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Coconut – The Uplifter

Coconut — The Uplifter

By Lila Devi, Founder/Director of Spirit in Nature’s Flower Essences since 1977
(originally appeared in Vibration Magazine: The Journal of Vibrational and Flower Essences, August 2003 issue)

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Note: This is an excerpt from The Essential Flower Essence Handbook, published by Hay House, ©1996 by Lila Devi, maker of Spirit in Nature’s Flower Essences. Coconut essence is from Spirit in Nature’s Flower Essences.

“Taking the Coconut was truly amazing. If a remedy’s going to do something, I’ll feel it right away. My spine straightened. There was a sense of ‘nothing daunts me.’ I noticed that my voice is stronger in contrast to my usual timid self. Now I am straightforward instead of avoiding issues. Also, I felt taller!”

NL, London, England

About twenty years are required for the coconut palm tree to reach a state of full bearing — a perfect symbol for Coconut essence’s quality of perseverance. “Patience, endurance attaineth to all,” promised the Spanish saint, Teresa of Avila. Coconut helps us commit to resolutions and solutions — and believe that they are here to be found.

The positive Coconut state is splendid for completing tasks. We live in an age when one’s word means so little. We make promises and then break them. We start projects and then quit. In a recent Broadway play-turned-film, the female lead confessed to her friend that she had once been married. “How long?” he asked. “Oh, I don’t know,” she replied, “but it seemed like weeks.” A joke, yes, but a sad one revealing a certain lack of commitment and the express need for Coconut.

An individual living the positive message of Coconut understands the value of seeing a challenge through to its conclusion, no matter how difficult or inconvenient it might be. Coconut is the answer to our shakiness and lack of commitment. If we look symbolically at the coconut — the hard shell representing the body, the meaty pulp the mind, and the subtly sweet milk as the soul — we find a perfect metaphor for the positive Coconut state: integration. “A tough nut to crack,” Coconut rewards our efforts with superconsciousness.The defeatist attitude paraphrases a major Coconut trait. Coconut’s solution: simply, don’t give up. This essence addresses neither Strawberry’s self-doubt nor Pineapple’s lack of confidence, but rather a mere lack of committed energy. The conscious decision simply to give up or, worse yet, never to begin, portrays the negative Coconut state. As W.C. Fields comically advised, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. No use being a damned fool about it.” An unmistakable cry for Coconut!

The negative Coconut state manifests as procrastination; making excuses; unwillingness; or any form of escapism to avoid getting the job done. “My husband had put off repairing our furniture for so long (a year or more) that I finally gave up on him,” wrote Darlene. “Then I remembered Coconut. You should see our living room now! I’m proud to show it off to anyone who visits.”

There is a folk saying that whoever plants a coconut tree plants vessels and clothing, food and drink, a habitation for himself, and a heritage for his children. What other delicacy from the plant kingdom can make such claims? Likewise, the quality of upliftment, proffered through the tiny coconut flower, is equally all-encompassing. And the coconut, growing as high as eighty feet above the ground, is itself a symbol of elevated, uplifting qualities. Coconut essence, then, offers us a path out of suffering and into joy; through the dark forest of trials and into the light of freedom.

Coconut presents us with the example of a strong, steady energy. It vibrationally speaks of living fully in the moment, being willing to take risks, and doing what we know to be the right thing, whether it “feels” good or not. The reward for our “stick-to-it-iveness” is upliftment in which, by our efforts, we are raised to a higher level of awareness. Coconut’s message is to honor that “divinity which stirs within us.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lila Devi is founder and director of Spirit in Nature’s Flower Essences since 1977, the oldest essence line outside the UK. She is also the author of The Essential Flower Essence Handbook and Flower Essences for Animals. Also available on this site are homestudy courses and product information.

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