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The Noble Equine: An Avocado-Theme Animal

Article by Kris Smalley,
Pets and Animals Home Study Course Student,
Small Animal Acupressure Practitioner,
Pittstown, NJ


Kris’ article offers some valuable insights into this magnificent prey-animal:

Horses are prey animals as well as herd animals. For them, there is strength and safety in numbers and being alert to their surroundings and those in it have proven to be a means to end when it comes to survival. These traits and others have been passed down through generations of the wild ancestors of our domesticated horses of today. So it’s not a surprise to realize that our horses usually become quite unsettled and maybe even downright unglued if they are kept away from the companionship of their own kind.

It also shouldn’t be a surprise to horse owners who don’t give their horses enough time outside that behavioral issues may permeate their everyday life. Horses need to move, and move a lot. Being kept in a stall and out of the elements is taking the horse right out of them! Additionally, a horse’s first instinct in the face of danger is to run; those of us who work with, and around, horses need to be very aware of this fact for our own safety.

The essence that I think would be the general theme essence of horses would be Avocado, for several reasons. For instance, “the Avocado-theme pet is ever alert and lives fully in the moment, even more than most animals. He is inquisitive and curious, always exploring and eager to learn more about his environment and those with whom he shares it….The Avocado-theme animal responds to proper training more quickly than other animals…This pet is very responsive to your verbal and nonverbal messages alike.”

avocado When I read the passage regarding Avocado-Theme Animals in Flower Essences for Animals, the horse came immediately to my mind. As prey animals they are so in tune with their surroundings and what is going on in the moment. They truly live in the moment and are actually great teachers to people regarding dealing with issues, letting them go and then moving on. Additionally, in regard to the horse’s ability to respond to our verbal and nonverbal messages a book I read over the summer, Riding Between The Worlds: Expanding Our Potential Through the Way of the Horse, by Linda Kohanov, helped explain to me what I have experienced more than occasionally when with horses. In this book Ms. Kohanov shares her discovery “…that horses are intensely emotional, intuitive, intelligent beings. They are true reflections of our deepest souls. Over time, she discovered their extraordinary ability to awaken intuition in humans, while mirroring the authentic feelings people try to hide, makes these animals powerful therapeutic teachers.

“I am a Complementary Healthcare Practitioner and very much want Spirit-in-Nature Essences to become a large part of my practice. Plus, I love the course so much that I wouldn’t be able to stop after just one level!”

– Rebecca Hill, England