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The Orange Primary Flower Essence Boy

Sometimes life deals us tests that seem unfair if not outright cruel. Especially when such tests arrive early in life, they seem senseless and ill-timed. Those individuals who are strong in the qualities of Orange Flower Essence understand that their inner joy need not be dampened by even the most brutal difficulties. These individuals are “the Orange people of the world.”

“Why is Mommy getting old so fast?” the 8-year-old asked his dad.

How does a parent respond to this question when the answer is, “Because she’s dying?”

Shayne may have had an Orange primary essence (formerly called a theme essence in The Essential Flower Essence Handbook) since birth. Even at an early age, he’d been able to field the visceral experience of his mother’s weakening condition with the resilience exemplified by the limbs of the orange tree.

The citrus sinensis tree lims could be heavily laden with ripe fruit without breaking. They simply bend under their weight and then resume their former shape once the fruit had either fallen or been picked. Considered the most cultivated fruit worldwide, likewise the quality of enthusiasm resides within each of us, expressed in varying degrees according to our temperament – and our choice to be happy no matter what challenges confront us.

The young boy is now in his mid-teens. Intelligent and at the top of his class; a student of voice and music; and an avid member of the local band, Shayne has retained a positive spirit that has allowed him to soldier on even through as great a test at an early age such as the loss of a parent.

Keep up the good work, Shayne! You are surely a model for all those who cross your path. And thanks, Bruce, for your permission to share your son’s remarkable story.

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