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Hiker in MountainsWant to start your flower essence program? Don’t know which ones to choose? Welcome to your free Spirit-in-Nature Essences Consultation! This flower essence program is designed to help most people in most cases. Although a more specific flower essence consultation is, by nature, more custom-tailored to your specific, personal needs, this program can be beneficial in about 80% of all cases.

This 6-week program is designed to address the major challenges people face in awakening to their own perfect well-being. Peace, Love, and Strength are the qualities of the blossoms of Pear, Grape, and Tomato Essences.

Take each essence singly, for 2 weeks, which is the length of time required for actual physiological changes to manifest in the brain when new, positive attitudes are introduced. Saying an affirmation when you take your essence, in a serial program, will in most cases greatly enhance the results.

Artsy Pear#1: Pear Essence, for peacefulness. This flower essence can also help sensitize you to other essences. Think of bathing in a waterfall of pure peace, and being soothed in a sense of stability, harmony, and well-being.
AFFIRMATION: Smilingly I greet life’s difficulties, seeing all of them as gay flowers in a meadow that nod with encouragement and opportunity.

Artsy Grape#2: Grape Essence, for love and devotion. Stop waiting for love to come to you! Find it within yourself, and give it to others. Our society is rent with loneliness, alienation, and a sense of our separation from ourselves, and from each other.
AFFIRMATION: By loving all, I become whole. I need nothing, for I am ever one with Spirit!

Clinical Tomato#3: Tomato Essence, for strength and endurance. The human will is capable of blasting through most obstacles. Are you using yours to do just that? Tomato Essence is all about transmuting obstacles into opportunities!
AFFIRMATION:With strength and courage, I face all my trials!

For directions, excerpted from The Essential Flower Essence Handbook:
You may take the Stock Concentrate undiluted-two to four drops four times a day, under the tongue. Stock Concentrate may be added to water, juice or tea and sipped throughout the day, or applied topically, a few drops at a time. If flower essences are properly and hygienically prepared as described above, they will retain their potency for at least six to ten years.

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“These flower essences are very powerful. They blew me away. There is a very high level of positive energy. I’m impressed that so little can have such a powerful influence.”

– L. Bow, Retired School Teacher, Healer, Stockton, CA


from Sheryl Eaglewoman
from Sheryl Eaglewoman


“I tell ya, this is really powerful stuff. It is, when I first used it I was desperate, but with no expectations, and I changed so much. The more I’ve learned about energy and vibrations: what a beautiful unfolding! I would like to learn more.”

– Joni Steinburg, Cranial Therapist, Seattle, Washington


from Sheryl Eaglewoman
from Sheryl Eaglewoman


“Hi, just wanted to let you know the order arrived today and I could not be more happy! Wonderful books, chart, travel pouch and card deck, plus the beautiful, full set of Spirit-In-Nature Essences. I very much look forward to putting all this to good use, especially in helping our animal friends.”

– Marie Sikora, Essential Healing, Proprietor, Queensland, Australia