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7 New Sprays for your “Flower Essence Portfolio”

Pear Sprays Low ResThe versatility of spray bottles makes the use of flower essences an adventure in creative expression. They can be used for any room in the home or office, the bath, car, kennel, yoga mat – or simply spray them in your mouth. They work nicely for your pets as well, with these simple directions.

Spray Your Way into Summertime

Springtime across the globe has been varied in its weather – from the forceful winds of Umbria, Italy, to the baking heat of the Sierra Nevada Foothills where our Spirit-in-Nature Essences international headquarters resides. While we cannot control the weather, we can control our “inner climate” with the ever-present assistance of flower essences.

fruits_300dpi - use no watermelonThis month of June, you’ll find on our website 7 new sprays (see Home Page) that we’re offering on a trial/test basis in limited quantities, awaiting your feedback and comments. Here’s the list:

Apple Essence for peaceful clarity often with health-related issues or simply for understanding yourself better.

Avocado Essence to support your remembrance of things that are important to you – names of friends and, more deeply, your life direction.

Cherry Essence for cheerfulness especially when things don’t go your way.

Corn Essence for a burst of mental vitality and for keeping your energy high.

Raspberry Essence for those little kindnesses you can express to others to help them feel valued and listened to.

Spinach Essence for simplicity and guilelessness and to be able to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, such as a sunset or a garden.

Tomato Essence already available in the ½ oz size spray bottle for a sense of  empowerment to face your challenges with an abundance of will power to do just that.

Here’s what Sharon, a yoga teacher in Arizona, wrote about using Apple Essence: “Can it be that two days on Apple could make such a big difference? I love it. I don’t recall taking Apple before. I love apples, too. I had a very upsetting incident with a dear friend. It felt like a punch in the stomach and after some prayer for non-attachment in the situation, I realized that she was acting out of her own anguish. That helped me to help her. I am very grateful for that.”

Fruit-CornOnCobBarbara, an accomplished author in Greece, wrote to us about her experience with Corn Essence: “On my third dose of Corn, I found myself more centered, more present, very serene inside and with a deep, not superficial, energy. I was not frightened about talking about my issues. I was centered, and I said, ‘That’s me!’ The drops work fast! They helped me more quickly than my meditation techniques.”


7 Sprays for Your Beloved Pet

These same 7 flower essences can enrich the lives of your beloved pets, with explanations adapted to their special needs as special friends in your life:

Apple Essence, for your pet’s clarity of his/her role in the home.

Avocado Essence for training and responsiveness issues.

Cherry Essence for those moods or “off days” that even our pets are prone to having.

Corn Essence for moving to a new home or for a new pet being  introduced into the household.

Raspberry Essence for pets who are especially good-natured and always “listening” to you, also for those who have been previously hurt in some way, usually emotionally.

Spinach Essence to support the “inner puppy,” and “inner kitty,” to help older animals feel and act younger, and also to restore vitality to a pet after surgery or illness.

Tomato Essence for any kind of fear, including from loud noises and sensory overload and for any fear-based or self-protective behaviors, even those that have become habitual.

Blossoms 3Here’s what Daya wrote to us recently about her dog: “On the second day of administering the Cherry Essence, it’s like we have a new dog! While he is still more vocal than we would like (bark, bark, bark), he is no longer trying to bite us, or growling and aggressively nipping at us whenever we would like him to do something he’s not in the mood to do (e.g. getting off of our lap when we need to use the bathroom). Since beginning the flower essence, he even lets us take inappropriate items away from him, when he has found something and is chewing on it in his crate. Before he would literally attack us, and we both had the bloody bite marks to prove it!”

We hope these new spray-bottle offerings will be able to touch you in some way and help you to improve your own “inner climate!”