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Flower Essences for Dogs

Flower essences for dogs are a time-tested approach to natural pet care. Common problems are: inappropriate barking, separation anxiety, aggression, previous abuse, and inability to train. Owners who use flower essences for dogs see the beauty of their pets’ personalities shine.

Flower essences for dogs awaken their innate wisdom and happiness.



“I gave Tomato Essence to both my fear-based dachshunds. Libby responded really well and now has no fear. In literally three days, Ozzie is much calmer on Date Essence. He still barks at strange noises or strangers, but it’s not the fanatical barking.”

– L.W., USA

“I give my dog Peach Essence to help with her over-possessiveness and Fig to help her be flexible about the time I spend with my other dogs. The results are amazing, and she is a much more happy and balanced dog.”

– Haley Howard, SiNE Course Student

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