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Coconut Theme/Signature Essence: Thinking in Affirmations

Lila Lalita Very Cute - CopySome time ago, I consulted with a woman who brilliantly exemplifies the strengths of Coconut Flower Essence. We define this essence simply for uplifted spiritual awareness. You might say this is the answer to all our problems—to raise our energy in the face of difficulties and see ourselves as much, much bigger energetically than the challenges we face. In this sense, it’s all a matter of perspective. You might say this flower essence is all about “thinking in affirmations.”

I am reminded of a client who has battled an aggressive form of abdominal cancer for the past 6 years. Her affirmation every morning when she awakens is, “today I will be better than yesterday.” She has already outlived former medical predictions for her remaining time left in this world. Nearly 2 years ago, she bowed out of an experimental drug trial and was told at that time that she would have only a few months left to live! My guess with her newest “life sentence” of 3 to 6 months—and that she should get her affairs in order—is that she will soon be laughing at her oncologist’s predictions.

MFE-Coconut Halved0431748Coconut Essence contains just such an approach to life. It helps us to affirm our bigness and at the same time, the littleness of even the biggest test from the perspective of our possibilities and potentials as human beings who live every day basically oblivious to the divinity within us.

But back to our client, whom we’ll call “Dora.” Dora agreed with the definition of Coconut Essence. She said:

Holland Church Steeple in City“I found in my church that I can manifest things in my life, things just work out. I even wrote them down. For example, 15 years ago after my divorce, I found a great condo. I was told I wouldn’t find anything in my price range, but I did. I’m starting to understand. You think in affirmations. It’s foreign to me to think something won’t work! Why wouldn’t it? Thinking like this isn’t always easy. Things happen to disconfirm an affirmative way of living. When that happens, I just say, ‘We’re going to get through this, something good will come out of this.’”

Thus speaks Coconut Essence!

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