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Flower Essences to Clarify Our Tests

6-10-2014-sri-mati-5I wrote in The Essential Flower Essence Handbook on page 29, “Essences do not remove our tests, they help clarify them.”  This is one of my “personal favorite” explanations of how flower essences work!

Several nights ago, I consulted with Grace, a woman in the throes of an extremely painful emotional test: having to decide when her 25-year-old cat, in great pain, could ethically be euthanized. After a few hours on her own flower essence program that began with Grape, Grace felt she was able to tune in to her cat’s needs about when that time might be. She then called her vet after hours to schedule an appointment for a house call the very next morning.

sine-grapesblue532248A short but helpful digression here on the nature of Grape Essence, for love and devotion. Both of these qualities enrich our lives a hundredfold, if not more. Equally so, their absence can be devastating, as can be the imminent passing of a loved one. In the above case, we could say that Grape Essence helped Grace with the following:

*It helped her to expand her love for her beloved feline companion to encompass his needs.

*It awakened within her a greater awareness of when he was ready to move on and pass from his life.

*It helped her to express “heroic loving.”

This flower essence clarified her understanding of what needed to happen, and most importantly, when. Grace is still grieving, she writes, but she shared that she also has a sense of the rightness of timing for her cat’s passing, with no guilt or regrets—only unconditional love for her beloved friend.

122A great sage and a devoted disciple of  ParamhansaYogananda, Sister Gyanamata, said, “Change no circumstance of my life; change me.” In truth, we don’t need our tests to change. Or it might be better to say that our tests are perfectly suited to us and overflowing with helpful lessons—even though we might want and wish with all our heart for them to change. Yet it’s possible that what we really need is to understand our challenges better.

Flower essences can help to bring us that clarity by giving us insights, deeper understanding, and to catapult us to a higher level of awareness where the solutions to those tests can be found.