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 1/2 oz. (15 ml.) Designer Practitioner Kits with Stock Concentrates: In cobalt blue bottles with full-color designer labels, glass pipettes and tamper-proof shrink bands, our essences are prepared from the purest blossoms in their peak of bloom. Our complete line of 20 Spirit in Nature’s Flower Essences – the oldest essence line within the US and outside the UK where flower essences first began – come to you in a gold-textured cardboard box (4″ h x 6-1/2″ l x 5-1/2″ d) with a specially designed one-of-a-kind decorative lid (thanks to the “crafty” art work of Lila Devi!) and a helpful inside-the-box grid of pastel flower photos that lists the essence placement in the box – much like an assortment of fine chocolates.

Handy for travel and storage! For maximum freshness, store the bottles upright, tightly sealed, and protected from heat, humidity, and sunlight.

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Designer Practitioner Kit – BOX ONLY:

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Designer Practitioner Kit – BOX ONLY: Build your own full set of the 20 Spirit-in-Nature Essences at your own pace with the Designer Practitioner Kit box of sturdy gold-textured cardboard (4″ h x 6-1/2″ l x 5-1/2″ d) with a uniquely artful and one-of-a-kind lid, cardboard dividers to protect and separate your flower essences, and an inside lid-grid of pastel flower photos to help you find the flower essences you need more quickly. Treat others, or yourself, to this unique gift box.

IMPORTANT ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: As above, please write the names (i.e., “Sunflower Surprise”) of your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd design choices in the comments field of your ordering page.


Revelations in Gold”: Offset by paper and cloth flowers, this vibrant golden leaf trim frames our logo, illustrated by the gifted Jerianne Van  Dijk who has worked and resided in Nevada City, California, for the last 30 years. Her talents honor the Spirit-in-Nature brand name presentation on every continent. Thank you, Jerianne!

 “Springtime Bouquet”: Fresh sprigs of greenery and vibrantly-colored flowers framed by a cutwork doily adorn this box lid as if they’d been gathered on a perfect spring morning. A lively design to enliven your consultation room – or your coffee table!

Elegance in a Box”: With a simple beauty that matches the flower essences themselves, this stunning background paper in softly muted colors matches the swirls of the text font. This design says that “less is more.” A little gold lace here, a little pressed flower there: ‘nuff said. Enjoy!

Botanical Diary” is the name of this decorative paper. Although the handwritten script isn’t entirely legible, one might assume it chronicles the discoveries made by its author. This is the first Designer Practitioner Kit to venture into a new color scheme – the greens of Nature with leaves and stems and vegetables, not to mention the green-winged butterfly that’s landed on our logo!

Hearts on Burlap”: What fun to find the perfect match of textures and colors that work so well together. Burlap is “a woven fabric usually made from skin of the jute plant or sisal fibres, which may be combined with other vegetable fibres to make rope, nets, and similar products.” The trim around the lid is both hardy and delicate. It offsets 2 glittery hearts to balance this design that is at once solid and sweet. Gold box, gold trim, gold hearts!

Cutwork Love”: The cutwork style in which parts of a design are cut away – also known as punto tagliato (pointed cut) in Italian – typically refers to fabric. This technique, often mistaken for lace, has its roots in the Italian Renaissance and was also prevalent in the Elizabethan era fashions. Our Designer Practitioner Kit is trimmed in a glittery floral pattern. See if you can find the word love hidden in the cutwork!

Grow Where You’re Planted” is one of the mottos on this Designer Box, as well as “Focus on what is real,” Write the book you want to read,” “Live one day at a time,” and “Turn your face to the sun.” Each saying – symbolized by the free-spirited butterfly on the lid – affirms the vital force within these 20 flower essences, each one ready to help you become your own affirmation!

Fleur de Lis” is imbued with a saintly and/or courageous symbolism with its origins in France. The stylized “flower of the lily,” though often mistaken for the iris, was used in the earliest civilizations. This kit conveys the dignity of Strawberry Essence with its quiet and noble nature. Accessorized with a perfect gold trim for this pattern, it offers a message of elegance.

Enchanted Polkadots”: Expressing the playfulness of a Mary Engelbright painting, this design is light in nature. Polkadots are traditionally used for children’s clothing and toys, giving this box the quality of Spinach Essence for the simplicity of youth. Spinach also helps to develop intuition just as a child will innately trust the wisdom of an elder. To quote a Native American proverb: “Listen to the wind, it talks. Listen to the silence, it speaks. Listen to your heart, it knows.”

Woods ‘n Earth”: this textured design on pressed cork  has a woodsy texture. With its cypress-moss and rubbery plants gathered in a rope-like ribbon and decorated with a lively sunflower, this design symbolizes the grounding quality of flower essences. The corkwood used for this kit’s background is prepared first by being sorted for quality and thickness, boiled, pressed flat, and then aged appropriately with controlled moisture. Cork trees can live about 300 years.

Lace Alert”: proceed with caution to this most delicate of all of our one-of-a-kind designs. An eyelet ribbon trim dotted with a flower at each corner surrounds a sheer lace background paper upon which rests our logo above a single pressed flower in a drop. It was the dew drops in Nature resting on the blossoms that first inspired the creation of flower essences in the 1930s. In this design, we can relive that special moment.

Art Deco Lady,” copying a design from the 1920s, just before the arrival of flower essences in the U.K., with its distinctive style of glamour, luxury, and boldness. Its splash of loud colors will touch you every time you reach for your Practitioner Kit!

Lavender Dreams” accents 2 of the main colors of our Spirit-in-Nature logo: the lavender border and the gold parchment water color background. Designed as a gift box, with sprigs of cypress-type leaves and yellow blossoms, this presentation reminds us of the “Gifts of Nature” that we find in flower essences.

Dragonfly & Lace” captures an antique quality with flowers placed on a crocheted lace background. A curious dragonfly, agile in flight, settles on our logo as if intrigued by the concept of flower essences – perhaps much like you!

Rustic Remedies”: An unusual gold trim in a broad circular pattern decorates this Practitioner Box, resplendent with a sunflower and cypress greenery. Simple yet charming!

Bird Watching Butterflies”: If you place this kit in just the right lighting, it will enhance the subtle coloring of the flowering branch on which the bird sits as she watches Mama and baby butterflies. Nature’s life force radiates through this box design, much as the life force of the essences within exude their vibrancy.

French-Style Peach”: Playing with the peach-colored rectangular flower box of our logo, this design on a French-style paper expresses the whimsy and simplicity of Nature – much like the nature spirits who oversee the inception of a bowl of flower essence being prepared at the height of the blossoms’ life. This kit may tempt you into wondering, “Hmmm . . . which essence shall I try next?”

Purple Garden Passion”: With the warm texture of velvet, this Designer Practitioner Kit invites you to work with your garden – and your flower essences. A simple yet inviting presentation of the oldest essence line in the US and outside the UK where flower essences first began.

Sunflower Surprise”: detailed with gold ribbons, button-like sunflowers, and a butterfly who’s already landed on a field of morning wildflowers, at last coming to rest on a flower-like doily. This decorative box carries the message of springtime and long sunny days—days well spent in making batches of mother essences that capture the blossoms in their peak of bloom.


Four Little Princesses”: This Practitioner Kit is whimsical and delicate. It reminds one of cartoons with enchanted princesses whose bright dresses give them the appearance of flowers. Placed on a field of lace with our logo centered in the middle, this Kit is perfect for mothers or for those who work with children. It embodies the fairy-like quality of flower essences that retain an eternal magic.