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Terms, Instructions and Policies of the Comprehensive Home Study Course

Terms, Instructions and Policies of the
Comprehensive Home Study Course

Comprehensive Home Study Course

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These are the Terms, Instructions and Policies for Level I of the Comprehensive Tri-Level Home Study Course. Hard copy of this same information is included in your Level I booklet. Levels II and III contain similar T.I.P.s information.

Home Study Course:

Level I/Introductory Certification

T.I.P.s (Terms/Instructions/Policies)

Welcome to the first step of two in Level I of the Spirit-in-Nature Essences Introductory Certification Program. It will familiarize you with the 20 essences in this line. Each step covers ten essences in two of the Spectrum’s Quadrants.

Lila Devi


You are allowed one full year from your enrollment date to complete each level. If you enroll in all three levels at one time (for a 10% enrollment discount), your year for the next level begins when your certificate for the completed level is mailed to you.

Depending on your personal flow of time and energy, you may want to set aside some time on a weekly basis to work on the course. Or, you may find it best to devote time on several weekends to completing your studies. Either way, choose the method of study that best suits your needs. And don’t give up–before long, you’ll be framing your certificate!



Both steps in Level I consist of essay questions. For hard copy sent by mail, please respond with typed, double-spaced 8-1/2xll” (standard U.S. paper or the equivalent) answers. A suggested total length for each step is 15 to 25 pages. On the cover sheet, type your name, address, email if applicable, and the date. For email, please follow the suggestions above. If typing is problematic for you, you may submit your answers orally on cassette or CD.

What You Will Need:

  1. The Essential Flower Essence Handbook, revised edition, purchased separately.
  2. The complete set of 20 Spirit-in-Nature Essences, also available separately. (order a comlete set at a 10% discount on our website or locate a distributor in your country.)

What is Included:

  1. A welcome letter from Founder Lila Devi.
  2. An assortment of materials from our information packet, including our main brochure, our pets & animals brochure, the testimonials flyer, and an order form.
  3. A CD of a class by Lila Devi.
  4. Published magazine articles by founder Lila Devi.
  5. An 8-1/2″x11″ full-color cardstock reproduction of the Essence Spectrum Chart.
  6. A complementary copy of our CD-ROM, “A Tour of Spirit-in-Nature Essences.”
  7. A leaflet paralleling another major essence line, Bach Flower Remedies, with Spirit-in-Nature Essences.
  8. The full set of Level I essay questions.
  9. An evaluation of this course with Step 2, to help us upgrade and serve you better.
  10. A full-color Certificate of Completion, mailed to you on completion of Steps 1 and 2 with passing grades.

Your creativity is highly encouraged. Please respond to all questions in your own words rather than copying or paraphrasing from The Essential Flower Essence Handbook. Use the same submission format for both steps in Level I. When you submit your answers, please include the exam questions along with them. Your responses will be kept on file, so you will want to save a copy for your own reference. Please allow two to three weeks for your paper to be assessed before the next step is sent to you.



This course is nonrefundable.

If you are unable to complete your studies within the allotted year, you may re-instate your enrollment for a fee of $125. This allows you another full year.

Please notify us if your address changes.

Also, please let us know what name you would like on your Certificate of Completion, especially if you use a nickname (for example, Sandy for Sandra) or a first or middle initial (such as Sandra R. Smith or S. Rose Smith).

Additionally, we offer the Spirit-in-Nature Essences Pets and Animals Correspondence Course, using Flower Essences for Animals as its text.

Lastly, with your kind permission, we request to be able to use any comments or testimonials in your papers for our writings. Please let us hear from you if this does not have your consent.


"I am a Complementary Healthcare Practitioner and very much want Spirit-in-Nature Essences to become a large part of my practice. Plus, I love the course so much that I wouldn’t be able to stop after just one level!"
– Rebecca Hill, England


The Spirit-in-Nature Essences tri-level Formal Home Study Course offers certification for the beginner and experienced practitioner alike. Study in the comfort of your own home.