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Cat Behavior Problems

True to their species, felines respond beautifully to flower essences. Cat behavior problems can be diminished or deleted with the wise use of these remedies. Common issues are: litter box issues, trouble traveling, boredom, aloofness, aggression, multiple cat/pet difficulties, and scratching/biting/suckling. Try these essences and watch your cat behavior problems respond.


“Our cat Tina has definitely responded to Coconut Essence. She doesn’t hiss every time she is approached and she has taken to purring.”
– S.B., California

“My cat’s behavior problem: After having her for three weeks, she started sucking on everything, not just clothing. Your Peach Essence is amazing, how quickly it works.”
– M.S., Idaho

“What a wonderful surprise: I started using Orange Essence on my new orange cat who used to lunge at everyone. Now he’s calmed down quite a bit.”
– M.D., Cat Shelter Manager

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