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Tomato Flower Essence and the Scoop on Serious Addictive Behaviors

tomato-blog“I have decided to stay on the Tomato Essence for a while longer because it is really helping me, wrote Jillian, a real estate agent living south of London.

“I finished Tomato Essence, it took a little while. I confronted many things with courage and faith,” Annalisa wrote in Italian from Florence.

The flower essence prepared from the bright yellow blossoms of tomato plants in the warmth of the summer months when they reach full bloom, contains the properties of mental strength, endurance, and courage. These are all qualities present in the human will. At the same time, this is one of our 3 most used flower essences, as it addresses fear, weakness, and a need for greater stamina.

One of the greatest usurpers of the human will is addiction. And while Tomato Essence might be called a “will-strengthener,” we recommend medical attention for serious addiction issues.

In a talk with addiction counselor Gregg Benson, he shares:

“Addiction (neurophysiological brain disease) involves the adaptations of the whole neurophysiological system, especially the reward system, to function normally in the presence of the substance or not. The system cannot function without the substance. Even 30 years later, addicts may still have urges or triggers that pop out of nowhere. These people have to develop a support network, a place with intuitive understanding of their struggles. Maybe they haven’t learned the skill sets to deal with their addictions or perhaps have regressed through a lack of action.

“Here’s an example. A 15-year-old boy who’s scared to ask a girl out drinks beer for courage, that affects the prefrontal lobes. The beer acts as a positive reinforcement. What will he do? Maybe he’ll drink more to relax and behave convivially, thus relying on an external source to afford him the right behavior. This single element changes the relationship to a drug experience, not a social interaction.

Then the girl says, ‘Why do you drink when we go out? I don’t want that.’ She breaks off the relationship, he gets upset, and he drowns his sorrows. There’s a shift in the relationship with drugs that’s not just having wine with dinner for fun. Here we see the boy having to ‘pre-game’ with drugs to function. The earlier it happens, the harder with more association it becomes to break the habit. Actually, a good diet can help. Alcohol depletes body of nutrients. It is a hypnotic, sedative, anesthetic drug. It puts the brain to sleep in the same way as anesthesia works in surgery.”

tomato-flowerWhy do people get trapped in addictive behaviors? One addiction specialist, a medical doctor, explains: “They prefer the addictive state to reality.” The moral of this story, or blog, is obvious. Take care of yourself. Take Tomato Essence preemptively. Build on your strength, courage, and endurance, and enjoy every moment of your life.

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