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Banana: The “Maybe You’re Right” Flower Essence

Mir-KalavtiApril runs a hair salon in a small town in the Midwest. Her service is excellent and her prices are a little below average. Her clientele is comprised of many repeat customers, a steady stream of word-of-mouth referrals of new customers, and an occasional drop-in client. She stays current on the latest hair-cutting fashions by periodically taking class series on the latest trends and watching online videos, even though she may not be personally inspired with the styles—to keep up with the other girls in the “bling department,” as she puts it.

SiNE-Pineapple2206218Lately, thanks to using Pineapple Essence (for self-assuredness and, in her case, abundance), she’s been giving herself raises on some of her services to match the better frequented shops in town. Her sense of competence and confidence is being strengthened through Pineapple, the “give yourself a raise” essence!

But the job is tiring.

April returns home after a full day’s work, worn out. There’s hardly time to straighten the magazines and rearrange the product displays. April’s labors bring beauty to her clients who spend their appointment time sharing with her their woes and sometimes their judgment and criticism of her. If a customer confides that Vitamin C gives her an upset stomach, for example, sometimes April gets argumentative. Though mostly, she says, she lets the client tell her story.

Banana Tree 0135360Banana is the flower essence for humility, an often misunderstood quality. Humility is the absence of an egoic need for recognition and validation. It is the presence of self-forgetfulness and self-honesty. It’s the “maybe you’re right” flower essence—meaning there is no ego involvement that needs defending. Nothing deflects an argument more than countering a verbal attack with the words, “Maybe you’re right.”

The ideal flower essence, in this situation, is Banana. Without the need to invest her own opinions that might flare into a verbal sparring match, calmness ensues.

Stay tuned next month when we’ll share with you April’s response to Banana Essence!

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