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Sensitivity to Flower Essences – or not: An Earthworm’s Story

At a lunch in Tokyo with 2 Japanese friends some time ago, this subject was raised before the sushi arrived: What about when people are not sensitive enough to feel any results from flower essences? Should we then not give them the essences?

In The Essential Flower Essence Handbook, I explain in Chapter 6 that, yes, there’s basically a flower essence for everything. Everything that’s alive, that is to say. To quote from that chapter: “Are there remedies for everyone? Yes. For anyone – including plants, animals and children. Basically, the remedies can help anyone or anything with life force. This sounds a little too good to be true, doesn’t it?”

All of us can potentially respond to the life force within a flower essence bottle, provided it’s the right vibrational match for the individual—or in some cases, even for an earthworm, as I just reported in a livestream UK video.

One of our Home Study Course students submitted this response to a portion of her assignment:

“I found an earthworm who had somehow gotten himself very far up on the stone aggregate patio a long distance from the lawn area and was very lethargic. He was starting to get a little dried out, didn’t want to move, and looked like he wasn’t going to survive.  I dropped a couple of drops of Pear Essence on him, and he literally sprang to life. He became much more animated and active.  I was able to pick him up and move him to the lawn area, where he continued to move about. He looked like he was going to make it. I think the combination of Pear Essence and placing him back on the soil of the lawn helped him to recover. He is now working on keeping our grass healthy!”

Back to the question about being sensitive enough to feel the benefits of flower essences. Perhaps it’s not about sensitivity – which certainly wasn’t an issue for our earthworm! He too has a life force though most likely on a dimmer level of awareness than human beings.

We could say that our ability to respond to flower essences depends on our basic desire to expand. Just as a flower grows toward the light, so does our own spirit strive to continually develop. This line from a song by J. Donald Walters comes to mind: “Every true heart in creation in secret wonder is bowed.”  This is a poetic way of explaining our response to flower essences. In the purity in Nature, we have the opportunity to appreciate life and be awed in “secret wonder.”

Let’s refer this concept back to the animals who respond so beautifully to flower essences, much like the little earthworm. Even if people say the opposite – that they don’t want to grow or change – if some deep part of them is internally committed to their own evolution, they can respond quite well to the power of Nature encapsulated in  flower essences.

I’ve mentioned this point in other blogs, but it deserves to be repeated: Sometimes we ourselves aren’t able to see the results from taking flower essences—not because they don’t exist but because the process of becoming more of who we truly are is such a natural process. We may already be identified with the positive qualities strengthened by a flower essence program and thus may be unable to identify any visible positive changes in ourselves.

Every human being, somewhere within himself, already recognizes his own goodness.