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Pineapple Flower Essence: It’s Never Too Late to Re-invent Yourself

Sandra was not a likely candidate for a flower essence program that included Pineapple Essence for self-assurance.

Eighty-six years old and widowed for the last 27 years, she’d been plagued with infirmities that caused her distress – macular degeneration in one eye that made reading and writing almost impossible and lifelong Reynaud’s Syndrome that had worsened with age.

About This Flower Essence

The pineapple plant is both fascinating and unusual. A lavender to purple to bright red stalk-like flower grows in its starting stage. Once it flowers, the pineapple is created, much as we gain competence when forming our sense of identity.

In the Essence Spectrum Chart, Pineapple Essence is placed in Quadrant II, symbolized by the qualities of summertime when fruits begin to ripen and adorn the kitchen table, as well as the adolescent years when one begins to develop a stronger sense of self.

This flower essence centers on the theme of magnetism. In a state of self-confidence, where one esteems oneself in positive and expansive ways, we can draw to ourselves the conditions we wish to manifest in our lives. A raise at work, a worthy partner, and satisfying relationships with friends and family: these situations and more can, and will, come to us when we understand the universal principle of magnetism—that we draw to ourselves according to what we broadcast.

Back to Sandra

Four days after Sandra’s husband retired from his post as a university professor, he keeled over with a heart attack. It took her 5 years to recover from the shock of his sudden passing. Although she was happy to remarry, the right guy, she said, never came along.

Other than that, her days were filled with happy children and well-adjusted grandchildren, all of whom she adored. “I wish you could be here to see them,” she added.

But life was drudgery. There was nothing to look forward to. Nothing to spark her interest or to make one day look different from another.

Much to both our surprise, Sandra’s first flower essence program included Pineapple Essence that, as I explained by phone, usually manifests for people wanting a raise at work, teens going through identity-forming years, and adults who want to express their creativity and have their voice be heard. Yet none of these situations applied to Sandra.

On a deeper level, she was seeking meaning in these last years of her life, no matter how many remained. It’s never too late to re-invent yourself with Pineapple Essence. All too often, and too easily, we identify with our infirmities, either physically or emotionally, and sometimes both. In Sandra’s case, she had allowed her physical symptoms to define her. Pineapple Essence, as explained in Chapter 17 of The Essential Flower Essence Handbook, states:

“’This above all,’ immortalized Shakespeare, ‘to thine own self be true.’ How timelessly this quote summarizes Pineapple. In knowing ourselves, we know truth; and in that knowledge, we become truly free.”

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