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Lettuce Flower Essence for a Hyperactive Cat

Mila’s Letter

Hi Lila,Blossom in Tree

Hope you’re doing great.

My client has four cats. One of them is very playful, active, and high-strung. I gave her Lettuce essence a week ago. My client has been giving Lettuce to Gabby (the cat) for a week, and observed very opposite effect of Lettuce suppose to do. Instead of giving Gabby calmness,  Lettuce made her more talkative (demanding) and very hyper. Gabby climbed up to the tree in the house where she never been up to before ever, and seems like becoming even more high-strung than before.

Is this possible? How can I interpret it? Have you heard anything like this before?

I appreciate your sharing your perspective.

Thank you,


Lila’s Response

Hi, Mila,

Clinical Lettuce 1ozThank you for sharing what happened when Gabby was given Lettuce Essence. The most important point with animals is that, due to not having prefrontal lobes in their brain, they are anatomically incapable of experiencing a healing crisis as humans are prone to do.

The best explanation for Gabby’s reaction lies in your actual description of her personality; playful, active, and high-strung may simply describe this cat’s personality. Flower essences, by their very nature, do not manipulate an animal’s behavior; they may, however, activate her natural sense of play. It’s possibly that Gabby is simply high-strung naturally, which is very common especially for kittens as well as cats who have not yet reached full maturity. Cats younger than 2 years old are still kittens—and “play” is their middle name!

In other words, there may be nothing to “fix” with this cat. Of course, we always want to rule out medical causes; dietary factors; and, often, in multiple households, possible personality conflicts between the animals themselves. Or, are there chemicals used in the home for cleaning that might be triggering an allergic reaction?

Here are some other factors to consider: is Gabby an indoor cat and, if so, does she have enough outlets to burn off this high level of energy? Are there any other changes or events that happened in the home this week in particular that Gabby could be responding to? For example, one woman reported last week that the first essence in her program made her violently ill. When I discussed this further with her husband and suggested that perhaps she was getting ill even before taking the flower essence, her husband concurred, saying that he too had come down with “something at the same time,” which clearly was not a result of taking essences.

It’s also possible that Gabby, much like a young child, is acting out other conflicts in the home. With animals being highly telepathic, she may be picking up on certain tensions, either between the people or other animals in the home.

The pivotal point to consider is, I believe, the first one: is this simply the cat’s personality at this stage in her life? If so, then Lettuce Essence has served her well, in her own estimation of herself, by helping to bring out more of who she truly is.

Blossom in TubLastly, one suggestion would be to give Gabby Pear Essence for 1 week, which can be excellent to help her cope with any internal energies at war within herself and to bring her to a place of peace. At the end of that first week, it is usually quite clear which is the best essence to follow with.

Please see if any of these ideas resonate with you and/or the owner. I’d love to hear back from you on this, and please give my best to all 4 cats and the owners.

In perfect well-being,


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