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Cherry Essence for a Rescue Dog- What Joy!

“I have been caring for a 4 year old Chow Chow named Elsa at my kennel for the past 1.5 years. Elsa has been staying with us 4-5 days a week since she was adopted as a puppy mill rescue.

“I have done quite a bit of rehabilitation and training with rescued dogs, before and after their adoptions. I have seen many fearful and non-trusting dogs. Elsa has been the single most ‘shut down’ dog that I have seen. Her eyes were empty, she did not engage, she had a huge fight/flight response to any and all stimuli, and she didn’t allow anyone to walk directly behind her, always skirting off to the side.

“I spent hours just being with her, talking to her, playing music and having my other dog sit with us to show her that I could be trusted. The day that I first played the music and started the flower essences, I could see the change in her eyes. She was no longer absent, she was willing to engage, if even for brief moments.

“I found that as time went on (months) and she became more used to us and to her family, she showed that she has a very silly side. She totally bonded to her adopted brother, another Chow Chow, and would try and play. She started watching other dogs interact and appear as though she wanted to join in as well. I felt in her the desire to want to ‘cut loose,’ to simply be happy.

“If I had to look at her and think as to what her theme essence would be, I would choose Cherry Essence first and then Tomato Essence for a double theme—Tomato because of her strength and resilience at enduring such a hard beginning to her life. She was in a large puppy mill. I did use the Cherry Essence with her, starting a few months ago. This essence helped her immensely to be able to come out of her shell and feel comfortable enough to let herself show her happiness freely.

“From what I have seen, she has been wanting this deeper connection for quite a while, she just didn’t dare. She began to initiate play with her brother mostly, but occasionally her sister. Then she would bounce and play with us! This past month she finally initiated play with another dog boarding here! She runs and plays with us, plays ‘tuggy’ with her brother, knows the command ‘sit’ and is letting me hold her front paw for treats. Her fight-or-flight behavior is mostly gone, and she happily walks up to strangers to say hello.”

Thank you, Cherry Essence!

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