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Tomato Flower Essence: For Choosing Your Battles

Carolina 12 yearsEach of the 20 Spirit-in-Nature Essences has both a concise (several words or less) and an expanded definition (a full 10-page chapter in The Essential Flower Essence Handbook). Beyond them both is that place “outside the box” where Tomato Essence, for example, represents and expresses something completely different, something unexpected. When we are in the positive Tomato state, we radiate the basic qualities of mental strength, courage, and perseverance. In many cases, Tomato Essence is about being a lighthouse of inspiration to others; overcoming judgmental attitudes, even when others may give us just cause to do so; or choosing not to need to defend ourselves even when we feel rightfully mistreated but instead remain strong in our convictions. In other words, this flower essence can help you to choose your battles.

Tomato 6Tomato Essence supports our use of our strengths. It helps us to keep our word, to break bad habits no matter how longstanding, and to stand up for what you believe in. To one strong in this flower essence, obstacles and opposition do not exist—or if they do, they are minimized.  Tomato can help you to rid yourself of old issues and ways of being that no longer serve you, no matter how habitual they have become. Smoking as a peace-giving mechanism and comfort eating to fill an emotional emptiness are 2 examples.

Tomato Essence will strengthen and empower you to be a channel for the qualities you choose to give energy to—and hence to choose your battles.

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