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Flower Essences More Direct Than the “Direct Hit” Approach: Is It Possible?

Hopefully you’ve read the earlier blogs on the subject of “The Direct Hit.” This refers to taking a flower essence that so directly addresses your issues that it either (1) flushes up a negative reaction because the ego rejects being dosed with more love, kindness, or peace than it’s ready to accept; or (2) it doesn’t work at all.

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Rhonda and I just had a session. She’s working on overcoming her financial constraints. We discussed 3 possible outcomes to her flower essence program of only 3 essences, taken sequentially rather than in combination. We added the support of the corresponding affirmations, to be repeated while taking the essences.

What are the conceivable results of this program?

  • Her finances may improve.
  • Her attitude toward her existing finances may improve.
  • Both of the above.

Any of these possibilities, as we discussed, would free her—freedom being the word, she said, that most resonated with her goal for this program—from this metaphorical “hamster wheel of insufficient funds.” Rhonda’s income in the medical profession, she admitted, was more than adequate. It was the student loans and unexpected purchase of a new car with monthly payments that had burdened her with this sense of entrapment.

We superseded the obvious flower essence choices—Pineapple Essence for self-assurance and, secondarily, for abundance and prosperity, followed by Raspberry Essence for compassion and kindness directed toward herself, to overcome her sense of shame about feeling trapped, or what she called “being enslaved in the matrix.”

The first essence in Rhonda’s program is Coconut. An explanation of this flower essence’s message, aside from “uplifted spiritual awareness,” is the Italian verb superare – to overcome or exceed.

Perhaps you’ve also seen the blog explaining “the textbook definition” approach to flower essence selection. If not, it’s explained here.

For her second essence, this is where we would say, yes, Pineapple Essence is key for abundance, stemming from the magnetism created by having a strong positive attitude of self-esteem and self-worth. The more-direct-than-direct-hit method of flower essence assessment means having a stronger focus on the secondary qualities of a flower essence, which may seem paradoxical. Thus Grape was chosen as a second essence in this consult instead of Pineapple Essence. Grape is primarily for divine love and secondarily for wholeness. When we live in a state of completeness, our relationship with our finances can often shift. Wholeness draws to itself more wholeness.

Why go with such a strong program? Because the client is ready and this is when best results from flower essences are often seen. Rhonda is eager to change longstanding, habitual attitudes of lack.

We concluded with her third and final essence: Tomato, primarily for strength, courage, and endurance. We might call this remedy the “take no prisoners essence.” It’s for those times when we mean business in moving forward in our lives with the full agreement of our will power.

Of this flower essence, we could say that, it’s not as though you’ve actually gained weight and outgrown your regular-sized clothing, but that your spirit has gotten bigger. It may be that you’ve outgrow past habits and attitudes that no longer serve you, to embrace healthier ones. We can, as Tomato Essence reminds us, move past attitudes that bind and hold us back from greater expansion and happiness.

Rhonda agreed with these flower essence choices. She’s ready to move forward with a new perspective toward her finances.

What are the end results of this consultation? To be continued. . .