommended.

Blackberry Essence for Pet Owners: Purity

The pet owner in need of Blackberry essence is one prone to a strain of nega-
tivity as infectious as influenza. This unpleasant mental state creates a foul temperament that is distasteful to pets, who tend to withdraw from such an owner as a result. Animals possess a natural telepathy and an ability to read their owners, flawlessly and infallibly. No one, least of all pets who intimately share their owners’ environment, likes to be around these carping spirits. Pessimism and downright unkindness repel all who share their space. And what more captive audience is there than housebound animals? Even those pets who live in a yard, pen, or fenced area will be affected by this owner’s negative mental state.

When their owner addresses them unkindly in the negative Blackberry state, animals may not understand the meanness of the words, but they unquestionably sense the meanness of spirit behind them. Subjected to verbal cynicism, sarcasm, and the like, animals can exhibit disturbed behaviors. We have received testimonials about cats excreting on rugs, carpets, and bath mats to express their dislike of these attitudes in the people who share their environment.

Blackberry Essence also helps the individual who is working through emotional or psychological issues while seeking clarity and insight. Sensitive and kind by nature, he may feel himself temporarily clouded by difficulties. Blackberry Essence can assist this individual in rehabilitating his emotional awareness.

Cherry Essence for Animals: Cheerfulness

Much as people are prone to moods at times, so are our pets. When they behave in a contrary manner in circumstances to which they normally agree—a trip to the groomers, or a reversal of any behavior in which they have previously been trained and responded—Cherry Essence is recommended. In many ways, pets are like children. They can be ornery at times, grumpy for no apparent reason, or simply bad-tempered (ruling out medical causes). If these negative states are basically transitory in nature, this “sourpuss” behavior indicates the need for Cherry Essence. Cherry trees, by way of a botanical note, are either sweet or sour, much like an animal’s temperament. The sweet variety can grow to large heights, whereas the sour kind is much less hearty.

And as mentioned earlier, animals do best with loving guidelines and parameters for what is allowed and acceptable and what is not. If you have trained your dog to not jump on people, then this must remain a non-
negotiable house rule.

It is also important for the owner to assess the reason for such moodiness. A cat may not like the new kitty litter and would naturally turn his nose up at it. Or the dog may be unhappy with the new food you are having him sample. Honoring our pets’ preferences, within reason, gives them a sense of their place in the household, which is why it is so important to praise them over and over again. However, similar to guiding children, it is important to set consistent boundaries that we are comfortable with as well. A spoiled pet can spoil the entire home; everyone has to live in the same household or property.

Animals may also become moody when they are dealing with difficult situations in their household. They often mirror the moods of their owners. Also, pets with previously abusive owners may lapse into troubled feelings from time to time. A negative Cherry mood, however, will pass, in contrast to the need for Orange Essence where serious emotional collapse is apparent.

Gabriel, a seven-year-old Australian shepherd, suffered a tragic existence with his previous owner. As a result of earlier mistreatment, he began barking—which resulted in him spending six months outside with a bag of dog food until he was finally given away. He had learned to hide in a corner of his second owner’s home. Cherry Essence, for three days in his first program, initiated a noticeable change in his behavior. Cheerier and more friendly to other pets in the household, Gabriel is responding well to this essence.

Cherry Essence for Pet Owners: Cheerfulness

Similar to but not duplicating Blackberry Essence is the grumpy owner in the negative Cherry state of mind. This individual is merely moody, however, and not necessarily aiming his negativity at anyone but himself. This “just plain ornery” state is very upsetting to animals, as it includes an emotional vacillation of mental states that is a bit unnerving to pets who are richly emotional by nature. If a pet is a bit mopish, it behooves the owner to see if his animal is mirroring his own mood. Animals thrive in an emotionally balanced household and immediately sense when any one of its members is unhappy or gloomy.

A “yo-yo” owner can learn even-mindedness from his animals, as they can teach him Nature’s lesson of good cheer. It is important for our own health to play with our pets, even to sing and dance with them—basically, to not let life’s endless annoyances cloud our happiness. The next time you feel grumpy, try dancing with your bird on your shoulder, teaching your dog a new song, or inventing a dance to share with your cat. Watch what it does for both of you!

This owner is also one who is prone to use inconsistent discipline with his pets. While he may think that he is treating them well by occasionally allowing them to break the established rules, he is actually doing them a great disservice, as irregular training confuses animals. They may even look up (or down) at him with an expression that may be translated as, “Huh? But it was OK to do this last time!”

Cherry Essence helps this owner to be more even-minded with his animals and to reach a level of detachment in his disciplinary methods so that he can feel comfortable with the rules he imposes instead of feeling apologetic or tyrannical.

And for the passing of a companion animal, Cherry Essence can help the owner to stabilize the natural flood of emotions. One owner, dealing with the death of her ten-year-old cat, reported, “At one point, I felt that I was crying too hard for comfort. I took a few drops of Cherry and the crying stopped. It has been almost three months since he died and I can talk of him and look at photos of him without feeling depressed or too sad. In fact, I smile whenever I think of him.”

Coconut Essence for Animals: Upliftment

Coconut Essence is very powerful for animals. It supports their innate desire to evolve. Symptomatically, this translates as a certain uneasiness in their domesticated environment or bodily condition.

Coconut is good for behavior reflecting chronic pain, such as arthritis or healing from an accident. And while this essence will not treat the pain itself, it can effect a positive change in the animal’s behavior. Pear is helpful as well, but considering the different way that animals experience pain, Coconut helps them with another aspect: how to deal with it in ways that make them more comfortable with their situation.

Daisy, a twelve-year-old, seventy-pound, Samoyed–yellow Lab mix has suffered from a shaky, arthritic back left leg. She would often groan and freeze up as though the uncomfortable leg had tired her and caused a great deal of pain. Now, according to her owner, she’s perkier. Thus, Coconut Essence is good for older animals who get “creaky” in their limbs. It doesn’t take a veterinarian to see when an animal walks with pained joints. Difficulty climbing up or down stairs, slowness in moving out of a sleeping position, and a visible way of favoring certain body parts to avoid strain on other areas are all signals for Coconut.

For some animals, a feeling of “I can’t” will block their abilities to shine as show animals. Royalty, a nine-year-old show horse, was described as being well-built, versatile, and a horse who “couldn’t stand up for himself.” His essence program included Coconut to help him transcend the sense of limitation of his own capabilities. These attitudes are often owner-induced but nonetheless supremely reversible.

Also, for the pet who loses a companion through death or other separation, Coconut Essence is recommended as an adjunct to Grape.

Coconut Essence for Pet Owners: Upliftment

Coconut Essence is for the pet owner who gives up on his pet. At the end of his rope with their recurring inconveniences, he is ready to throw in the towel and see them on their way. People who abandon their animals or take them to rescue facilities seriously need this essence. It is the “commitment essence.” Coconut helps to restore a sense of perseverance and, even more importantly, the recognition that there is a perfect answer to every pet problem.

Rather than giving up—and giving up on—the pet, this essence helps the owner to see what he needs to learn from the situation. Sometimes, the lesson is to “look before you leap” and not bring home another precious little kitten who will grow into an adult cat with ongoing needs for nutritious food and active companionship. When pets begin to feel like a problem, it is time for the “solution essence”: Coconut.

Coconut Essence (as well as Grape) is also recommended for the pet owner who loses a pet or, in fact, for the owner of aged animals who will be passing on soon. It allows us to focus on the beautiful lessons we can learn from them as they leave us and also to turn our thoughts to the many ways they have taught and inspired us during their years in our care. The more we can express the priceless lesson of Coconut, the more supportive we can be to our animal friends at the time of their passing.

Corn Essence for Animals: Vitality

Corn Essence helps to restore a sense of adventure and play to pets who are relocated or taken to a new home. During the adjustment phase when everything is foreign to them, they may instinctively withdraw until they become familiar with the new location, sounds, smells, sights, and especially the 
presence of other animals. Corn Essence helps them integrate into a new environment with a burst of energy to explore, investigate, and once more to enjoy.

Cats, who are particularly environment-oriented, do well with this remedy during times of change in their environment. Sometimes even rearranging the furniture can be somewhat upsetting to felines; this essence helps them work with these changes in positive ways.

Corn Essence does not supply physical vitality as do vitamins and nutritious foods but rather a renewed interest in life. It can also spark an animal’s curiosity in what is going on around him—outside the window or house, in the field, and so on. Corn awakens a pet’s natural zest for new experiences. For this reason, it is important that he have safe access to the outdoors, especially in urban settings.

Ruling out medical causes, animals too can be couch potatoes. Especially if the owner tends toward sluggishness, this essence can help both pet and owner to find inspirational ways to use their time together.

Older animals who have lost some of their spunkiness due to the normal aging process rather than a specific illness or infirmity will act perkier and peppier on Corn Essence. Rags, a twelve-year-old mixed-breed canine, responded well to this remedy. A regular employee of his owners’ business, he literally “hopped around the office—people were asking what he was on,” the staff reported.

Pets who for various reasons have had their energy exhausted may also respond well to Corn Essence.

Corn Essence for Pet Owners: Vitality

A boring owner makes for a boring pet, says one dog trainer who has seen many lackluster individuals bring their lifeless animals to her for training. Express your enthusiasm to your canines, she recommends. Lavish non-
subtle praise on them for learning their commands. Share their excitement, and let them share yours.

Some individuals who bring pets into their homes, even if not old in years, harbor old attitudes; they may be inactive, listless, or just can’t seem to “jump-start” themselves.

Corn Essence, “the energizer,” abounds with enthusiasm and joy. The owner who procrastinates could be building new pens for his pets. The sofa slouch, nursing a bulging potbelly, could be out jogging with his llama.

Animals inherently love to express themselves through movement and will undoubtedly love their owner’s company on their romps. Exercise, the experts say, is the best cure for lethargy as well as depression. Try sharing an “endorphin treat” with your animal friend. Run, jump, prance, and play. Corn Essence creates a win-win situation between owners and their pets; everyone feels better through productive activity shared with interspecies friends.

A move to a new home, beginning a new job, starting a new school term: all are perfect times for Corn Essence. Energy begets more energy; joy multiplies into more joy. Your pets will reflect these changes in you—and quickly, too. Your enthusiasm for life will create an environment for an animal with a heightened interest in life.

Date Essence for Animals: Sweetness, tenderness

As mentioned with Cherry Essence, sometimes animals can be just plain ornery. When their feistiness carries a certain edge to it, Date Essence can be helpful. Just as people can have their “off” days, so can pets. And they express it much as we do—by being crabby, picky, and downright irritable.

Although animals are not capable of expressing criticism and judgment as human beings do, they can still convey their dislikes and disfavor with their surroundings and those sharing it. Pets in the negative Date condition tend to pick on other animals. In fact, the need for this essence is most easily noticed in households with more than one pet. If you see one pet picking on another, simi-
lar to the negative Grape state’s bullying behavior, it is highly recommended that this essence be given. And since animals respond so quickly to flower essences, much relief will be afforded to the animal who is being picked on.

The behavior of one dog sweetened considerably on Date Essence. A black Lab–Irish setter mix was previously described as touchy and jealous by his owner. After having the Date Essence rubbed into his coat, he is now “really sweet to other dogs. He licks their ears. He’s still a bit touchy, but nothing like before the remedy,” his owner said.

Date Essence for Pet Owners: Sweetness, tenderness

An owner lacking Date’s sweetness is sour indeed. This owner needs help, and quickly. Those in the negative Date condition are unwelcoming and inhospitable; they breed unfriendly and unmagnetic attitudes through being judgmental, thereby creating an invisible wall of separation around themselves.

It is one thing to discriminate but quite another to judge. These owners need to learn Date’s lesson of accepting everyone as a part of their family. Pets of these owners, understandably, become irritable and irritating. If multiple pets share the household, they may all pick up on the owners’ lack of charity. This tends to be a home with lots of fighting, squabbling, hissing, and growling. The pets will be defining strong territorial boundaries—“this is my bed” or “that is my sofa to lounge on”—and anyone who oversteps these definitions is asking for a tussle or a swat with the paw.

The owner strong in this quality, on the other hand, will find his pets reflecting his hospitality. They will be the first ones at the door to greet guests. Their sweet-natured temperaments will extend to their expressed caring for other pets in the household or barnyard in an almost protective manner. You may find them grooming each other or even napping in each other’s arms. Their loving gestures will melt an owner’s heart.

Fig Essence for Animals: Flexibility

Some animals, through wrong training, get the message that they are somehow not OK, that some part of their behavior is not acceptable to the owner. As the animal places high value on this relationship, anything that mars its placidity can create a sense that something is wrong with him. It is for this reason that pets should neither be yelled at nor spoken harshly to. Firmness is one thing; meanness is another. Thus, Fig is one of several essences needed by a pet whose problems are often owner-related.

Many animal species are highly trainable and respond beautifully to consistent, firm, and loving discipline. Any mixed messages from their owners, however, create deep confusion for pets. It is these animals who can benefit from Fig Essence. And if you acquire an animal whose past history is unavailable, it is wise to give him Fig Essence at some point during your care for him.

Herbert, a black-and-white tomcat presently living in his second home, was put on a program that included Fig Essence. He always seemed on his guard and would not let his new owner anywhere near him. Previously belonging to a woman who had yelled at him, he grew confused with so many rules; he was no longer certain what behavior was acceptable and what was not allowed. Adapting to one restriction after another, Herbert became an animal who could not seem to figure out what to eat or, in fact, what was expected of him. He responded beautifully and immediately to a Fig Essence program, according to his owner, and now seems to “fit in with the other animals in the house.”

For fussy pets who do not tolerate food even when enough variety is offered, or for animals who seem whiny or somehow discontent under the most pleasant circumstances, Fig can help them adjust and enjoy the services rendered them by an accommodating owner.

This remedy is also advised in conjunction with Avocado Essence for training animals. In learning new rules, it is helpful to have a certain flexibility and thus receptivity to changing old patterns—a particular strength of Fig Essence. Also, for breaking existing bad habits, these two essences are recommended. For any variations in eating or sleeping habits, alterations in established routines, or any changes in the home or its residents that affect the pet’s lifestyle, Fig is a wonderful adjunct.

Fig Essence for Pet Owners: Flexibility

The owner in the negative Fig state is rigid by nature. His basic discomfort in accepting himself as he is creates uncomfortable animals. Somehow, nothing is ever quite right for him. There may be lots of crying, scurrying, or whining by pets in this house. He is constantly correcting and overdisciplining his animals in an attempt to get his own life in better order.

Although this household may be fastidiously organized, it will lack a certain easygoing flow. An unending series of rules are created in an attempt at a togetherness that never quite happens. Rather than arranging the home for the animals, it is they who are expected to conform to the owner’s rules: “Stay away from the china cabinet”; “Leave the houseplants alone”; “Don’t track mud on the linoleum.” And these kinds of rules are invariably broken by pets in training. In the home of the negative Fig owner, no one can relax.

An owner who learns the lesson of Fig will raise self-accepting, confident pets who recognize themselves as respected members of the household. Any tension-based health problems may begin to remedy themselves at this point. Pets who are jittery will be able to calm down. Animals who seem slightly on edge will relax. Their body language will soften, and you will see comfortable, happy pets.

Grape Essence for Animals: Love, devotion

Grape is an excellent “all-purpose” essence to have on hand for your pet’s range of behavioral changes reflective of some aspect of neediness—
abandonment, jealousy, whining, loneliness, clinginess, or its opposite, aloofness. The essence for pets who are left virtually forgotten by their 
owners—caged, penned, leashed, or corralled—is Grape.

Perhaps he is reacting to new, difficult, or unpleasant circumstances. Consider, for example, the meticulously clean twelve-year-old house cat who began defecating in every room of his owner’s home when the woman’s new boyfriend began visiting on a regular basis. Whether the cat exhibited jealousy, demand for attention, or disapproval of the woman’s chosen partner, his behavior highlighted a problem begging for a solution, clearly indicating the need for Grape Essence.

For the blending of households when your cat is no longer “top dog” and loses interest in food, for withdrawn or bullying behavior when other pets are brought into the home, and for the animal who whines or cries for no apparent reason, Grape is highly recommended. Also for those pets who behave in an overly or inappropriately territorial manner, this essence calms them almost immediately.

In addition, the severing of ties due to children in the household 
moving out or the divorce of their caretakers oftentimes cause behavioral disturbances in animals. Grape also helps a pet who becomes listless after the passing of another pet or person in the household, especially if they had been close companions for some time. For the grief of animal mothers when their babies are given away, this essence (in close proxi-
mity to Peach) in her water and rubbed behind her ears offers special comfort.

Grape essence is also useful for the lonely pet or, conversely, “the loner.” Animals who are repeatedly left alone for long periods without the company of people or other animals may develop behavioral problems. “I can guard against thieves, I can guard against pests,” says a dog in a 
cartoon strip, chained on a leash in an empty field. “But how do you guard against loneliness?”

One house cat whose owner traveled frequently had developed a loud, mournful, yelping cry during her owner’s absence. The cat would walk into a room and, for no apparent reason, cry as though she were being strangled. After three days with Grape added to her drinking water, the crying stopped completely. Had the essence also been applied topically, results might have been noticed even sooner.

Pets who are overly clingy rather than merely affectionate can exhibit remarkable responses to Grape. (Peach Essence is also recommended.) For the cat who monopolizes a lap though set aside many times or for the dog who won’t let you out of his sight even for a moment, this essence is well worth trying. One little dog, rescued from an animal shelter, had grown accustomed to following his owners around from room to room. A few days on Grape found him behaving in a more relaxed manner—no longer pacing and following nervously, no more yelping, and now wagging his tail often.

In the case of Rory, we see how Grape allowed an otherwise standoffish cat the freedom to enjoy the indoors and the company of others in the household rather than being limited by an adaptive behavior in which she had learned to keep to herself in a family of many other pets. Rory, “the aloof one,” as her owners call her, was the only one who kept her distance from me when I went to consult with a family who owned six cats, even though feeding time had arrived. “Unapproachable by nature” describes Rory. This independent loner had always slept outdoors in the nearby fields, playing with the resident foxes in her youth. If left alone with the two manx cats whom she had mothered, Rory routinely picked fights with them. Following only two days on Grape, she began sleeping indoors on the bed. “This has never happened since we moved into this house three years ago,” I was told by an incredulous owner. “Rory wouldn’t even come into the house before. We thought she just didn’t need anything from us. Her behavior now is unbelievable.”

For animals who are bad-tempered or even potentially dangerous, Grape is recommended. Jasmine, a beautiful green-eyed, white-haired cat whose owner had nicknamed her “the cat from hell,” apparently had “an attitude.” Described as mean-spirited with a nasty disposition, fourteen-year-old Jasmine had been severely torn apart by a dog in her youth, which, according to her owner, had rendered her unpleasant company ever since. He reported, “She’s nice when she drinks her Grape water. She even goes outside now, for the first time in two years.” And for animals who are ill-tempered for no apparent reason, Grape is also indicated.

When new pets are brought into the household, behaviors such as possessiveness and jealousy are quite common (see “Dominance, Hierarchy, and Territory” in chapter 3). Friday, an older black cat, began swatting at the new feral kitten who had been moved into her home. When dosed with Grape Essence, Friday began grooming him instead. This behavior does not occur often, I was told, but does repeat itself. Grape, when reapplied, invariably initiates the same affectionate and demonstrative response in Friday each time this negative pattern reappears.

For the boarding of a pet whose behavior is problematic stemming from abandonment and loneliness rather than the shock of the move (which would indicate the need for Pear Essence), Grape is recommended. If both issues are present, Grape and Pear may be administered, though in close proximity rather than in combination—Grape one day followed by Pear the next.

Any change or disruption in environment or routine may cause behavioral imbalances in your pet, which can be dramatically remedied by flower essences. Pear Essence is most helpful in emergencies, whereas Grape is useful when people or other animals in your pet’s environment are involved.

For a pet’s loss of an owner or other animal friend, as explained more fully in chapter 7, Grape is the essence for bereavement and grieving. When animals are raised together and spend their entire lifetimes in each other’s company, one will inevitably die before the other. Grape Essence helps the remaining pet to cope, to grieve, and to heal.

Grape Essence for Pet Owners: Love, devotion

As the owner in the negative Grape state has many expressions, a variety of negative behaviors will be reflected in the home of this owner. Least difficult of all is the lonely owner. If he can transmute his sense of isolation, he and his pets will be able to share a deeply fulfilling relationship. Otherwise, he will merely translate his sense of bereftness to them, fostering lonely animals. Grape Essence is also imperative for the owner who leaves his pets alone too often without realizing the impact it has on them.

If the owner is cruel, his household companions will receive the brunt of his meanness. Even a sharpness in the owner’s voice indicates his need for Grape Essence. Abuse sometimes happens to people as well as to animals. This remedy also addresses any abuse that has transpired in the owner’s life.

But more often than not, the Grape-deprived owner is simply one who feels somehow incomplete and lacking love in his life. Perhaps a spouse has died. The owner may have moved to a new location due to a job transfer and not yet established a circle of friends. Or perhaps he is one of many who suffer from the cultural loneliness inherent in a mobile, overworked society.

Condolence cards for pets and entire books on pet bereavement suggest how dearly owners care for their pets and also that pet loss is a widespread experience. Animals live shorter lives and thus pass in and out of ours on a somewhat regular basis. Grape Essence can help the owner deal with this time of transition.

This individual, through the assistance of Grape Essence and a commitment to changing his attitudes, can become a very deeply loving pet owner. By giving the love to his animal that he wishes to receive, he will find his sense of loneliness and neediness dissipating. This state of emotional bankruptcy may be transformed instead into deeply loving bonds with animals who can then literally blossom under his loving care; his pets will express a certain fullness. Receiving regular doses of love will reflect in the pets’ glowing coats and radiantly focused eyes. A loved animal is a loving animal.

Lettuce Essence for Animals: Calmness

Younger animals of any breed and species, much like children, are often restless. Their attention spans may last several seconds to a few minutes. Lettuce Essence is a gently focusing essence that allows animals to calm down. Cork, a two-year-old rat terrier, relaxed considerably on Lettuce Essence—even though he nearly caused his owner to spill the bottle out of excitement as she was applying his dosage!

Analysis of the lettuce plant itself has revealed minute amounts of a chemical known for its hallucinogenic properties. Although no physical trace of the chemical makes its way into the essence, we often, if not always, see threads of similarities from seed to plant to food source to blossom and back to seed. Lettuce follows this pattern.

Lettuce will not take the spirit out of an animal; it will merely help to remove the distractions around truly calm energy. Bogie, a two-year-old pug, is a regular attendant at one of my Los Angeles lectures periodically conducted in his owners’ dining room. Bogie loves to bounce around during the class. And although he does not care for the brandy-preservative taste of the essence, he responds nonetheless. Within ten minutes of having a few drops rubbed on his gums and into his coat, he can be found sleeping on the nearest lap. Lettuce Essence, then, helps to remove the tension from an animal’s sheer joy in physical play and exercise without altering or compromising his natural personality.

If guests come to visit an animal’s household, Lettuce Essence will help him to not become agitated by new people in his territory. Sometimes animals simply “go nuts” when guests arrive. Humans each have a unique smell, sound, and appearance with which the pet will need to familiarize himself. Lettuce, then, helps pets who are already wound up as well as older animals who need to accommodate new energies in their existing environments.

For quiet-natured animals who seem to be more withdrawn than calm, Lettuce Essence is suggested. Domino, a Siamese cat who used to jump two stories down from his previous owner’s apartment to maintain his distance, is a case in point. Miss Fetacina, a longhaired tabby in the same household, also exhibited a need for this remedy. Remaining aloof from the other cats, she responded well to an essence program that included Lettuce.

Both Lettuce and Almond Essences address the quality of calmness. Almond is called for when the animal’s behavior contains an obsessive, compulsive, or nervous element; Lettuce relates more to a restless energy, at times emotionally based. Thus, for animals who are angry, Lettuce is 
suggested. If the anger is based on an identifiable source of hurt, you might also try Raspberry Essence.

Lettuce Essence for Pet Owners: Calmness

The owner lacking the calmness of Lettuce may be given to emotional upheaval. Here too is the owner in need of more patience in caring for his pets. His tension is easily transmitted to his pets, who are themselves always a bit edgy. Those in his presence are somewhat likely to become jittery, overexcited, and thus uncomfortable—especially his animals.

He may also have trouble expressing himself—being unable to share his feelings and communicate what he needs to say to people—or he may 
simply lack the concentration to put his thoughts clearly into words. This “static in the attic” atmosphere can be unnerving to pets, who thrive on calming stability. People who are prone to angry outbursts can benefit from this essence. A remedy assisting with communication skills, Lettuce Essence helps people to not speak out in anger, which they usually regret doing once their emotions have calmed.

Especially for sensitive animals in the household, strongly expressed emotions and loud voices can be disturbing to their physical and emotional health. Lettuce Essence for the owner can allow everyone in the household to relax. Pets who are both sensitive and strong enough can be a great source of comfort to their human friends. Once Lettuce begins to take effect, the entire household will seem more quiet and soft.

Orange Essence for Animals: Joy

As mentioned in chapter 4, pets become unhappy or depressed for blatantly predictable reasons: abandonment, abuse, or neglect. And the loss of a human or animal companion due to death or relocation calls for Orange Essence as well, often in addition to Grape Essence. Also depressing for them is having to adapt to indoor life, cages, yards, fenced pens, or other unnatural situations. Consequently, animals can often become listless, despairing, or physically ill. Studies have shown that depression weakens the immune system, which means that any propensity toward illness will be magnified.

Pets who live with depressed owners pick up some measure of their sadness. Oftentimes, the animal will try to help the owner out of his depression, usually with excellent results. For ongoing illness or despair—or any situation with a lot of emotional heaviness—Orange Essence is recommended. Also, pets with a history of multiple homes can be helped by this essence.

Animals who have been declawed, debarked, or otherwise altered in ways that are highly unnatural to their wild state (excluding surgeries such as spaying and neutering that reduce a critical overpopulation problem) will benefit from this essence. In her prime, Taylor had been a show dog. Then debarked and locked in a garage for over a year, she later developed massive tumors and a leaky bladder. Her present owner gave her a program of Orange Essence, to which she responded in a matter of days, even though physical symptoms persisted.

In addition, physical restriction, resulting from an impaired ability to move, is depressing to animals. This remedy assists animals who through injury, age, or illness have lost the ability to walk, run, fly, or otherwise freely use their bodies.

Pets as well as people can suffer from hormonally-based depression. And whereas flower essences do not work on the level of physical imbalance, they can address the issues around or behind the upheaval of hormone-induced mood swings. During pregnancy or after birth are routinely positive times to administer Orange Essence.

Animals who are grieving the loss of other animal friends or humans will be comforted by this essence. Grape, too, is recommended, though in close proximity rather than at the same time. Grieving is natural when a loved one leaves, as expressed in chapter 3 by Lilly and Freckles, the rabbits whose family were killed by a rattlesnake.

Orange is recommended for any kind of setback—for animals battling terminal illness or any recurrence or relapse of debilitating illness, for animals who have been exhausted or otherwise pushed past their limits, for animals who seem to have lost their spirit, and for pets after particularly long birthings. These situations, although similar to the need for Corn Essence, all possess an element of suffering, whereas Corn Essence is more for issues of sluggishness or laziness. Basically, any issue that includes an element of emotional struggle may respond to Orange Essence.

Orange Essence for Pet Owners: Joy

The home of an Orange-deficient owner will be perceived by its animal inhabitants as heavy. There’s no joy, no hope—people may drag their feet, and pets will tend to drag their paws. Sometimes an owner may be going through serious clinical depression, which places all the animals in the household in a “flighty” position, as though, if given the chance, they’d rather run away. In part, their reaction stems from an innate recognition that despair is completely foreign to our true nature in joy. To live otherwise is unnatural to them, and coping can be very difficult.

Animals can be wonderful sources of support during times of Orange depression. They can entertain and amuse, reminding their owners in little ways of life’s innate joy. Sometimes all it takes is a romp with the dog or a song with the parrot to help the owner begin to transmute his sorry state of despair.

In consideration of his animals, the owner in a state of depression needs to address his problems and uproot them as quickly and thoroughly as possible. “You can lead a horse to water,” the saying goes, “but you can’t make him drink.” This owner needs to help himself and drink deeply of the water of joy, ending his joy-draught for both the sake of his animals and himself.

There is no faking it with animals, who sense our innermost feelings perhaps more clearly than we ourselves do. Through getting involved with other people and shifting our focus to volunteer groups or special projects with family or friends, we can lighten our own minds and provide our pets with a happier emotional climate.

Peach Essence for Animals: Selflessness

Peach Essence is for the pet who is overly demonstrative toward his owner. Following the owner from room to room, or fence to fence if outside, this animal is typically clingy. The cat who refuses to leave your lap under any circumstance falls into this category. Often, animals who were weaned too early exhibit this type of behavior, which can be lessened or eliminated with Peach Essence. Grape, for abandonment and neediness, can nicely supplement Peach for these same issues.

Other related pet behaviors correctable with Peach Essence are drooling, kneading with their claws as though nursing, and attempted suckling on older animals of their own or other species or on people. They may also tend to bite or chew on your clothing, furniture, or household items. These behaviors are completely reversible with conscientious flower essence care, though several months on essences may be necessary to correct this problem.

Animals who are removed from their natural habitats do become dependent on us to meet their physical needs, but those who are unable to remain emotionally independent can benefit from Peach Essence.

Peach Essence is basically for overpossessive animals—for demanding pets who don’t seem to “get it” when you feel that you need more space or privacy, for pets who follow you around, and for animals who cannot seem to let go of a previous owner or a child leaving home. Animals who demand our energy, insist on meals before feeding time, or display excessive territorialism will benefit from this essence.

Also, for animals who do not get along well with other pets in the household or on the property, Peach Essence offers a more expansive, embracing quality to their personalities. Robert, a white and gray moustached tomcat whom his owner described as acting more like a dog than a cat, had difficulty integrating with other pets in the household until being given a program that included Peach Essence. Now he is no longer “bent out of shape and upset by one other cat in particular,” his owner observed.

This remedy is valuable for the mother whose babies are being given away. Even when the separation is temporary—for example, when the young are taken to the veterinarian—her distress may be soothed with Peach Essence. Without anthropomorphizing, loss of one’s young is a devastating experience. Granted, this is far less the case in an ant colony than for a mother whose child is going off to college. In these circumstances, it is a good idea to also give Orange Essence in close proximity to Peach.

When younger animals are brought into a household with other pets of seniority, the older residents may need Peach Essence to help them relax their territorial instincts. A giant leap in awareness is needed for a pet to accept another animal into his domain. Grape Essence for jealousy and feeling threatened is also useful in this situation.

Peach Essence for Pet Owners: Selflessness

Peach is another essence in which the owner’s need for this remedy is 
transmitted to his animal companions, causing problems for them. Codependent relationships between people and their pets do exist. Peach-deficient, conditional love creates a relationship based on the owner wanting his pet to fill his emotional needs rather than sharing his joy with his animal friend. When we depend on another being for our sense of wholeness, the fear always lurks that whatever is filling our needs may desert us and that we will be left empty and alone once more. This fear, indicating the need for Peach Essence, tends to create a constant tension within the owner and an inability to enjoy the gift of our animal friendships. Here we see the overprotective owner, the fretting pet guardian, the individual whose fear seriously undermines his ability to freely love his animals.

Peach Essence helps the owner understand this basic truth: The more we give, the more we receive. The owner who smothers instead of mothers; who places demands on his pets; who loves with “strings attached,” usually requiring certain behavior from the animal—these are the owners in need of Peach Essence.

The animal caregiver who will benefit from this essence is one who needs to learn a healthy balance between care and overconcern for his animals. Animals in a positive-Peach household receive back the freely given love that they bestow on their guardians. This remedy can also assist the owner who seems to not care enough for his pets, putting other less important issues before their well-being. Also, people who lose a pet by death or other separation and adopt a new animal with the express purpose of replacing the departed one can be helped by Peach Essence. All too easily, they may unconsciously place unrealistic expectations on the newer animal to behave like the older one.

Pear Essence for Animals: Peacefulness

Pear Essence helps restore peace to a distraught, disturbed, or injured animal. Thus it is the essence of choice in emergencies and a must for your first-aid kit. If you must board your puppy during a vacation, new people and foreign environments indicate the need for Pear. This essence is excellent for calming a pacing horse. And for any animal whose pregnancy is nearing term, throughout labor, and several days afterward, Pear provides noticeable benefits. We have received more testimonials from pet owners over the years about Pear than any other essence.

Pets, like people, thrive on regularity, security, and stability. Add these conditions to their lives, along with Pear Essence for upsets and accidents, and they may spend many fruitful years with you. Animals can suffer immensely when the familiar and comfortable are removed from their routines. Any break in an animal’s familiar schedule, large or small, can cause him anxiety. Anything from moving to a new location to a change in feeding cycles can be disturbing and stressful to them. Thus a consistent schedule contributes to optimum well-being, which is apparent through sleek coats, healthy gums and teeth, strong bones, shining eyes, and a natural interest and curiosity in their environment.

It is quite common for panic, treatable with Pear, to accompany a livestock ranch’s yearly roundup. Amidst a climate of general chaos and dis-
orientation, the calves are separated from their mothers for the routine 
cattle branding, dehorning, and castration. Last spring, a woman visiting a ranch during roundup time “just happened” to be carrying a bottle of Pear in her pocket. She poured the remedy into the calves’ watering troughs. Within one hour—longer than usual for results, since not all the calves drank immediately—she observed that they had all settled down. Her comments: “This is completely unusual; I have never witnessed this calming before.” Normally, the calves would remain restless and inconsolable until the procedure was completed.

Injured pets who must be left overnight at an animal hospital, separated from their owners and subjected to the sight, sound, and smell of foreign animals, may find comfort in Pear Essence. Also, after surgery, as well as several days before, is an excellent time for Pear, as Thomas’s story illustrates. When only a year old, this little poodle was attacked and severely bitten by a larger farm dog. Nearly dying on the operating table had caused additional shock and trauma to his body. Upon returning home, Thomas remained listless and practically unmoving. Twenty-four hours after being placed on Pear, he resumed eating and drinking as well as playing—a recovery time cut in half. Now in excellent health and spirits, this spunky little dog is five years of age.

If your pet becomes ill, Pear provides a calming effect and thus allows other medications or therapies to work more effectively. One woman reported dramatic Pear results for her tabby. The cat had experienced severe muscle spasms following a cycle of antibiotics for cystitis. “Many times that night, we thought she would go,” the woman explained. “Pear brought her out of the spasms and calmed her down almost instantly.” In this case, Pear prevented further upset from the disturbing symptoms.

Six-year-old Tramps, a mixed breed of dog, received relief from Pear after a stomach tumor had left him lethargic—neither eating, drinking, nor evacuating. His gums had turned white, and he could only drink water through a turkey baster. A worried owner interpreted Tramps’s walking-off-into-the-woods behavior to mean that his time was near. “Since putting him on Pear,” he reported, “he’s gone from not being able to move to sitting up. Before Pear, he was breathing so shallowly that we thought he had died.” Some days later, I heard that Tramps was back to his old self—eating, drinking, and eliminating as usual. Although still unable to stand, he could at least manage to roll over.

Often animals suffer without showing it. One reason they adapt to, or hide, their pain so well is purely instinctual—to expose weakness in the wild virtually guarantees attack by predators. Pear may be administered to an animal whether it is conscious or unconscious. Many pet owners carry this remedy with them in case of emergency. Panic, anxiety, and disorientation are commonly treatable symptoms in a crisis where time may be of the essence. As mentioned earlier, Pear also nicely supplements medical care for your pet without causing conflict or contraindications. Do be sure, however, to choose a method of application which will neither alarm nor disturb your pet—a light misting, for instance, versus rubbing the essence into his gums, which may be too invasive for a traumatized animal and dangerous for you.

How to treat the common behavioral problem of biting? Fish, a sleek black nine-year-old house cat, responded almost instantly to Pear Essence. “She goes on overdrive,” her owner had observed over the years. “She bites when she’s overstimulated, mad, or frustrated. I suspect bad weaning is partly responsible. Also, she was queen of the house until I brought in other cats.” Since biting, in her case, was attributed to conflict—disturbance of routine as a kitten (improper weaning), displacement in the household (other pets brought into the picture), and moving to a new house—Fish was given Pear Essence. (Had the biting been a fear-based reaction, I would suggest Tomato; had it been a weaning issue alone, Peach; and for jealousy, feeling left out, or vying for attention, Grape.) Thus, Fish provides us with a prime example of the basic precept of flower essences: Treat the personality and not the symptoms; address the individual and not the disease.

Animal trainers, breeders, veterinarians, and herbalists report using Pear Essence with many cats, dogs, and other animals. They find that results are powerful and immediate. As a first-aid remedy, Pear is useful both indoors and outside for scrapes, bruises, falls, bites, stings, and burns. Pear is restorative and calming to both wild and domestic animals.

And if it is your pet’s time to die, Pear Essence, the “rest in peace” remedy, can help calm him at the time of his passing. (Information on bereavement for a pet’s passing can be found in chapter 7.)

Pear Essence for Pet Owners: Peacefulness

Pear is indicated for a pet owner in times of trauma. For accidents, illness, and surgeries, this remedy may be of great assistance. Also, when an owner is in crisis brought on by his pet’s injuries, Pear Essence can calm everyone intimately involved. We are more helpful to our injured animal with our own peace of mind restored and operative. Thus, Pear is an excellent essence for pets and their owners to take at the same time. And remember, one needn’t be a total “basket case” to benefit from Pear. Even feeling a bit off balance or out of sorts is enough reason to take this important remedy.

For owners who are quarrelsome, anxious, disturbed in some way, or antagonistic to others, Pear Essence offers a sense of peacefulness. When people have to face difficult situations that cause them distress, this herbal tincture can be greatly pacifying. For some people, visiting relatives can be traumatic; for others, asking for a raise at the office is upsetting. Whatever the cause, the effect is the same: loss of peace of mind.

Even a stressful day of running errands can indicate a need for Pear Essence. Anything that negatively influences us, either physically or emotionally, can cause further upset if the process is not halted. With peace restored, problems cease to exist—in our minds, if not outwardly.

Pineapple Essence for Animals: Self-assuredness

Pineapple Essence assists pets who are insecure and need a stronger sense of their own identity and placement in a household, especially where children or other animals are involved. An animal’s sense of smell is many times more acute than ours; if he is moved to a new home where the scent of other pets lingers, he may require time to connect and claim it as his new territory.

Animals may faintly sense the former pets’ presence and possibly their desire to return. Cats especially have difficulty with change and need some time to reorient themselves and settle into their new environment. They will be initially exploratory, cautious, and even afraid. Pineapple helps them to “land” in their new environs.

Animals who have grown up in kennels or foster homes will also benefit from Pineapple Essence. In fact, this remedy is good for any pet raised in an environment that is temporary until he can be placed elsewhere.

Pineapple Essence will also support your pet’s healthy sense of pride in his accomplishments. His need for praise may indicate a previously unsupportive home, although it can also stem from his desire to simply be acknowledged. We cannot praise our animals too highly or too often. They love it—and the same principle, in fact, applies to people. The dog who races from side to side on the porch when the owner returns and the cat who lays his spoils of the hunt at the doorstep are both expressing a desire for approval. Pineapple Essence provides this confirmation of their skills.

Sometimes an animal’s orientation in his home or on his property can be undermined through poor care or training from a previous owner. Pineapple Essence can help this pet reestablish his confidence. Excellent for show animals, this remedy helps an animal do his best in competitions, shows, and county fairs.

For the pet who simply seems unsure of himself, Pineapple Essence is strengthening. Charlotte, a timid thirteen-year-old house cat, responded well to this remedy. Her owner explained, “I don’t know what happened to her before I got her, but she’s been a very frightened cat—afraid to go out, afraid when anybody came to visit me. Since I have been giving her the flower essence, she seems to have lost some of that fearfulness. The other day when my daughter came to visit, Charlotte didn’t run out of the house as she normally does.” Although Tomato Essence would be the obvious choice for fear, we used Pineapple Essence for Charlotte’s shying away from people who entered within her territorial boundaries. If she had not responded to the Pineapple Essence, however, Tomato would have been the next essence in her program.

When other animals on the property seem to undermine a pet’s natu-
ral sense of confidence, Pineapple Essence calmly helps him to regain his place in the hierarchy of the household. Gracie, one feline in a home of three cats, was repeatedly hesitant around the other cats, shrinking from their advances even when they were kindly ones. The evening after receiving Pineapple Essence, she resumed her place in the bedroom, even with the two other cats on the bed. When the more aggressive cat advanced on Gracie, she stood her ground, refusing to back away as before. And when the dominant cat responded with gestures of affection, Gracie behaved likewise.

Pineapple Essence for Pet Owners: Self-assuredness

The owner in need of Pineapple is basically an insecure person. He may have financial worries and be concerned about being able to support either himself or his pet. Food and basic supplies may be amply present, but there may be a shortage of pet toys and other accessories that make the pet’s life more entertaining, which is especially important for indoor animals or dogs confined to the home and yard. This situation is due not so much to the owner’s actual financial inability to supply equipment but rather to his constant fear of lack—that he will not be able to replenish his funds once they are depleted. Even individuals who have a minor or moderate lack of belief in themselves and their abilities will benefit from Pineapple Essence.

A person in the negative Pineapple state may have career problems or feel undervalued or underpaid at work. His self-doubt fosters a certain confusion about his ability to care for himself or others, including his pets. His inferiority complex will tend to magnetize the very shortage of resources that he fears. Other people get raises, he observes glumly, and have the homes and cars they want, but not him.

An insecure pet owner creates uneasy pets. Animals in the negative Pineapple state sense when their owner doesn’t know where his next meal is coming from, and since they depend on him for their sustenance, his uncertainty affects their lives. Animals will become unsure of their own abili-
ties; it may take longer to train them, or they may need to be retrained fairly often. Once the self-assured quality of Pineapple is returned to the owner’s life, everyone can relax.

Raspberry Essence for Animals: Kindheartedness

Raspberry Essence supports a pet’s natural tendency toward compassion. Animals can abandon themselves to love in ways to which people usually only aspire. Their sense of selflessness is the basis for many heroic stories of their compassion expressed, their forgiveness expounded. Horses in particular resonate with this remedy, as they have a profound ability to connect with their riders. For this reason, there are now a number of therapeutic riding centers for disturbed children.

The negative Raspberry state is characterized by a certain lack of sensitivity. Females of the Bengal cat breed, for example, are commonly known to be unforgiving and great grudge-holders. By nature strongly self-involved, cats relate everything back to themselves in an almost egoic way, for it is the ego that becomes offended when it feels slighted. Also rich in emotional fabric, these noble darlings can easily be put off or feel hurt. Grape, for feeling replaced by other cats or people, as well as Date, for getting irritated by the behavior of others in their space, all overlap in their application for felines. And since cats react so sensitively to harsh discipline, Raspberry Essence helps to heal their wounded spirits.

Animals who lash out through their behavior—be it barking, hissing, soiling, or shredding of furniture—may be asking for this essence. Pets whose play expresses a marked viciousness are, in their own way, in need of Raspberry’s help. When their actions exhibit a tangible element of resentment, Raspberry Essence helps dissolve any lingering memory of mistreatment, no matter how subtle.

If not for outright meanness, Raspberry Essence is comforting to the animal who seems to have hurt feelings. This is a common remedy for domesticated animals who are so easily and often misunderstood, even by the most sensitive of owners. Although pets as a rule do not hold on to grudges, any physical or emotional hurt can affect their behavior. Some animals will feel hurt if not given enough attention; others will 
withdraw in quiet resentment if they see more energy being given to 
other pets in the household. Even pets who seem fine can enjoy the 
extra attention that giving them an essence, and especially Raspberry, provides.

Reilley, a mixed terrier breed, showed aggressive behavior in addition to barking on a virtually nonstop basis. According to his owner, he tended to bully the other dogs in his household, until he was given Raspberry Essence. Within four days, the barking had nearly stopped. “One morning,” his owner commented, “I realized that Reilley barked but then stopped instead of barking continually. He’s a tough nut to crack. This dog was hurt when I first got him. When I began putting the drops on his head, he lowered it all the way to the floor. This is a sign of respect. When you have a difficult dog, he will look you in the eyes a lot to challenge you. If he lowers his gaze, then he’s submitting or showing respect. Reilley has always stared, always been aggressive until now.”

Raspberry Essence for Pet Owners: Kindheartedness

Raspberry-deficient owners, out of their immense kindness and connection to their pets on a heart level, will sometimes feel responsible for their pet’s pain or discomfort. “If only I had not let him out,” they might say. Self-blame serves no one. A more constructive response would be to turn the Raspberry Essence’s kindly forgiveness toward oneself.

For people who tend to be unforgiving of others, this essence is virtually imperative. Many individuals carry lifelong grudges toward their parents or other close family members that weigh them down as the years pass. Perhaps a parent was abusive, alcoholic, or otherwise neglectful. The personality defects in others are never excuses for holding grudges; they present all the more reason to forgive these parents who, themselves, were probably mistreated by their own kin. Once the people in need of Raspberry Essence learn the lesson of forgiveness, they will find others responding to them in vastly different ways—with kindness.

Owners with fiery tempers often express themselves harshly due to deeply unhealed emotional wounds. If not from parents and family, bitterness over difficult love relationships may often be the cause. Once we learn that the way we treat others matters more than how they treat us, we can begin to reclaim the state of mind we so desire—one that is loving, forgiving, and kindly.

It is important for pet owners needing Raspberry Essence to deal with these related issues; if unable to keep their emotions in check, they may vent their frustrations on their animals. Even a harsh word, to some species, can be devastating. And although this is not always the case for people in the negative Raspberry state, it is common enough to be worth mentioning.

For owners who are considering unnecessary euthanasia or any damaging and irreversible surgeries for their animals—such as declawing or debarking—in order to have their pets conform to domesticated life, Raspberry Essence is recommended. This remedy can help to open the heart’s natural compassion and encourage them to seek less drastic solutions to treatable, trainable problems.

Spinach Essence for Animals: Simplicity

Spinach can assist your pet with the many stresses resulting from domesticated life. Animals who have started out in life as strays; pets who are high-strung and prone to stress; and animals who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected, especially in early life, respond beautifully to Spinach Essence.

Imagine yourself on vacation in a foreign country where the language, customs, food, and daily routine are completely unfamiliar to you. This 
parallels the dilemma faced by domesticated animals, whose natural habitat is the rugged outdoors. Domestic life versus existence in the wild are as night and day to each other. Therefore, the more you can create the most natural environment possible for your pet, supplemented by Spinach Essence, the happier and healthier he will be.

Spinach will also help your animal companions to relax in a stressful home. As previously mentioned, veterinarians concur that animals mirror, and also absorb, the emotional climate of their household. They pick up both the positive and negative emotions in their environment. Conversely, if alcohol or other abuses are present, we will see a troubled or anxious pet. And as they are so attuned to their owners’ lives, the loss of a job, a child, or a marriage partner will be upsetting and anxiety-producing for pets in the household as well.

For the younger animal who acts older than his actual years—listless, disinterested in his surroundings, and sluggish in his digestive and eliminative habits—Spinach is an excellent aid. Please note that it is important to rule out any physical causes which may require medical attention; proper veterinary care is irreplaceable. And in addition to flower essences, all animals need a wholesome diet, exercise, rest, and love to improve the quality of their lives.

Spinach Essence is a wonderful supplement for older animals as well. For show or competition animals, including race horses, who are past their prime or have been “put out to pasture,” Spinach helps to restore their sense of playfulness, adventure, and natural propensity for exploration.

For animals who have recovered from the trauma of surgery or serious illness but have not regained their interest in life, Spinach is recommended. One little poodle who had fully recovered from an accident and resultant surgery but “wasn’t quite himself,” according to his owner, had begun acting like a much older dog. “I gave him Spinach, and he started running and running around the table and playing with his little toys. He acted like a puppy again—playing, jumping, and seeing everything as a game.” Acting old before their time is a completely correctable behavior in our pets. Our testimonials show that pets who mope and have lost their enthusiasm for life respond quickly—within mere days at most—to Spinach Essence.

Spinach Essence for Pet Owners: Simplicity

An individual lacking in the positive qualities of Spinach Essence has a strong propensity toward stress. The responsibilities of work, home, and family life will rest heavily on him, mainly due to a lack of trust that things will work out. He is the classic worrier.

Overly analytical and too much in his head, the individual needing Spinach Essence has lost the sense of rollicking fun so necessary to our physical and emotional well-being. Often, this individual has suffered through a dysfunctional childhood, colored by abuse, divorce, or alcoholism. He has had to work even harder at an early age simply to survive such an upbringing. These people have somehow lost the gift of childhood.

For this reason, they benefit enormously from sharing their lives with animals. In untold ways, pets help replenish those lost years of fun and games. A walk with the dog or even watching the goldfish for a short while will give perspective to this pet owner. It is precisely because people lacking in positive Spinach Essence qualities gain so much from caretaking pets that they can be so powerfully changed by their animals. The negative Spinach state, in other words, can be easily transformed by the right pet for this owner.

From the genus Spinacea, the tiny yellowish flowers of the bolted spinach plant emerge. Spinach is an annual of the goosefoot family, so classified for the shape of its leaves. Just as the hearty spinach plant requires a mere forty days to mature, so the negative Spinach state can be quickly dissolved in the company of fun-loving animals.

Strawberry Essence for Animals: Dignity

A lack of self-worth is a quality that does not apply to animals simply because they are not equipped with the faculty of self-consciousness. A pet will usually absorb this quality from a negative-state Strawberry owner or from being treated in ways that offend his innate and nature-given sense of dignity. Animals inherently know their worth; its absence is simply not an issue for them. Nature provides them with a healthy, adventurous sense of themselves; a keen interest in exploring; and an innate desire to aspire to a greater awareness of their inner joy.

Thus a pet’s need for this essence can often be directly linked to the attitudes of the negative-state Strawberry owner who either treats his animals, or himself, with a marked lack of respect. And how can he do otherwise when he himself feels undeserving?

Pets who are difficult to train because they are grappling with basic issues of a healthy sense of themselves, projected onto them by their caregiver, can benefit from Strawberry Essence.

Strawberry is also the essence of choice for animals who are, literally, “on their last leg” and are nearing their own passing or in the midst of a lengthy period of recuperation. When independence-affirming actions are no longer within their capability—loss of bladder or bowel control, inability to walk, needing to be fed by others, or difficulty in grooming or otherwise caring for themselves—it is time for Strawberry Essence. The quality of dignity is paramount to animals as well as people.

In the following story, we see how a flower essence can reinforce an animal’s innate sense of nobility. Although Tara, a twelve-year-old cocker spaniel, is relatively healthy, except for glaucoma and recurring bouts of bronchitis, she is a good candidate for Strawberry Essence. Called “the queen” by her loving owner, Tara “took to it immediately. She was attentive even before I opened the bottle. I know the dignity that it is giving her is excellent. I’m very thrilled with the results.”

I remember many years ago seeing a goat who had just torn off half her udder on a barbed-wire fence. Her eyes had glazed over in severe shock, as a goat’s udder is a vital anatomical center. Even so, it was with dignity that she continued grazing as though nothing had happened. Shock notwithstanding, instincts led her to a behavior that was both comforting and dignified. In this particular case, Pear would be the first essence in the goat’s program, followed by Strawberry to help her ground herself once again.

Also, circumstances in the owner’s life such as divorce or the leaving of a partner, or simply living in a household where the family is going through difficult times relating to one another, can warrant the pet’s need for Strawberry Essence. These, too, are conditions that can destabilize an animal.

As Strawberry is the essence for grounding, it is helpful for pets who somehow feel that the ground has been taken out from under them. Cats, being especially territorial, are prime candidates for this essence. Any time they feel their space is threatened is an excellent time for this remedy, such as when other cats or animals are brought into the home or onto the property. Cleo, a large, bushy Persian cat, is a prime example. This feline was required to spend time in a household with a younger kitten, due to being boarded with a friend while her owner was absent on long business trips. Cleo expressed her sense of uprootedness by demanding attention from the owner, pushing the kitten out of bed, and bossing her away from the food bowls at mealtime. After two days on Strawberry, Cleo was sleeping in the same bed with the kitten, and the two were well on their way to becoming good friends.

Also, for pets who are simply needing to be more grounded in their bodies, Strawberry Essence is indicated. And whereas Avocado Essence will help animals achieve better mental presence, Strawberry offers an ability to be more solid in their personalities. Lucas, a three-year-old tabby tomcat, is a case in point. After one day on Strawberry Essence, he no longer ran from the sounds of rattling pans or people walking back and forth upstairs in his home. His owner described him as “more solid, stable, present, and confident.”

Strawberry Essence for Pet Owners: Dignity

A Strawberry-deficient owner has difficulty seeing the nobility in anyone, including himself. The sad point here is that many people desperately need this essence, both in this country and globally. The reason so many people live unfulfilled lives is simply because they themselves feel they do not deserve to live otherwise. When I consult with clients, I find the need for this remedy surfacing repeatedly.

Strawberry-deficient owners often come from troubled homes themselves and have not been raised by role models who supported their sense of self-worth during their formative years. The beauty of this essence is its ability to mirror this lost dignity back to the owner. Pets can reflect back to an owner a glorious self-image of his own worthiness. For just as pets live in a sense of their place in this world, so do pet owners harbor an innate quality of expansiveness through the act of bringing pets into their lives.

Somewhat like Raspberry Essence for self-blame, Strawberry addresses the state of guilt. The difference between the two is subtle yet distinguishable. Blaming oneself is wasted regret; guilt is a sense of innate worthlessness. Both mental states have something in common—they are both a waste of time, are nonproductive, and prevent one from taking positive action when it is needed.

One pet owner shared that she blamed herself for the death of her cat. Seeing her cat across the street, she had opened the front door to let him in. While racing across the street, he was hit by a car. Finding him dead the next day in the neighbor’s backyard, she spent two days torturing herself with guilt, feeling that she was responsible for his death—first, by opening the front door, and second, for not finding him soon enough to see that he received the care he required from the injury. She reported that Strawberry Essence was “like a balm for the heart.”

Tomato Essence for Animals: Strength, courage

Tomato Essence is beneficial for any fear-based behaviors of either known or unknown origin. It is especially helpful for younger pets. The earlier in life they can learn attitudes of fearlessness—not to be confused with foolishness—the better.

One of my favorite “courage remedy” stories involves a longhaired gray tabby named Grasshopper who was given essences during her pregnancy. For a cat whose typical recreation consisted of chasing the deer out of the front yard where they regularly dined on fresh table scraps, her skittish behavior during pregnancy seemed clearly out of character. Any abrupt or piercing sounds made Grasshopper jump—the door inadvertently slamming, logs shifting in the fireplace, or loud voices echoing from the next room. Responding almost immediately to her “fear essence,” Grasshopper completed the remainder of her pregnancy in a state of calm contentment. Some weeks later three of the most courageous kittens I have ever encountered were born. Usually the sound of a broom or vacuum is disturbing to newborns, but these kittens were extraordinarily fearless. To them, housecleaning implements were just another game. Oftentimes, too, little ones will dig their claws into the carpet when being lifted up. Not so with these kittens.

Visits to the vet are excellent opportunities to give Tomato to your cat, dog, or other pet. The sights, sounds, and smells of other unfamiliar animals, themselves afraid, can be frightening to your pet. If the visit is warranted by the need for emergency treatment, Pear is indicated as well, given alternately with Tomato rather than at the same time.

Many domesticated animals are traumatized by city life, a far cry from the feral existence of their ancestors. The sensory input to which we are so accustomed can easily evoke fear, or even terror, in our pets. These responses indicate the need for Tomato Essence. Some species, and particular animals within them, will handle transportation and relocation better than others. For cats in general, a move can be a severely traumatic experience. Unlike dogs, who are primarily people-oriented and thus coined “man’s best friend,” cats connect more to their environment. And for animals frightened in transport or refusing to enter a kennel, cage, or stall, Tomato proves calming and comforting.

Penny’s story exemplifies the benefits of Tomato. Rescued by a kindly new owner from the animal shelter, this mixed breed of dog sported one bruised eye, several missing teeth, and patches of fur absent from her coat. Her behavioral symptoms included a fear of children and sounds such as doorbells and loud parties. Penny’s first days in her new home were spent solely in eating and sleeping. Within days of being given Tomato Essence, she became more alert and assertive. Fear symptoms disappeared from her behavior. “Penny has since become a regular little guard dog,” her owner reported, “barking when someone knocks at the door and patrolling the garden. She has also befriended the neighbor’s dog. Before the Tomato Essence, noises would cause her to shake, panic, and act as if the world were about to end.”

For animals bullied by other pets in the household or barnyard and who become withdrawn or fearful, Tomato proves strengthening (see Grape for tempering aggressive animals). Especially if food bowls are shared and the timid pet is not allowed his portion by the more aggressive animal, it is time for Tomato. This essence is also reinforcing for any animal born the runt of the litter. For the little pet who can’t hold his own or stand up for himself with his siblings, Tomato can help him to be less fearful and to find his rightful and respected place in the pecking order or hierarchy of the home.

For the pet who is cowering, skittish, or easily spooked, the gentle action of Tomato Essence affords clear, and often remarkable, results. A four-year-old black Lab’s story typifies this remedy’s application. Sammy had been fearful of virtually everything and everyone since being retrieved from the pound as a young dog. When Sammy and I first met, her owner had already wanted for quite some time to give her away or take her back to the pound to be put down—whichever she found easier. “I don’t have time for you” was the underlying message to Sammy, who was then boarded with the woman’s relatives.

Barking was but one of Sammy’s many behavioral problems, which her owner had previously treated with a shock collar. After a time, however, this approach proved ineffective. (Such methods, at best, merely skirt the underlying cause of an animal’s troubled behavior, which is exactly where the power and beauty of flower essence treatment lies.) On repeated occasions, the neighbors’ loud voices would trigger Sammy’s even louder barking, with resultant complaints from other neighbors. A single dosage of Tomato essence, gently rubbed into her gums, quieted her within minutes. The problem, I am told, has not repeated itself.

Sometimes animals will attack out of fear and an instinctive sense of self-preservation. With horses in particular, their best defense is an offensive attack to protect their sensitive underbellies from possible predators. Tomato Essence will not eliminate an animal’s common-sense need to defend itself, but it will help prevent any excessive or unnecessary fear. Fear of the outdoors or of new experiences in general is treatable with this remedy as well.

Tomato need not be administered for fear alone but also simply to strengthen your pet. For animals whose jobs include guarding and serving people, such as seeing-eye dogs and police dogs, this essence is useful.

Also, for animals who express anxiety during electrical storms and other extreme weather conditions and harsh seasons, this essence is indicated. Many are the fears that your pet may experience—some of them described in this section. Tomato is an important remedy to have on hand to fortify his inherent strength in the face of life’s daily hardships, dangers, and difficulties.

Tomato Essence for Pet Owners: Strength, courage

Those in the negative Tomato state are fearful rather than worried, and weak rather than simply hesitant. A vast array of fears can attack us—of known and unknown causes—of events that have frightened us earlier in our lives, of experiences that have been painful in the past and present themselves again for us to face. Sometimes we may become overwhelmed by too many difficulties at once, or we are simply afraid to tackle the tests that lie before us.

Tomato-type challenges can be great or small in nature, frequently recurring or one-time-only tests. Either way, the lesson they present is to realize that we are inherently powerful and fearless and to bravely face any challenge, no matter how looming or difficult it appears. Fear of accidents, of flying in planes, of natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods all indicate a need for Tomato Essence.

Tomato also addresses issues of addiction to smoking, to overeating, and even to remaining in an unhealthy relationship. The pet owner in need of this remedy may have to develop his faculty of willpower to overcome his faults lest they impair the harmony of the household. If this essence is seriously needed for the owner, it will often be reflected in the troubled behavior of pets in the same home.

The Tomato-deficient pet owner needs to address his issues as best he can, with the support of this remedy. Otherwise he may easily pass his fears on to the animals in his household. Our pets are living conduits of our energy, thoughts, and emotions. The healthier we are, the happier they will be.

The tomato plant was once grown for its ornamental beauty alone. Throughout history, it acquired a reputation—biochemically unjustified—as an aphrodisiac and thus received the title of “love apple.” In the non-lusty sense of loving, we could say that the tomato, in flower essence form, 
carries a message of the ability to love heroically.

In Conclusion

“Man is related to all nature,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson. Mother Nature, in her kindness, has given us remedies for our ills. This world, it seems, is determined to set us off balance and out of sorts with Nature’s strength and beauty. Through the study of plot-essence application for pets and animal enthusiasts, the importance of flower essences becomes increasingly apparent. It is here that we see the value of these remedies in restoring positive states once they are lost. The suffering of an animal that we love is surpassed in intensity by few things in our lives. We needn’t worry; help is on the way through our love combined with the loving use of Nature’s apothecary. With the tools of flower essences, we can set about making our animals more comfortable and, ideally, help them return to their natural state of balance.