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Ironing with Pear Essence

Women HuggingWhile I was in Belgium visiting my family, my mother and father were very busy in the business they run and there was a very strong tension and stress noticeable, even some strong discussions and arguments. I am not home very often—a couple of days a year, actually—and when I am not in Belgium it happens sometimes that I miss my mother’s presence. So when I go to Belgium, I always look forward to spending time especially with her. We go shopping and go out for lunch, just the two of us. This particular time, though, it was even more i
mportant to be with my mother as I was going to be away for a longer period of 6 months. But the day that we were supposed to have our little quality time together, my father was in one of his moods, there were things going on in the business, and my mother was too busy to spend time with me.

I decided that, rather than waiting to see whether or not my mother was going to be able to get away, I might as well help her in some way with household chores. I was ironing my family’s laundry: my mother’s clothes, my father’s, brother’s, and mine. My mother had bought a new, super-modern, high tech iron where you add water to it for steam.
I put a few drops of Pear Essence in the iron with the water and steam-ironed an entire two baskets of laundry. After about 45 minutes, I noticed there was aromatherapy air freshener and decided to add some drops of the Pear Essence to it.SiNE-Pears 3 on Tree 2293343

Having done so, I took the dog for a walk.

When I returned, the air really felt clear and light, more peaceful. I continued ironing, and after about 10 minutes, my mother came out of her office with a big smile on her face and a very peaceful, calm energy. The change in her energy was so strong that I almost couldn’t believe it! My mother didn’t use many words to describe the transformation, which I had felt; she just expressed to me how “peaceful” she felt in the house. Then she returned to her office while I continued ironing. After another 5 minutes, she stepped out again, still very joyful and said: “Eefje (my birth name), stop ironing, I told your dad I’ve done enough for today. Let’s go shopping! Let’s go out for lunch! Let’s go spend some time together!” I just stood there staring at her, scratching my head with one hand and still ironing with the other. My dad came in and said, “You girls have a wonderful afternoon in the mall. Do you need some money?”

From the moment I put Pear Essence  in the iron and the air freshener, not even an hour had passed! I have a very skeptical nature, but that day, I felt like crying with joy and gratitude inside my heart and letting everyone know that flower essences really work!

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