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Peach Flower Essence for Unselfishness: Depleted or Fulfilled Through Giving to Others?

I worked recently with a client who shared that, in giving of her time and energy, she was left feeling depleted instead of fulfilled.

“I still feel alone and empty,” the woman admitted. How does this resonate with the vibrational message of Peach Essence for unselfishness?

We pursued the subject further and uncovered seeds of insight from her childhood. The woman came from a dysfunctional, or unloving, home. She felt the need to win the love of her parents, especially her mother – a love that was absent. “If only I could please them,” she said, “and be what they wanted me to be – then I would have felt fulfilled.”

From childhood, she learned that if she gave to her parents what she felt they needed, they would give her love in return – the love she craved and felt lacking in the home. “If only I could get better grades in school, my parents would love me.” “If I could be the perfect child, then they would somehow become the perfect parents.”

Decades later, this same woman, during a flower essence consultation, introspected that she had learned an important lesson: those tactics had failed to bring her the love she wanted. She had depleted and exhausted herself by “giving to get.”

And she had continued with that same pattern in her friendships as well as in a broken marriage – to a man who, of course, was never pleased with her efforts to win his love. In him, she had magnetized to herself someone to play out the her childhood patterns instead of someone with whom she could share a deep and joyfully giving love.

On a broader scale, to quote from The Handbook’s Peach Essence chapter:

“Certainly we would all agree that we are living in hard times— economically, environmentally, and politically. Clearly, our world is suffering.

“More than ever, we see the need for the nurturing love epitomized by the archetypal mother. Isn’t it the responsibility of each of us, then, to emulate this quality? ‘In giving, we receive,’ echoes the essence of Peach. Through sharing, we become peacemakers.”

Perhaps (21 years after the book was first published), Peach Essence is needed in our world: in government, in war-torn countries, in sensitivity to the environment, and in the hearts of people everywhere who would benefit a hundred times more than they would lose simply by thinking of the needs of others – and of understanding the universal truth that, when we give to others, we are in fact giving back to a part of ourselves.

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