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A Healthy Dose of Charisma with Pineapple Flower Essence

People-YogaWoman570790Today’s lunch was extra-special. It’s hard to do a proper rice dish that’s vegan and full-flavored—especially since most people don’t use those words in the same phrase–but there it was, not to mention fresh seasonal melons for dessert. Catya from Slovenia came up to me as we were clearing our dishes and we talked about what her next flower essence might be.

“I’m working on something deep. I want to choose my spiritual path, and the correct one.”

Catya was currently taking Orange Essence—for enthusiasm and hope and to address deeper issues that one might need to work on or through. We debated what would be a solid follow-up essence.

She had been a yoga teacher for 10 years and carried the grace and grounding in her presence of one who is centered in her deeper, astral spine. It might seem that Pineapple Essence, for self-assuredness, would be the last essence to consider, for its ability, to help her move forward more quickly with the next step in her life. We talked about how Pineapple Essence is for charisma, building magnetism, and empowering others around us to truly know and trust themselves.

SiNE-Pineapple Fruit1355421Self-assuredness is not self-agrandizement. There is nothing innately ego-building in being center stage or in the spotlight—unless we choose to interpret it that way. Catya and I talked about how Pineapple Essence could help her to be an embodiment of each yoga pose she taught, even after she and her students had completed that particular position—in a sense, to carry with them the benefits of that pose and its subtle healing properties long beyond leaving the classroom.

“Yes,” she agreed, “I always want my students to take away something deeper from our sessions. I want them to have the tools to change their own lives.”

SiNE-Pineapples1639623Catya articulated the subtle message of Pineapple Essence and how it can do just that. She emulated a depth of spirit to in fact become the yoga postures she taught to others—to be an inspirational example of self-knowing, which is very “Pineapple.” In wordless ways, she embodied the subtle vibrational message of each pose so her students could in fact leave her classroom, saying, “I want to do that. I want to be that. It will empower me.”

Watch this 3-minute video about Pineapple Essence