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All Things Coconut: A Flower Essence for Superconsciousness

People-JapaneseGirlinGrnry0079736A consultation with Karen showed her theme, or signature essence, to be Coconut Flower Essence, for uplifted spiritual awareness.

MFE-Coconut Halved0431748Our consult revolved around her leaving a job that she said had been perfect for her, with multiple job assignments in a small business firm. True to her Coconut nature, she explained that by leaving this job, as desirable as it was, she knew she was creating an opening for others to grow—in fact the 5 people required to replace her.

The job, she said, had begun to drain her – a sign that it was time to move on to pursue other interests outside the work place as well.

How does this relate to Coconut Essence? Sometimes we wear invisible blinders, so to speak, that limit our vision.  At times, we cannot see the expansiveness of letting something go, as with Karen and her job. When she gave herself permission to acknowledge that leaving her employment was not only for her benefit but the benefit of others, it was as though she removed those blinders to see the bigger picture.

Like many Coconut theme/signature individuals, Karen also loves drinking coconut water and using coconut oil for her skin. She basically seeks out “all things coconut.”