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NEW from Lila Devi:
From Bagels to Curry

by Lila Devi
A spiritual memoir (her fourth book, and the first not about flower essences). Here, the founder of Spirit-in-Nature Essences shares a more personal journey with universal undertones–from formal religion to spirituality.

From Bagels to Curry

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Flower Essences for Grief, Loss, and Loving an Impossible, Outrageous Parent

Children’s Picture Book:
Bradley Banana and The Jolly Good Pirate

by Lila Devi
Illustrated by Chitra Sudhakaran
36 pages, hardcover laminate, full color, 8-1/2×11″, $21.95

Flower Essence Handbook

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The Essential Flower Essence Handbook:
for Perfect Well-Being

Newly revised edition (also in Italian, Japanese, English in India, Czech, and Romanian)

and used by Doctors Across Borders to train their physicians about flower essences. (DAB are holistic medical doctors who employ both allopathic and alternative treatments, mainly working in South African rural areas for “The Forgotten People” – the ill, the orphaned, and the elderly.)

Featuring Spirit-in-Nature (formerly Master’s Flower) Essences
by Lila Devi
347 pages, $19.95 softcover

Flower Essence Handbook

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The secret healing power of flowers as never before chronicled. Lila Devi weaves an entertaining and practical overview ideal for seasoned natural health practitioners and those just learning about flower essences. more…

Flower Essences for Animals:
Remedies for Helping the Pets You Love

(also in Japanese)
by Lila Devi
272 pages, $14.95 softcover

Flower Essences For Animals

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Flower Essences for Animals presents a bird’s eye view into the animal kingdom. It pays homage at the feet, paws, and hooves of our animal friends by offering a treasury of practical tools for enhancing the quality of their lives. more…


About the Author

Lila Devi
has lived in California’s Sierra Nevada foothills for over 30 years amidst cats, goats, and deer — and an occasional bear, rattlesnake, and mountain lion. Founder and director of the Spirit-in-Nature Essences, she has lectured extensively both nationally and abroad. Lila received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and psychology along with a secondary education teaching certificate from the University
of Michigan.

“I highly recommend From Bagels to Curry. It weaves together two different worlds by showing the underlying unity. In the process, the reader gains a deeper understanding of the human heart. In From Bagels to Curry, Ms. Devi’s Jewish family and yogic community are blended together in a delightful way. It is a little like wandering into a slightly bizarre delicatessen with bagels and lox interspersed with curries and samosas.”

—Nayaswami Jyotish Novak, author, including Meditation Therapy, and spiritual director of Ananda Village


“This book has really good words (Bradley Banana and the Jolly Good Pirate).”

—Noah, 6 years old


“This wonderful book magically reveals the secret healing powers of flowers. Filled with fascinating stories, The Essential Flower Essence Handbook is an enjoyable and thought-provoking read.”

—Joseph Cornell, author of Sharing Nature with Children


“The best and most comprehensive book (The Essential Flower Essence Handbook) in a very competitive field.”

—Michael Van Meter, Royal Publications


“The look and organization of The Handbook are both first rate. The writing is superior to very work in this and associated fields that I have read.“

—Joanne Aldrich, Wholistic Nutritional Consultant


“Easy to read and practical. A must for the natural health practitioner.”

—Jeffrey R. Cram, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and Researcher in Applied Psychophysiology


“I’m so happy about Flower Essences for Animals – delighted with it. It will be saving animals’ lives and educating people.”

—Sonya Fitzpatrick, Author of What the Animals Tell Me from The Pet Psychic television show