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$295 per level or discounted 10% (save $59) at $531 for both levels.

Shipping/tax included in enrollment fee.

$125 for existing students: re-instate for a full year if yearlong enrollment expires.

The Spirit-in-Nature Essences Pets and Animals Home Study Course in 2 levels, comprised of 2 steps each, is geared toward detailed instruction in the usage of flower essence remedies for animals.

Based on Flower Essences for Animals: Remedies for Helping the Pets You Love by SiNE Founder Lila Devi (who reviews the exams), this course is designed to educate and to awaken a deeper sensitivity to the needs of the animals in our lives.

Dog and Cat

Unique in its ability to work with the sensitive pet/owner relationship, this course is a “must” for those who want to offer improved natural pet care to the animals they love.

Please note: Flower Essences for Animals is the text for this course and is purchased separately.

For the experienced flower essence practitioner and the novice alike; for veterinarians and those who work with and love animals: this course provides a structured opportunity for you to receive an authorized, frameworthy certificate upon completion of each level.

One year per level is allowed. You may work at your own speed and comfort to complete the course sooner. (Extensions granted upon request if necessary, with a reinstatement feeof $125. Please allow two to three weeks for your essay responses to be reviewed and the next step mailed to you.


Level I: Introductory Certification

This level will:

  • Familiarize you with background on the animal kingdom, with flower essences, and the ways and means to unite the two
  • Focus on the interactive role of the pet and owner
  • Introduce the concept of theme essences, to help you understand animals according to their basic personality strengths
  • Include an Audio Companion CD

$295 per level or discounted 10% (save $59) at $531 for both levels.

Shipping/tax included in enrollment fee.

Level II: Practitioner Certification

Horse and ColtThis level will:

  • Address the practical application of flower essences for animals, based on their unique personality strengths and individual needs
  • Explain the role and well-being of the pet owner
  • Present the challenges in bringing an animal into domesticated life
  • Include an Audio Companion CD(Note: Level I is a prequisite for this course.)

$295 per level or discounted 10% (save $59) at $531 for both levels.

Shipping/tax included in enrollment fee.

Note: It is advisable, though not required, that you also take the regular Comprehensive Home Study Course, utilizing The Essential Flower Essence Handbook as its text.

What Students Are Saying About The Pets and Animals
Home Study Course

“There were great, thought provoking questions. This course gave me a new dynamic in seeing dogs and their owners. I especially enjoyed working with multiple animals/personalities. I’ve also made believers out of some die-hard skeptics My mother, for one, is now telling all of her dog friends about what I did to help her with flower essences.” –Leanne Pusateri, Spokane, WA

“This course has been the most interesting and enjoyable study I have ever done. It has helped me understand myself and my animals more. I was half-expecting multiple choice questions with boxes to tick (as in most exams in the U.K.), but this is much better. I have listened to the CD lecture over and over. For an overseas student, it is nice to put a voice to a name and it was easy and informative to listen to. All of the enclosed material was interesting. I found the comments on my essays very helpful. I was so impressed with Flower Essences for Animals that I decide the Spirit-in-Nature course was the one for me. I would certainly recommend this course. It has not been ‘just pay a fee and gain a piece of paper’; there has been a lot of study and work involved and I have gained a lot of knowledge and satisfaction from it.” –Jane Cook, Suffolk, England

“Thank you so much for the compliments and praise of my paper; it meant a tremendous amount to me. I also really appreciated your comments on all the various parts; that was very interesting and informative. I received my certificate yesterday-it is beautiful! I can’t wait to get it framed as well.” –Haley Howard, Alturas, CA

“Of course I really loved to recommend this course to friends and people who work with animals. Because I believe that, the course can contribute a big help for the animals for whom they work and especially for the people who work with animals. As of now I am already introducing this course to my friends.” –Megumi Sakaino, Osaka, Japan

“I felt that this course has given me a deeper understanding of both my animal and human friends. It has helped me grow in understanding the complexities in both myself and those around me and, perhaps most importantly, given me a tool to help those that I love and anyone whose pathway crosses mine. I am thankful I’ve had this wonderful learning experience. I would highly recommend this course to everyone who loves or works with animals.” – Deb Barber, B.C., Canada

“This course is an exciting adventure! My vet has already had me help him with 20 cases and is very pleased with the results.”

– Katherine Keller, Portland, OR


“I feel that this course has given me a deeper understanding of both my animal and human friends. It has helped me grow in understanding complexities in myself and those around me and given me a tool to help those I love and anyone whose path crosses mine that I am meant to assist.”

– Deborah Barber, Animal Communicator, Course Student, Canada


“I would indeed, and do, recommend this course to friends, shelter colleagues, vets, and other animal lovers alike. I enjoyed this course and feel it has provided me with opportunities to help animals that I didn’t have access to before.”

– Jennifer Franklin, HSC Student, Silvis, IL