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The Great Grape Balm: The Flower Essence for Love

“On Grape Essence, I experienced an increase in awareness,” a client named Dena shared recently. “I saw I wasn’t in my heart with my husband and couldn’t be compassionate toward him.”

Dena began sharing what turned out to be “the tip of the iceberg” of a longterm loveless life, not to mention her marriage. Her childhood included a mother who never gave her any positive feedback. No love. No support. Zero nurturing. Sadly, any physical contact she received from her mother was delivered in the form of abuse.

Once she began using Grape Essence (simply, for love), she reported that “my heart would soften and open. I didn’t get it back in my childhood, but I’m getting it now. My whole life was like that,” Dena continued. “Because of my sensitivity, when someone would withdraw their love from me, I withdrew in response and energetically left that person. I’ve behaved this way with relationships all my life, including with my husband. It will be hard, but I know I have to reconcile with him. I saw that I’ve been closing my heart and it’s destroying me.

“I’ve tried so hard all my life to please people and to get their positive feedback—in other words, the support I never got from my mother. Whenever I felt they weren’t loving me, I would pull back and tell myself that I didn’t deserve to be loved, that I was unworthy. My mother never loved me, never praised me or valued me. Other people just confirmed how Mom treated me, I see this now thanks to Grape Essence. It is we ourselves who erect barriers for the rest of our lives with our own thought forms of unworthiness.

“I was desperate to reach this state of awareness and then this breakthough came.”

Dena, who is 70 years old, now says, “I want to end this life on a good note with an open, loving heart and will do whatever I need to do to get there.”

What can we do to follow Dena’s example and fill the cup of our life with love?

  1. Let go of the past consciously, especially if it’s been problematic or dysfunctional.
  2. Decide to give the love to others that you want to receive.
  3. Grape Essence can help you to develop selfless love for everyone.
  4. Don’t wait in the hope that others will love you.
  5. Understand that, to live a full life, our hearts’ feelings must be awakened.

“The great Grape balm” can help you to keep your heart open—and most of all to realize that the love you seek already resides within you. To quote The Essential Flower Essence Handbook’s Grape Essence chapter:

Grape thereby helps us remove the veil of emotional poverty that steals over us at times and to heal that dryness of the heart that arises from the many sorrows that life lays at our feet. This essence helps to uncover our heart’s natural ability to love and in so doing, to forget ourselves in the process to the point where the lover, the beloved and the act of loving become as one. Love, ‘the rewarder,’ is its own reward.”

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